Day 29: home time

So the story starts at 9pm at sziget hostel were we are drinking, ready for the open mic night. We stayed in the reception because we had bought drinks, everyone else went to the bar downstairs. This was the start of the night shannon doesn’t remember. She basically went all out and drank nearly a full bottle of vodka! To be honest she didn’t do anything too embarrassing, just fell about a lot and threw water on the floor when we tried to give her it. We all do it at some point!

Open mic night was so fun though, all the acts were mostly the staff members of the party hostels and they were amazing! Such a fun night!

When we woke up this morning, we both felt bad but shannon really bad. Well, to be honest I think she was still drunk for a bit! We packed all of our things because we’re going home tonight (we’re so gutted!) and we had an omelette for breakfast.

Today we still had a productive day, despite the hangover. We went over to the other side of the bridge to Buda, and the first stop was the ‘mammut palace’ it was just a huge shopping centre but it was a mammut one! There was mammoths everywhere, it was so cool! But, correct me if I’m wrong, I swear there wasn’t even a mammut shop in the whole place…which was annoying. It was also really hot in there which is not good for a hangover!

We then made our way to Fishermans Bastion and the Buda Castle and St.Matthias Church. It was really nice but we had to climb a hill to get there. We survived though! It was beautiful. We didn’t stay long though because it was snowing. Luckily we had perry the umbrella! We got some food near here, we both had a hamburger and fries, our last meal away!

After some sightseeing we got slightly lost whilst trying to get back down the hill to the river, but we made it. We walked over chain bridge and headed to the zoo cafe. This is the best place I’ve ever been in my life! You buy coffee and then a guy comes to your table every like 10 minutes and brings you an animal. So we had a tortoise first, just wandering around on our table. Then a chameleon, a bearded dragon, a snake, a guinea pig and a rabbit! There is also a bird that flies around and cats everywhere. ITS AMAZING! There was chaos at one point though when the bird tried to steal someone’s food and the staff had to run after it to get the sandwich off the bird and a rabbit knocked a coffee over at exactly the same time. It was hilarious! Best hangover cure!

After the zoo cafe we went to a hostel to say bye to some people shannon knows, before going back to the hostel to get our bags and the taxi to the airport. We said bye to everyone who was there and we left them perry as a leaving gift because I couldn’t fit her in my bag unfortunately!

We got the half hour drive to the airport, and the taxi driver nearly killed us around 10 times. I would hate to drive in Budapest.

We checked in, went through security and headed to KFC for tea. Yum. The flight was slightly delayed but we eventually got on there. They had to de-ice the plane though because it was snowing. How cool is that? We didn’t even know they had to de-ice planes! Learn something new every day!

We eventually set off and we watched two episodes of stranger things, the last two! It was so good! There was one point that made us both jump at the same time, if anyone was watching us we must have looked so stupid!

We got a coffee on the plane because we were so tired. The lady gave us them and then walked away without us paying. So we told another guy (honest I know) who was really nice, and we paid. I paid with a £20 note and he accidentally short changed me by £10! He was very apologetic though and gave me the £10. It was quite funny really, everything went wrong!

After stranger things and the most expensive coffee in the world we were back in England. I’m gutted to be home. We have had such a brilliant time and it’s gone so fast! I want to be in Budapest right now playing alcohol olympics!

It’s been an absolute blast! Roll on the next adventure!


Day 28: I love hugs!

So last night I was so tired before we went to the boat party. But I still made it out (mainly because I’d already bought my all you can drink ticket). We headed out to the boat and it was so cool! It was a huge boat with music and bars and it was open at the top so the views were amazing. The free bar opened at 10:30, so we all stocked up with drinks and I started to get very drunk. Shannon didn’t feel too good so she eventually threw up and then she was fine to drink, so I don’t think she got her money’s worth, but I definitely did! There is a rule were when you go under a bridge, you have to kiss someone. Well, me and Shannon didn’t want to do this so every time we came to a bridge, we ran to the back of the boat, waited until the bridge was over the front of the boat and sprint as fast as we could to the other side. By the time we reached the other side, we weren’t under the bridge anymore. Brilliant plan!

