I’ve been, staring at the edge of the water….

Day three of our holiday was partly very chilled. We got up without an alarm and chilled together downstairs for half the day. We watched Moana and Walking on Sunshine while I did a 500 piece Harry Potter jigsaw, Shannon did her scrapbook and Jon cried at the choice of movies!

All morning it was raining and cloudy, until the afternoon when the sun finally came out! We took this chance and we ventured out to Seahouses and had a look around Jon’s favourite pound shop where they sell everything from spray paint to postcards to kites and surfboards. It is pretty cool!

After Seahouses we went to the beach and we had our wetsuits on and Jon blew up his 2 man canoe. Myself and Jon went out to sea in a blown up canoe while Shannon read her book on the beach. Ive never been to sea in a canoe so I was a bit dubious but it was so fun! When you get past the breakers it was so calm, I did want to go to the bigger waves but Jon didn’t fancy getting smashed against the harbour wall so we compromised and we surfed the waves near the shore instead. It was so fun!

After the canoe, we dragged Shannon into the sea and we all had a little swim. Only a short time though because it was absolutely freezing! We had numb feet and legs by the time we got out! We got changed and dried and went back home to have hot showers!

When we were dry and warm we went back out in the van to Seahouses and got fish and chips for tea. A treat because it’s our last night! Gutted.

While waiting for the fish and chips, Jon and Shannon went to co-op and got some mango and hot chocolate powder and they bought me some frozen chicken nuggets because id be craving them the day before! Yey!

We went back home, had our fish and chips, packed some stuff and cleaned some of the house and cracked open a bottle of wine. We then played Harry Potter Cluedo which I lost because of Jon! Here’s what happened…

Hayley – anyone have ministry of magic as the location?

Jon – no. Shannon – no.

*Hayley thinks she’s cracked it and goes to the Burrow*

Hayley – it was Draco Malfoy in the ministry of magic

*Hayley is wrong because it wasn’t in the ministry of magic*

Jon – oh wait, I have ministry of magic!

Proper screwed me over! We will let him off though because we did have a good laugh about it! By the time this had finished, myself and Shannon had drank quite a bit of wine, so we cooked some chicken nuggets and played charades and danced about while Jon contemplated why he came on holiday with two crazies.

It has been an amazing holiday and I’m gutted it’s nearly over!

Roll on next time!


Trip to Hogwarts

For day two of our Northumberland holiday we had another action packed day! Including a very action packed morning which I’m surprised went well! Shannon got up at 8ish and went for a run but woke me up beforehand. I then moved all the sofas downstairs, had breakfast and set up body combat. When she was back, we woke Jon up so he could shower while we were doing body combat, so then when we had finished body combat, the shower was free. I then showered while Shannon had breakfast, then she showered while I dried my hair. WHAT A PLAN!

So the plan worked and we were up and ready to go by about 9:45 and we made our way to Alnwick Castle. The very place Hogwarts was filmed and where Harry, Ron, Hermione and all the others in Harry’s first year class had their first broomstick training! We were super excited (even though we have been together before, but you can never go to hogwarts too many times!).

So we got to Alnwick, sorted out our tickets because you do get year long tickets so we got in free! The first stop was the broomstick training! However we did find out we had to wait until 11:30 for that so we had a wander around the shop first, then went to the training grounds. Broomstick training was so fun again! Probably made for children but we’re big kids anyway! Being able to say I’ve done broomstick training in exactly the same place Harry, Ron and Hermione had their first lesson in philosopher stone is brilliant!

So after broomstick training we went to the state rooms and it blew my mind that people live there over winter and there are family photos up in the middle of huge libraries and chandeliers and 10m long mirrors (cleanest mirrors I have ever seen in my life!). I couldn’t live there though, I get freaked out in my tiny house whenever I hear a noise!

After wandering around the state rooms we made our way to the medieval quarter and we had such a laugh. The area is meant for children but we played some Victorian era style games, we dressed up as Princess and Knight and Shannon even defeated a dragon with her sword!

There weren’t many people about but the few people that were there, thought we were nuts!

Dinner time next and we took a pack up and ate it outside, needed after using our energy on children’s games! We then popped back into the shop to buy a few things before we went to do archery.

Myself and Jon did the archery and he ended up winning but only by 5 points!

Jon- 64

Hayley – 59

It was so fun though, and quite competitive!

We had then done most things in the castle so we decided to have a wander around Alnwick town. We went in tons of charity shops and had a Costa coffee. Alnwick is lovely, but do be careful of the uneven floors, as Shannon kept tripping up every few minutes!

After we had had enough of charity shops we went back to the car and drove to Barter Books. This is the best book shop in the world! There are thousands and books and there is a little train that runs along the top of them and wow, it’s a nerds dream.

