London Video!

For Christmas, my Mum got me a trip away to London with National Holidays. The first day was going to Harry Potter Studios and the second day we had time to go around London before heading home! Here is a video of our adventure!

Here is a link is it’s easier



London Day Two

Part two of our National Holiday trip was nearly as good as part one. I say NEARLY because the first day we went to Harry Potter studios and you can’t get much better than that!

We woke up at about 7:00 and went down for breakfast at 8:15 when we were all packed and ready. To be honest, breakfast wasn’t too good, the meat was a bit fatty. But the eggs were lush and the cereal was ..well cereal.

We set off on the bus at 9am, and headed into London. We were dropped off on Park Lane and myself, my mum and Lee made our way on the tube to Camden Market. My mum had never been to Camden market and I knew she would love it! I was right!

It was a fab day. We wandered around for hours and was finding different stalls all day! I got a few things for my friends birthday and I got myself a jumper with a little duck poking out of the pocket…

After Camden we walked back to park lane through Regents park. Lovely walk but we did have to run for the bus because we nearly missed it!

We then had two days with my little nephew who is 4 months old and I LOVE him!!! He’s the cutest baby ever (I’m biased I know) but he’s such a happy little boy!

Fab holiday and weekend! If anyone hasn’t been to Camden market then you should.if you have been, then what did you buy there? 😊

London Day One

This weekend is the first holiday that my mum and Lee got me for Christmas. A National Holidays trip to London and Harry Potter Studios!

First thing you should know is that I’m a huge huge huge Harry Potter fan! I’ve been to the studios before but it was before the Forbidden Forest opened so I was super excited.

We all woke up at 6am and it was the easiest early get up ever because I wanted to be up and out! By 7am we were all ready and in the car ready to go to Hessle where the bus was picking us up. We left the car at my Grandmas and walked to the pick up point which was luckily near a Costa. We had a coffee to warm us up and it wasn’t long before the bus arrived!

On the bus we picked up a few more people and stopped at services where we had a Starbucks (just touring all the coffee shops today!) before we did the 2.5 hour drive to the Harry Potter Studios. It was a great journey. The driver played Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone on the TV, I had a Harry Potter colouring book and we played Harry Potter trivial pursuit. (which isn’t a game to me…more like revision!)

We eventually arrived at about 12:15 and our driver gave us our ticket. Our tour wasn’t until 2:30 and we had until 6pm before the bus was going to leave again.

Our first stop was the shop, I ended up getting two wands to add to my collection. Neville’s and Snape’s! I also bought some other bits and pieces too. We dropped our bags off in the luggage storage and got some food from the cafe.

When it got to 1:30 we couldn’t wait any longer and we made our way to the queue. Luckily they let us in early and we were soon in the first room, ready to go in!

If you’ve never been to Harry Potter studios then you need to go NOW. It’s honestly the best place ever! The place is amazing and the staff are super friendly! I asked a question down Diagon Alley and the guy took me on a personal tour of Diagon Alley! It was such a fab day and I want to go back there again already! Here are some photos…

The new parts were also definitely worth going back for, even though nobody needs an excuse to go back there, I’d go there everyday.

Unfortunately, it got to 6 so we had to go back to the bus and make our way to the hotel. It wasn’t far at all, we were in our room by 6:30!

I had a quick shower before going for food at 7:15. We have food included on the trip and it was very mediocre. Met some lovely people though!

We then tossed a coin…

Tails we go for a walk (bearing in mind it’s raining and windy)

Heads we go to the bar for a drink…


We headed out much to mum’s sadness. But it ended up being a great evening! We found 2 geocaches even though it was chucking it down. We found a shop and bought loads of sweets and nesquick! (blast from the past!) And we saw a car on fire that were being put out by fire brigades! I don’t think anyone was harmed though, luckily!

One of the geocaches was amazing too. It was just behind a fence, and it was in a massive spider container! Scared us, especially in the cold and dark but it was a great container!

Moral of tonight is, when things may not sound fun, you might be completely wrong! Now we are back in the hotel room, drinking nesquick and eating chocolate and bubblegum and sticking fake tattoos on ourselves that we got from the off license! Were just big kids!