I was wearing my ‘I love hugs’ jumper and I definitely utilised this when I got drunk. Every single person I saw, I pointed at my top and they HAD to hug me. I made so many friends! It’s the best top to wear on a night out, I’d definitely recommend!

We got off the boat and I called my mum (no idea why) and I got a whole bunch of people to shout ‘hi chezbob!’ down the phone (her name is Cheryl) sorry for waking you mum!

We then went to a bar called Morrisons 2, and I have never needed a wee so bad in my life. I eventually found the toilet after running around with shannon for ages. By the time we came out, everyone had gone somewhere else! The next hour is a blur, but we got very lost trying to find where they were so we ended up just going back to the hostel to bed. Probably the best idea anyway!

Today we had another productive day, despite the hangover. We didn’t make it out until about 11:30 but we headed to the house of terror. It was about the torture people went through when the Soviet Union took over in Hungary. In that very building people were tortured and terrorised, mentally and physically. It was shocking, but so so interesting and educational. I can’t even imagine what people went through there. I’d definitely recommend anyone to go and to definitely get the audio guide!

We left house of terror and we went back to the hostel for about an hour to start to pack. We’re going home tomorrow, unfortunately! At 3:30 we went back out to go ice skating. It was so cool! It was outside on a frozen lake and I’ve never been so amazed!

Well actually we got there at 4 and we realised it was shut until 5, so we found a cafe and had goulash soup and a drink and then headed over at 5. But yeah, it was amazing! I used to go ice skating every Friday night, I wasn’t any good but it was the disco night. It all came back to me, I haven’t realised how much I miss it, it was so fun!

After ice skating we went back to the hostel at 7 and had family dinner with everyone, our last one! Tonight it is open mic night so that’ll be fun! I’m already so tired though so hopefully an earlyish one for me!

Day 27: the day of the accidental shower

So I didn’t want to go out last night but ‘peer support’ from the staff persuaded me to. It started by myself thinking, I’m just going to get a body shower, because it’s been a long day, but I don’t want to wash my hair. I just automatically got in the shower and started washing my hair, like I was on autopilot. I didn’t even realise until I already had a head covered in shampoo. How annoying!

So I met shannon back at the room and I say ‘I’ve just had an accidental shower! And she went downstairs to get me a hairdryer and told everyone about my accidental shower. So I got a few strange looks when I came downstairs later on!

We had some pre drinks and played some drinking games with the others before heading to retox next door. One of the main reasons we wanted to go out was to see the jäger train. Guess what we missed. The jäger train! But it was still a good night nonetheless!

Shannon went to bed a little bit earlier than me. Me and a staff member, Damo, tried to wake her up and fed her McDonald’s chips (they weren’t even my chips, sorry whosever chips we stole!) but she didn’t, so me and Damo went back to retox, but it shut soon after so I ended up in bed too.

This morning we felt like crap. But we still wanted a productive day. We got up, and had scrambled eggs on toast. We first went to the bank to change some of Shannons money because she has old money. The bank was so warm I nearly threw up in there but luckily I didn’t! Then we booked tickets for the spa and for the boat party tonight. All you can drink! (I know I’m contradicting myself, but hopefully tonight we’ll be okay enough).

We then walked all the way to the zoo about 25 minutes away. The zoo was fab! They had everything! Lions, elephants, sloths, armadillos, meerkats, EVERYTHING! (Except alpacas which I was annoyed about). Half way through the day we went up some stairs and there was a slide that we decided to go down instead of the stairs. What a mistake. It was the fastest deadliest slide I’ve ever been on. I have a big bruise on my elbow, on the video you can hear the bang on the way down…

After the traumatising slide, we carried on with the zoo and saw lovely animals and a sea lion show and a gorgeous baby elephant!

We had a sandwich in the cafe before heading to our next stop. The Széchenyi baths. It was lovely! I thought it was weird though that we were in the baths about 200m away from an elephant and rhinos and stuff but it was such a good few hours! We just chilled and chatted and went around and around the whirlpool for ages. We also ended up doing an accidental water aerobics class, which was weird but fun!