We dropped off some books there so we could get store credit and we had a wander around before going to the cafe for a drink. We seem sophisticated in going to this brilliant book shop until Jon pointed out that all Shannon did was drop off a load of books, Jon bought 7 dvds instead of books and the only thing I had was a glass on rosΓ© in the cafe!

We headed back home after Barter books, had tea, went for a walk for some eggs and watched some crappy TV.

I then started to help Shannon with her 925 piece 3D jigsaw of the Sydney Opera House and that was the worst mistake of my life. It is the most confusing thing ever. I have never seen so many pieces of a jigsaw that look exactly the same. It drove us so crazy that we had pizza waffles at 11:30pm when we discovered no takeaways deliver to the middle of nowhere!

Overall though, a fantastic day!

Roll on tomorrow!













Stranded on an Island!

Any of you that know myself and Shannon or have read our blogs before will know that we don’t have normal ‘adult-like’ holidays. We make them as childish and as fun as possible! We were both working on Sunday and Jon came in the camper van at 7pm when we had finished and picked us up to do the 2.5 hour drive to Beadnell, Northumberland. The van was absolutely full of stuff (probably most of the stuff we don’t even need!) and we’re only going for four nights!

So anyway, we danced to some tunes, ate some sandwiches, cruised past the Angel of the North and arrived at our holiday destination by 9:30pm. We spent the rest of the evening unpacking our stuff, drinking tea and watching the shittest telly you can imagine! (Hospital and Zoo programmes). It was brilliant to chill. We used Shannon falling asleep on the sofa as a cue to going to bed, ready for the first day of activities!

Shannon got up at 8am and went for a run (don’t ask why) and for once, we were all ready to go out by about 10:15 when we aimed to leave by 10, and that’s so good for us! Out first stop was the Grace Starlington Museum. So interesting! I didn’t know who she was before so it was great to learn something new. We also had a few cool pictures in RNLI poses…






After this cute little museum (which was free by the way!) we headed to Holy Island. We weren’t stupid, we checked the tide times before we went because you go across a road which at high tide is completely covered by the sea! We got there at around 12:00 and we knew we had to leave by 1:45 at the latest. We wandered around and found a geocache which was cool. We went down to a beach and that’s when I saw a little accessible island with a grave on it and a large cross. I felt like I just had to go over there. I made my way over and Jon followed me part of the way. 5 minutes later, I turn around and Jon is heading back, but I soldiered on. I finally reached the small island and I had amazing views of the sea and I got some lovely photos. But, this is where it starts to go wrong…I turned around and realised that the 5 minutes I’ve been stood on the island, the tide had come in. I had to balance on a rock and take my socks and shoes off and wade back to Shannon and Jon! So scary how it happened so fast, I am just glad I didn’t stay for longer!

After visiting a few shops we made our way back to the car, with our next stop being Pot a Doodle Do! We had food there first and we had this lovely penne pasta before going to choose our pot to paint. I chose a duck, Shannon chose a t-rex and Jon chose a Loch Ness Monster. They looked FAB. I painted mine as a Captain America duck, Shannon painted a Costa t-rex and Jon, well, painted a spotted Loch Ness Monster. Here’s what they turned out like…


We were so proud of ourselves, we spent hours on them! After Pot a Doodle Do we went to Berwick just to go to a supermarket for some food for the rest of the week. We tried to have a normal ASDA trip but Shannon did end up throwing a whole pack of paperclips on the floor and she had to sit there and pick them all up, don’t ask me how!

We came home, chilled and watched Take Me Out. Had tea (pizza waffles!) and then we went for a walk to the sea. Me and Shannon went in shorts and flip flops so we could go in the sea, and it was FREEZING. Bearing in mind it was like 9:30pm, dark and really cold. This nice lady with a dog did offer us a lift home after we had been in the sea but we politely refused because we didn’t want to be murdered. STRANGER DANGER! While me and Shannon wore shorts, Jon had a huge coat on, trousers and boots and we have never been so jealous of his warmth, even though we did bring this upon ourselves! Now we are chilling again before we go to bed for tomorrows adventures.

I am writing this, Jon is watching Have I Got News For You and Shannon has just started a 925 piece 3D jigsaw of the Sydney Opera House and shes put together 3 pieces in the last 50 minutes! She’s getting there!

Roll on tomorrow!

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Day one in Scarborough

For Christmas my mum got me tickets for a weekend in Scarborough, where the second night is a murder mystery night. The weekend has finally arrived! We set off Friday morning, after all coming together on Thursday night at a climbing wall and meeting for this holiday (we did a few routes too!).

The first stop was Frankie and Bennies were we had breakfast. Yummy! Before arriving at our hotel we looked on trip advisor and we were quite dubious because the reviews aren’t great. We don’t know what everyone’s talking about, it’s lovely here! Clean, plenty of space and a great location!

