Day one in Scarborough

For Christmas my mum got me tickets for a weekend in Scarborough, where the second night is a murder mystery night. The weekend has finally arrived! We set off Friday morning, after all coming together on Thursday night at a climbing wall and meeting for this holiday (we did a few routes too!).

The first stop was Frankie and Bennies were we had breakfast. Yummy! Before arriving at our hotel we looked on trip advisor and we were quite dubious because the reviews aren’t great. We don’t know what everyone’s talking about, it’s lovely here! Clean, plenty of space and a great location!

We arrived and we sorted out our parking space and sorted out our cases in our room. Before long we were out, having a walk on the seafront. First thing we did was mini golf! It was hilarious. We were the only ones there on this cold day because the course was outside and it was all pirate themed. There are channels of water around the place and the amount of times we had to get the balls out of the water was a tad embarrassing. Getting everything on par meant your final score should be 30. I won with a score of 50, mum came second with a score of 56 and Lee came last with a score of….wait for it…..81! Even the staff thought it was a new record!

We left mini golf and went to The Watermark for a coffee. It was a lovely little place, really busy and everything was gluten free. Even the WiFi password had the word ‘free’ in it! After this we failed at finding a geocache because we didn’t have enough time! Tea in the hotel was from 6pm so we got ready and got downstairs for around 6. What you should know is, happy hour starts at 6pm were drinks are 99p! We waited in the bar because it was 5:58 until 6 to make use of this offer! The bar man also told us we can get a bottle of wine for Β£5, so that’s tomorrows antics!

We then had dinner, which was in with the price and it was actually lovely! After dinner we were really tired but we decided to drive down the front to the amusements. We had the best time! It was so funny. You know when you spend about Β£25 getting a tiny toy out of a 2p machine? Yeah that was us! We got some great toys. In the last place we went too we saw some mini Rubik’s cubes and Lee has being trying to do one for ages. Myself and mum asked the staff if we could buy one instead of trying to win one and the lovely people gave us two for free!

We then won a Kung Fu Panda teddy and I really wanted to win a Toothless the Dragon teddy and the same lovely guy swapped my teddy! There are still lovely people about! After this excitement we came back to the hotel, had a hot chocolate and ate some Pringles whilst playing Bananagrams. If anyone has played this before, they will know how ANNOYING our last game was because I was getting all consonants and mum was getting all vowels. It took FOREVER! Mum won eventually!

Now we have slept, and we are ready for the action packed day before the murder mystery tonight. Mum had just woke me up and looked outside and said ‘oh god, it’s raining outside, people are hunched over with big coats, walking there dogs, I can’t see anyone without an umbrella’. My response?!…’WE’RE STILL GOING ON AN OPEN TOP BUS!’

Forever a child!


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