When we got out we looked like prunes! We got dressed and walked back to the hostel, going to the pasta/pizza place again for food. We had lasagne and a slice of pizza. I was so full! We then broke our rule and had a coffee after 5pm. But we really needed it. As I mentioned earlier, we booked boat party, and right now, we felt dead. So we had an iced coffee and walked back to the hostel. Now we’re going to the boat party. I wouldn’t say we’re ready for it, but we’re ready as we will ever be!

We had to uncork a wine bottle and we actually had to both do it. One holding the bottle, one pulling the corkscrew. We’re too tired for this. But roll on tonight!

Day 26: if you wanna be my lover!

Last night we contemplated going to karaoke. We were drunk the night before so we didn’t know whether to go. We called Shannons mum and we ended up singing spice girls and Robbie Williams with her. We got so in the mood that we just had to go out! We did some vocal exercises (singing doe a deer) and we headed out with everyone else.

I think spice girls need to step aside and let me and shannon through!

It was such a good night! We made friends, we sang, we laughed! We did get very drunk though! We went to Morrisons, it was a bar called Morrisons, we wasn’t like dancing down a bread aisle, and then we ended in retox which is a bar next to our hostel. It was such a good night, but the morning after was a bit grim.

The plan for today was to go to house of terror and then to the Christmas markets. We set off and found the house of terror pretty quickly. The queue was like out the door so we didn’t go in, we might try again on Tuesday.

We walked towards hero square and attempted to find non existent Christmas market, it was only an ice rink, which was still really cool to be fair!

We had a wander round and I was starting to feel increasingly worse. We got the metro towards st Stephens basilica. First stop here was costa! I needed the coffee. We had our drinks and set off to the Christmas markets.

We then realised we didn’t have any cash out and needed an ATM, we literally spent the next 40 minutes trying to find one! It didn’t help that there was police everywhere and some roads were shut. (We had no idea why but we found out later on).

We got cash and went to the Budapest eye. We just had to go on it! It was so fun but so cold!

I didn’t even know the Budapest eye existed so it was cool to find!

We were on the way to another Christmas market when we got stopped crossing the road. Around 30 police cars and big black cars went past with sirens and 2 helicopters were flying so low above us that you could basically see in them. We were so confused. At the next souvenir shop I asked them what was going on. Turns out a VIP from China came to Budapest. That’s why roads were shut and helicopters were there, it was pretty cool to be fair!

So we made it to the next Christmas markets and we had a wander round there. It was about 3:30pm so the lights started to come on and I love lights. There was an umbrella light feature dangling above us that came on while we were there and I really feel like claire was with us (read previous blogs to know about claire the umbrella). We also found the Budapest sign by complete accident!

The markets were lovely but we realised we were now hungry. At the previous Christmas markets there was a stall selling salmon and potatoes and it looked so nice that we went back there! It was honestly to die for. It was so nice! Shannon also had an ice cream which was shaped like a flower. We saw a light show on the basilica that we didn’t know was going to happen too so that was cool!

We then had this great idea to go and see the Danube shoes. What a nightmare. Next to the river it was so cold that we ended up running away from the shoes. But we saw them, and saw the chain bridge all lit up! Beautiful!

So we shivered all the way back to the hostel, and on the way back I realised I couldn’t remember locking our door. So we speed walked all the way home, partly out of coldness and partly out of ‘I really hope all our stuff isn’t missing’. We made it back to the warmth of the hostel and our room was all locked up. Yey, well done hayley for adulting!

We watched an episode of stranger things and we had family dinner with everyone. It was chilli con carne and it was lush! Tonight was meant to be a night off from drinking but because of ‘peer support’ from the staff (apparently it’s peer support, not peer pressure) we might end up going out…all will be revealed!

Day 25: productive hungover day!

We woke up today, me feeling worse for wear but shannon was okay. We showered and made our way out to have a productive day. The first stop today was the laundry. Well, we didn’t have hardly any clean clothes. We had to go to the laundry in matching Harry Potter t-shirts, trousers and flip flops because neither of us had socks…

We looked stupid.

When we got to the laundry place we realised it was one of those ones where you leave it with someone and they told us to come back at 4pm… we had to go to ‘dm’ and buy some socks! We looked super special walking into a place, buying socks in flip flops with beanies on and massive coats and scarves. Honestly, I don’t know how we’ve survived the month.