We arrived and we sorted out our parking space and sorted out our cases in our room. Before long we were out, having a walk on the seafront. First thing we did was mini golf! It was hilarious. We were the only ones there on this cold day because the course was outside and it was all pirate themed. There are channels of water around the place and the amount of times we had to get the balls out of the water was a tad embarrassing. Getting everything on par meant your final score should be 30. I won with a score of 50, mum came second with a score of 56 and Lee came last with a score of….wait for it…..81! Even the staff thought it was a new record!

We left mini golf and went to The Watermark for a coffee. It was a lovely little place, really busy and everything was gluten free. Even the WiFi password had the word ‘free’ in it! After this we failed at finding a geocache because we didn’t have enough time! Tea in the hotel was from 6pm so we got ready and got downstairs for around 6. What you should know is, happy hour starts at 6pm were drinks are 99p! We waited in the bar because it was 5:58 until 6 to make use of this offer! The bar man also told us we can get a bottle of wine for Β£5, so that’s tomorrows antics!

We then had dinner, which was in with the price and it was actually lovely! After dinner we were really tired but we decided to drive down the front to the amusements. We had the best time! It was so funny. You know when you spend about Β£25 getting a tiny toy out of a 2p machine? Yeah that was us! We got some great toys. In the last place we went too we saw some mini Rubik’s cubes and Lee has being trying to do one for ages. Myself and mum asked the staff if we could buy one instead of trying to win one and the lovely people gave us two for free!

We then won a Kung Fu Panda teddy and I really wanted to win a Toothless the Dragon teddy and the same lovely guy swapped my teddy! There are still lovely people about! After this excitement we came back to the hotel, had a hot chocolate and ate some Pringles whilst playing Bananagrams. If anyone has played this before, they will know how ANNOYING our last game was because I was getting all consonants and mum was getting all vowels. It took FOREVER! Mum won eventually!

Now we have slept, and we are ready for the action packed day before the murder mystery tonight. Mum had just woke me up and looked outside and said ‘oh god, it’s raining outside, people are hunched over with big coats, walking there dogs, I can’t see anyone without an umbrella’. My response?!…’WE’RE STILL GOING ON AN OPEN TOP BUS!’

Forever a child!

London Day Two

Part two of our National Holiday trip was nearly as good as part one. I say NEARLY because the first day we went to Harry Potter studios and you can’t get much better than that!

We woke up at about 7:00 and went down for breakfast at 8:15 when we were all packed and ready. To be honest, breakfast wasn’t too good, the meat was a bit fatty. But the eggs were lush and the cereal was ..well cereal.

We set off on the bus at 9am, and headed into London. We were dropped off on Park Lane and myself, my mum and Lee made our way on the tube to Camden Market. My mum had never been to Camden market and I knew she would love it! I was right!

It was a fab day. We wandered around for hours and was finding different stalls all day! I got a few things for my friends birthday and I got myself a jumper with a little duck poking out of the pocket…

After Camden we walked back to park lane through Regents park. Lovely walk but we did have to run for the bus because we nearly missed it!

We then had two days with my little nephew who is 4 months old and I LOVE him!!! He’s the cutest baby ever (I’m biased I know) but he’s such a happy little boy!

Fab holiday and weekend! If anyone hasn’t been to Camden market then you should.if you have been, then what did you buy there? 😊

London Day One

This weekend is the first holiday that my mum and Lee got me for Christmas. A National Holidays trip to London and Harry Potter Studios!

First thing you should know is that I’m a huge huge huge Harry Potter fan! I’ve been to the studios before but it was before the Forbidden Forest opened so I was super excited.

We all woke up at 6am and it was the easiest early get up ever because I wanted to be up and out! By 7am we were all ready and in the car ready to go to Hessle where the bus was picking us up. We left the car at my Grandmas and walked to the pick up point which was luckily near a Costa. We had a coffee to warm us up and it wasn’t long before the bus arrived!

On the bus we picked up a few more people and stopped at services where we had a Starbucks (just touring all the coffee shops today!) before we did the 2.5 hour drive to the Harry Potter Studios. It was a great journey. The driver played Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone on the TV, I had a Harry Potter colouring book and we played Harry Potter trivial pursuit. (which isn’t a game to me…more like revision!)

We eventually arrived at about 12:15 and our driver gave us our ticket. Our tour wasn’t until 2:30 and we had until 6pm before the bus was going to leave again.

Our first stop was the shop, I ended up getting two wands to add to my collection. Neville’s and Snape’s! I also bought some other bits and pieces too. We dropped our bags off in the luggage storage and got some food from the cafe.

When it got to 1:30 we couldn’t wait any longer and we made our way to the queue. Luckily they let us in early and we were soon in the first room, ready to go in!