It’s going to be an early night though, ready for half a day in London tomorrow!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved

This one, for me, took a lot of thought. Maybe because I could have put my parents or my friends or my favourite teddy etc. but I wanted to put something a little different.

I suffer from serious self body image issues. I am not exactly the skinniest person but I am not huge either. I nearly always feel like people are judging me for what I look like when in reality, people do not really care.

The negative thoughts I think about myself stopped me climbing completely. I work at a climbing wall and I have worked there over 2 years. I get to climb for free, so I should be an expert now right? Wrong! Partly because I am there all the time for work and partly because of my self body image issues I rarely climb. The rare occasion someone gets me to climb, I stick to top rope climbing as much as possible and do not even attempt a lead climb because I know it petrifies me (no idea why, just a psychological thing I need to get used to!)

However, today I climbed with my colleague/friend Mike and he is so unjudgemental and really helps me through the negative thoughts, having suffered from mental health issues before. I achieved some hard top ropes and even a few lead climbs! I was over the moon with myself and I just love the picture Mike took of me after I completed the lead climb. It is ‘beloved’! THIS GIRL CAN!


I have already planned to go climbing again on Friday and hopefully I will be able to keep it up and will be able to fall in love with climbing all over again!

My first week without foundation

I’m a 22 year old girl who, like many other 22 year old girls, worry about what I look like. Since about year 9 (aged 14) I have worn make up on my face. I never go over the top but I started off with the typical dream matte mousse, then moved on to other forms of foundation and have rarely gone a day since without wearing it, ESPECIALLY when going out of the house!

Last weekend I decided to go foundation free (with exceptions of when there is a special occasion and I go ‘out,out’) which hasn’t involved this week. It was easy at first because I was at my mum’s house and my mum has seen me without make up plenty of times so I felt pretty secure about myself.

However, the next day my mum was taking me the hours drive back to my house and back to work. I work at a climbing wall and I honestly work with the loveliest people I have ever met. I 100% knew they wouldn’t say a word even if they did notice the change in my face and if I ever mentioned it, they would be supportive.

Even when I’m writing this now all I’m thinking is, it’s not even a big deal, all it is is one face out of 7 billion faces not wearing foundation when probably over half of the population doesn’t anyway! But for me, turning up to work with no make up made my anxiety levels go through the roof!

I contemplated running past the reception at work, going to the toilets and putting on my trusty make up (because I still do carry it round with me, despite it not being on my face). However, I made myself go behind reception.

My colleague didn’t even notice.

I take that as a compliment! After getting over that first hurdle, I am like a woman on a mission! I have bought blackhead face scrub that I’m using every day to get rid of pesky blackheads, I’m using nivea night cream before bed to gain soft skin and I honestly think my skin is better for it already, even after a week.

Since that first day of stepping behind reception, I’ve had conversations with other colleagues were they have told me I look absolutely fine, I went to our staff movie club without makeup and I even had a Skype job interview wearing no makeup!

The most simplistic thing has made me feel so so much better about myself it’s unreal. What has really made me feel positive is the fact that everyone has treated me exactly the same. My colleagues and friends, I still have chats with lovely customers at work, people still smile at me and one guy in Morrison’s today helped me out massively when I had no cash and no trolley coin. It’s so weird but all I could think was ‘im still me and people are still treating me like I am me!’

So, at the end of the first week, my skin is better, my bank account is/will be fuller from not having to buy makeup and I am genuinely happier!

Norway Video!

I don’t know if any of you read the previous blogs about mine and Shannon’s time in Norway but here is a Youtube video showing just some of the things we got up too!

We had such a fabulous time in Oslo. Holding snakes, sight seeing and even seeing a ballet in the famous Opera House!


Here is the link if that’s easier..


Trip to Hull day 2

Today I got up at around 9 and had a lovely breakfast cooked by my wonderful mother. After getting ready, we went for a wander around the shops near where we live. We ended up staying in WHSmiths for around an hour though because they had a book clearance and you could get books for like £1 and £2! We were in our element.

We popped into Boots, then went to Costa in the new ridiculously big Next. We met my dad in there and I went with him after to see my Grandma in Withernsea.