We put our socks on and got trainers from the hostel and made our way to the coffee shop across the street. We shared a panini and had a cappuccino each. It was needed after last night! We woke up a little bit and made our way to Margaret Island.

This island is between Buda and Pest and it was so much bigger than expected. It has so many things on it, cafes, a hotel, buses, a zoo etc.etc. It took us about an hour to walk from one side to the other. We were on the way back when we noticed the really cool tandem bikes that were like a car. We HAD to hire one!

We realise now that we kinda look like this…

It was brilliant, we hired it for a hour. It got to ten minutes left, loads of time to get back (we thought) we had to pedal like mad. We had like 2 minutes to spare because we couldn’t go through the Japanese garden that basically surrounded the place we hired it from. We ended up on a road for buses, going as fast as we can, luckily no buses came!

We then, being the mature people we are, paid for food to feed the ducks and we caused a duck fight, everyone was okay though.

We went to a little cafe, mainly for the toilet but turns out there wasn’t one, we still had a burger though and a drink. It was 3pm and we realised we had only had half a panini. So the burger went down successfully. Shannon then contemplated weeing in a bush, but we found toilets you had to pay for in the end!

We rushed back to the laundry place, we were ten minutes late and it’s a good job we were because she had only had time to fold my clothes, not shannons, but at least we now how clean clothes!

We got back to the hostel, showered and signed up for the family meal tonight. We then watched an episode of stranger things.

Family tea was cauliflower curry, it was lush! 19 of us ate in total so we made some new friends tonight.

Now we’re ready and drinking for the karaoke night! Just a few more wines and we will be singing our heads off!

‘If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends….’ all gossip will be revealed tomorrow!

Day 24: goodbye Bratislava, hello Budapest!

Today we got up at 9:30 and checked out of our hostel in Bratislava but we left our luggage there for a few hours while we went to explore.

Our first stop was a geocache, we found one in a park which was right next to a blue church, so cute!

So I got my Slovakia stamp on the geocaching app and we made our way to the nicest place for burgers. The street food cafe. Omg it was so nice again. The jalapeño sauce is to die for, everyone needs to try it!

Bellies full, we were going to leave the street food place because it was 12:20 and the bus to Budapest was at 1, when I got a message from flixbus saying our bus was 25 minutes late. At least they told us! So we chilled for a bit longer and we were chatting about life decisions and I started to panic that I haven’t got anything figured out. It got to the point we’re we were walking around Billa trying to find a notebook and pen to mind map my life. Turns out Billa don’t do notepads.

After panicking about my life we went to pick up our bags and made our way to the bus. The bus came 25 minutes late like flixbus said and we chilled on the bus. Me reading and shannon napping. It took us about 3 hours to get there, but we got there in the end!

We then got the underground to the hostel, and found it pretty quickly. Very nice hostel, but as I said on the previous blog, a party hostel! We had to go and get some money out and we went to Unicredit. The ATM was inside and the bank was shut… and you swiped your credit card to get in! How cool is that!! Everyone seemed lovely. We settled in, got our towels, had showers, got ready for the night ahead and went out for food. We went to a small place that does pizza and pasta. We got a small bowl of pasta each and a slice of pizza each, yum! (Such a healthy day!)

We went back to the hostel, ready for the ruin bar pub crawl! We had some wine in the hostel and went to the hostel bar to start. The people seemed really nice. Only problem was, we went out without a jacket. I thought the bars would be inside, but no, they were outside. It was FREEZING. Between the first and second bar me and shannon ran back for coats, and met everyone at the second place. Problem solved!

We were judging people in one of the bars because in one of the loos was a wall full of lipstick kisses, like who kisses a toilet wall? Then shannon goes ‘do you have lipstick?’ Which I did, so of course we joined in. Grim but why not?!

I had an argument with someone about Trump and a weird guy followed shannon around for a bit and somehow someone spilt a drink down Shannons back but all in all a successful night! We’re both still alive!

Feeling rough today though!

Day 23: chill day!

This morning I got up at 11am, so I was happy with my lie in. Shannon not so much, she woke up at 9, mainly because the guy above her on the bunk had to get up and leave to go to the airport, so he was in and out a lot. I slept through luckily.