If you’ve never been to Harry Potter studios then you need to go NOW. It’s honestly the best place ever! The place is amazing and the staff are super friendly! I asked a question down Diagon Alley and the guy took me on a personal tour of Diagon Alley! It was such a fab day and I want to go back there again already! Here are some photos…

The new parts were also definitely worth going back for, even though nobody needs an excuse to go back there, I’d go there everyday.

Unfortunately, it got to 6 so we had to go back to the bus and make our way to the hotel. It wasn’t far at all, we were in our room by 6:30!

I had a quick shower before going for food at 7:15. We have food included on the trip and it was very mediocre. Met some lovely people though!

We then tossed a coin…

Tails we go for a walk (bearing in mind it’s raining and windy)

Heads we go to the bar for a drink…


We headed out much to mum’s sadness. But it ended up being a great evening! We found 2 geocaches even though it was chucking it down. We found a shop and bought loads of sweets and nesquick! (blast from the past!) And we saw a car on fire that were being put out by fire brigades! I don’t think anyone was harmed though, luckily!

One of the geocaches was amazing too. It was just behind a fence, and it was in a massive spider container! Scared us, especially in the cold and dark but it was a great container!

Moral of tonight is, when things may not sound fun, you might be completely wrong! Now we are back in the hotel room, drinking nesquick and eating chocolate and bubblegum and sticking fake tattoos on ourselves that we got from the off license! Were just big kids!

It’s going to be an early night though, ready for half a day in London tomorrow!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved

This one, for me, took a lot of thought. Maybe because I could have put my parents or my friends or my favourite teddy etc. but I wanted to put something a little different.

I suffer from serious self body image issues. I am not exactly the skinniest person but I am not huge either. I nearly always feel like people are judging me for what I look like when in reality, people do not really care.

The negative thoughts I think about myself stopped me climbing completely. I work at a climbing wall and I have worked there over 2 years. I get to climb for free, so I should be an expert now right? Wrong! Partly because I am there all the time for work and partly because of my self body image issues I rarely climb. The rare occasion someone gets me to climb, I stick to top rope climbing as much as possible and do not even attempt a lead climb because I know it petrifies me (no idea why, just a psychological thing I need to get used to!)

However, today I climbed with my colleague/friend Mike and he is so unjudgemental and really helps me through the negative thoughts, having suffered from mental health issues before. I achieved some hard top ropes and even a few lead climbs! I was over the moon with myself and I just love the picture Mike took of me after I completed the lead climb. It is ‘beloved’! THIS GIRL CAN!


I have already planned to go climbing again on Friday and hopefully I will be able to keep it up and will be able to fall in love with climbing all over again!


My first week without foundation

I’m a 22 year old girl who, like many other 22 year old girls, worry about what I look like. Since about year 9 (aged 14) I have worn make up on my face. I never go over the top but I started off with the typical dream matte mousse, then moved on to other forms of foundation and have rarely gone a day since without wearing it, ESPECIALLY when going out of the house!

Last weekend I decided to go foundation free (with exceptions of when there is a special occasion and I go ‘out,out’) which hasn’t involved this week. It was easy at first because I was at my mum’s house and my mum has seen me without make up plenty of times so I felt pretty secure about myself.

However, the next day my mum was taking me the hours drive back to my house and back to work. I work at a climbing wall and I honestly work with the loveliest people I have ever met. I 100% knew they wouldn’t say a word even if they did notice the change in my face and if I ever mentioned it, they would be supportive.

Even when I’m writing this now all I’m thinking is, it’s not even a big deal, all it is is one face out of 7 billion faces not wearing foundation when probably over half of the population doesn’t anyway! But for me, turning up to work with no make up made my anxiety levels go through the roof!

I contemplated running past the reception at work, going to the toilets and putting on my trusty make up (because I still do carry it round with me, despite it not being on my face). However, I made myself go behind reception.

My colleague didn’t even notice.

I take that as a compliment! After getting over that first hurdle, I am like a woman on a mission! I have bought blackhead face scrub that I’m using every day to get rid of pesky blackheads, I’m using nivea night cream before bed to gain soft skin and I honestly think my skin is better for it already, even after a week.

Since that first day of stepping behind reception, I’ve had conversations with other colleagues were they have told me I look absolutely fine, I went to our staff movie club without makeup and I even had a Skype job interview wearing no makeup!

The most simplistic thing has made me feel so so much better about myself it’s unreal. What has really made me feel positive is the fact that everyone has treated me exactly the same. My colleagues and friends, I still have chats with lovely customers at work, people still smile at me and one guy in Morrison’s today helped me out massively when I had no cash and no trolley coin. It’s so weird but all I could think was ‘im still me and people are still treating me like I am me!’

So, at the end of the first week, my skin is better, my bank account is/will be fuller from not having to buy makeup and I am genuinely happier!