In Withernsea we went for a walk along the beach,

And walked further up the promenade where there are some new statues and old photos, here are a few of my favourites…

We had a look around a few shops and in a small market before heading back to my Grandma’s house. Unfortunately, it was already 4pm and I had to be at my other Grandma’s house for 5pm for tea! (It was a get looked after by Grandma’s kind of day!).

My dad dropped me off at my other Grandma’s and we had a lush beef stew with dumplings for tea. YUM!

After tea we watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers because I’m currently watching the top 100 musicals from imdb, from 100 – 1. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is number 95! It was surprisingly good, if not a little sexist, but they could get away with it then! We watched some videos from when I was away in November, because I travelled Europe for a month with my friend. It was great to reminisce! We had such a laugh! (See previous blogs from November).

On the way home from Grandma’s at 10pm, we drove via the new Banksy mural in Hull. It has been there two days and has very recently been confirmed that it was THE Banksy who came to hull. This is what it is meant to look like…

This is what we found it like…

I’m fuming! Someone has already painted over the top! Typical Hull! The minority ruining it for the majority. A LOT of people are annoyed!

Apart from that, it has been a great 2 days seeing the family!

Trip to Hull Day 1

Four years ago I moved to Leeds for university and my family still live in Hull. It’s not that far but I haven’t been back in a while!

This morning I woke up in Leeds at 7am and got the train from Kirkstall Forge to Leeds at 8:15am. By the time I got on the Hull train at 8:38 I had listened to The Greatest Showman twice on Spotify!

On the train I read two chapters of the Stonewylde Series (book 4!) by Kit Berry. It’s a really good series, everyone should read it! I got to Hull at 9:30 and my mum met me at the train station.

The first thing I did when I arrived in Hull is marvel at the amount Hull had changed! It had such a bad name for itself throughout England, but I was amazed at the transformation! Since it was City of Culture 2017 it has made a brilliant recovery! Starting with the train station, there was new shop windows that were fully glass and modern and a large plane hanging from the ceiling. Completely different to what I’d seen before!

However, for myself and mum the first stop was Costa. We stayed in there for nearly two hours, just catching up with each other, chatting and people watching! After a few mochas and a sandwich we went to the Hull KR shop to pick up my tickets and then we went to the Maritime Museum because we haven’t been in ages! However, it’s hasn’t changed since about 1985!

When we had finished in the Maritime Museum, which didn’t take long, we went for a walk near the marina, which is so nice recently!

We found a bench with loads of Hull sayings…some of you won’t get this.

However, the storm got worse……and worse…..

(what a beautiful lady my mum is though!)

After our windy and rainy walk, we wandered through a new and very modern market in Hull, that we didn’t even know was there!

This led us on to the Hands on History museum. When I was younger I used to absolutely love this museum because there was an actual ride in the middle! There was an old fashioned kitchen you could pretend to wash and poo in the hole toilet and there is a school you can pretend to teach and a puppet show. Basically I have grown out of all this stuff (being 22) but it was still cool!

Upstairs, my mum loved it. There was a whole section about the era she grew up in. I was rather bored but it was slightly interesting I suppose. But if my mum is happy then I am!

After we had wandered around a few shops, we left the centre and went home in the car. We had a few plans to go to Hollywood Bowl and Nandos until we found out it was £41 for three people for two games! What a rip off!…so we improvised and made our own game of bowling!

It actually worked quite well, surprisingly!

Since then we have drunk some wine, had a Chinese, listening to mcfly, watched IT, watched Undateables, watched funny YouTube videos, and now I’m basically already ready for bed, and I’m so tired! It’s only 9:50 here!

But roll on tomorrow, seeing the Grandma’s!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme

So mine is a little different to others…


Yes, I am one of those fan girls that loves Harry Potter. I’ve had the best memories including Harry potter, like my surprise Harry Potter themed party my best friend threw me (for my 22nd birthday…according to some people that’s ‘childish’!) and going to Alnwick Castle were some of the film was filmed and doing Broomstick training in EXACTLY the same place Harry, Ron and Hermione did their first lesson! (it’s not sad I swear!)

But in the picture are people, growing up, variations of actors and actresses throughout a number of years. In the picture is the same wizarding World, but varying in darkness, atmosphere and story. The picture can give people a variety of emotions, happiness, sadness, anger, excitement.

So many variations!