When I checked my phone I had an email from the budapest hostel that we’re staying in from tomorrow and all the events they have on there. This is when I realised we had booked a party hostel! When booking the hostels I was like ‘let’s not stay in a party hostel, if we want to party we can somewhere else’ and well done hayley, you book a party hostel! To be honest I think we will love it!

First thing we did today was buy stamps from the post office, before I had to run back to the hostel because I forgot my purse. Then we went to Slovak Pub. We wanted to try some food from Slovakia. It was lovely! I had potato dumplings in sheeps cheese with bacon, and shannon had dumplings with chicken and sour cream sauce. I didn’t take a photo because the appearance wasn’t nice but it did taste really nice!

We went back to the hostel and wrote our postcards and had a chat with some of the guys there. At 3:30 we went on the walking tour which started outside the hostel. It was very interesting and we learnt a lot about Bratislava and saw a Hans Christian Anderson statue which was cool, he seems to crop up everywhere! We had a break half way through the walking tour and we got some lovely Belgian chocolates. Omg like so nice! We shared a box and chose which ones went in the box and we had 4 each and I could have eaten 44 of them, they were lush. It was a really good walking tour but it did go on for just over three hours though and it was so cold!

Straight after the walking tour we went to a small place that sold pizza and we got 2 slices of pepperoni pizza (we tried to get one slice each but he misunderstood so we had two) I’m glad though because it was so nice.

We came back to the hostel and had showers and shannon braided my hair. We played with the puppy for a bit, he’s so cute! One of the girls here is American and she made everyone vegan shepherds pie for free because it’s thanksgiving today, so we had some of that, which was so nice! (Thanks Chelsea!)

Tonight we wrote postcards and chilled. I facetimed my mum to tell her I love her before we die at a party hostel from drinking too much alcohol. (I’m joking parents, we will be fine!). Nothing really funny happened today because it was kind of a chill day. I completely lost shannon though when she was crying with laughter, uncontrollably, but all I did was drop a mango on the floor after I was putting a beanie on it and pretending it was a baby…don’t ask.

Roll on tomorrow!

Day 22: Vienna day trip

Today we got up reluctantly when the alarm went off because we were still so tired and groggy from the over night bus before. But we had already booked our Flixbus to have a day trip to Vienna in Austria. We made it to the bus station and we had woken up a little bit. It was surprisingly warmer today!

We got there at around 10:30 and we headed to the underground to get to the city centre. Vienna is so pretty! We went to the tourist information to get a map and then went to find something to eat.

We ended up at an Australian pub called Crossfields and it was so cool! I got nachos and shannon got an all day breakfast, it was lush! There were so many nachos though I couldn’t even finish them all! For dessert, we tried a fried grasshopper! Who needs I’m a celeb when you have shannon and hayley in the pub? To be honest it was actually quite nice….

After having grasshoppers we went for a walk and we were trying to find a square that the map told us to see. We ended up finding a Mozart statue in a park which was quite cool. They’re quite Mozart mad here. After this, we found the square we wanted to find and there was a mini Christmas market! So we wandered around there and somehow ended up breaking a photo booth, oops. There was one really cool stall that had chocolate tools! So we bought 2 little chocolate bottle tops, yum!

We then made our way to an ice cream shop that shannon had been to before and she liked. On the way we saw one of the bikes were you pedal and lay down whilst pedalling and it was also on its side, resting against a car. Shannon got super excited and said ‘looks it’s a lay-ey down bike!’ and I say ‘Shannon I don’t think it’s meant to be laying on the car’ she could not stop laughing. We got a few funny looks while we were crying next to a bike! It wasn’t even THAT funny but we lacked sleep and brain functioning!

We got to the ice cream place and shannon got a cappuccino and cookies ice cream, which she ate by BITING IT WITH HER FRONT TEETH! Like how? I can’t stand it!

