I’ve been, staring at the edge of the water….

Day three of our holiday was partly very chilled. We got up without an alarm and chilled together downstairs for half the day. We watched Moana and Walking on Sunshine while I did a 500 piece Harry Potter jigsaw, Shannon did her scrapbook and Jon cried at the choice of movies!

All morning it was raining and cloudy, until the afternoon when the sun finally came out! We took this chance and we ventured out to Seahouses and had a look around Jon’s favourite pound shop where they sell everything from spray paint to postcards to kites and surfboards. It is pretty cool!

After Seahouses we went to the beach and we had our wetsuits on and Jon blew up his 2 man canoe. Myself and Jon went out to sea in a blown up canoe while Shannon read her book on the beach. Ive never been to sea in a canoe so I was a bit dubious but it was so fun! When you get past the breakers it was so calm, I did want to go to the bigger waves but Jon didn’t fancy getting smashed against the harbour wall so we compromised and we surfed the waves near the shore instead. It was so fun!

After the canoe, we dragged Shannon into the sea and we all had a little swim. Only a short time though because it was absolutely freezing! We had numb feet and legs by the time we got out! We got changed and dried and went back home to have hot showers!

When we were dry and warm we went back out in the van to Seahouses and got fish and chips for tea. A treat because it’s our last night! Gutted.

While waiting for the fish and chips, Jon and Shannon went to co-op and got some mango and hot chocolate powder and they bought me some frozen chicken nuggets because id be craving them the day before! Yey!

We went back home, had our fish and chips, packed some stuff and cleaned some of the house and cracked open a bottle of wine. We then played Harry Potter Cluedo which I lost because of Jon! Here’s what happened…

Hayley – anyone have ministry of magic as the location?

Jon – no. Shannon – no.

*Hayley thinks she’s cracked it and goes to the Burrow*

Hayley – it was Draco Malfoy in the ministry of magic

*Hayley is wrong because it wasn’t in the ministry of magic*

Jon – oh wait, I have ministry of magic!

Proper screwed me over! We will let him off though because we did have a good laugh about it! By the time this had finished, myself and Shannon had drank quite a bit of wine, so we cooked some chicken nuggets and played charades and danced about while Jon contemplated why he came on holiday with two crazies.

It has been an amazing holiday and I’m gutted it’s nearly over!

Roll on next time!


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