We found another Christmas market near Rathausplatz and it was lovely! So nice! We wandered around here for ages and shannon got roasted chestnuts and I got banana and strawberries covered in chocolate, so nice! We were going to go ice skating but it was way too expensive, looked pretty though! We were really excited because this is the first country we have been so far that actually have Christmas markets that are open! So we spent quite a long time here

Our next mission was to find a geocache so we walked along the river and into the ‘fairness zone’ still don’t know what that is but it looked really cool! We also walked past a really impressive building, we probably should have known what this was but I don’t know, but there was scaffolding on it and an actual nespresso advert covering half the building! Part of the scaffolding had the building printed on the front but it was baffling why they’d ruin it with nespresso!!

We wandered back into the city to find the geocache and it was underneath a bench, we had to slyly drop something on the floor and have a look under to find it. But we did find it. Yey!

Next stop was postcards, we booked the bus home and we had about an hour and a half so we went to buy postcards and magnets and pins badges and whatever else we all buy in every place. Then we went for coffee. We both had iced coffee and a donut, they were lovely. It was a proper donut place and shannon had a tiramisu donut and I had a strawberry donut, lovely!

After we spent some time here we went back to the underground to the bus station to find our flixbus. We found it and got on at 5:30. We played guess the song all the way home, first on shannons iPod until it died, so then on my phone. We got some weird looks when we were dancing to fast food song and mouthing ‘a Pizza Hut a Pizza Hut Kentucky fried chicken and a Pizza Hut…’ and getting all sassy to wannabe by the spice girls.

We made it home and stopped off at the biggest Tesco in the world for some alcohol, then went back to the hostel. We showered and paid to eat at the hostel because they do vegan meals every night. It was cabbage with other veg inside and it was actually so nice! We chatted to a few people. We then fell in love with the little puppy who lives there ‘Roko’ and honestly he’s the cutest thing!

We planned to go on the pub crawl with the others and before we went out we had to have ‘free rok’ written on our faces because one of the staff here ‘rok’ was put in prison for having weed. Me and Shannon never even met the guy but we played along anyway.

We went to a place called Starters and we were all playing table football, I’m so so so bad at it! We then sang high school musical, can I have this dance really loud before moving on to another place that I don’t even know what it’s called, but it was so busy. Shannon was just sat on the bar handing out free peanuts and popcorn to everyone! The last place was ‘goblins’ which was quieter and me and shannon had a proper heart to heart that she can’t even remember today! Surprise surprise.

Everyone seemed to be a bit moody last night so myself and shannon ran away from everyone without saying bye and went back to the hostel. We cooked pasta and played with the puppy before going to bed at about 2am. It was an okay night but the night in Warsaw beat it!

Today will probably be a bit of a chill day, in which we are definitely in need of!

Day 21: will we ever be warm again?

Last night was possibly one of the coldest nights of my life and I don’t think I’m even warm now because of it. Our bus from krakow arrived at 10:10pm and we got on, ready to go to Bratislava. However, we had a stop over in Brno, for 2.5 hours at 3am.

We should have looked really to see what facilities were at Brno bus station, because when we got there, we realised there was nothing. Nada. Zero. It looked like this..

So basically there was a roof, which was good because it was raining. But it was so cold, so freezingly cold that we basically froze on the bench we were on. Time went pretty slowly while sat in the bus station. It got to around 3:45am and I downloaded ‘the game of life’ on my phone. Me and my cousin, Lauren, used to play this game in theme park queues and on long car journeys because it’s a 2 player game and gets a bit addictive.

This game saved our life last night. Which is ironic because the game is called ‘game of life’. But anyway, we only had to play two games of that and it was about 4:30am.

(Pic- one of the marriages on game of life, controversially having a lesbian wedding, yet we still wonder why some people think we’re lesbians! (Were not))

Our bus was due to arrive in Brno to pick us up at 5:10am. For the last 40 minutes of waiting I marched round. Avoiding people rummaging through bins, just trying to keep warm, whilst shannon sat frozen to the bench. It was so unbelievably cold.

Then something happened, something that I don’t think I could ever forgive. It got to 5am and flixbuses are normally a little early, and the bright green life saving bus came around the corner. We soon realised it wasn’t our bus at all and this one was going back to krakow. I nearly cried. Bearing in mind we had hats, scarves, gloves (well a glove each), jumpers, puffa jackets…we thought we were well equipped but we were wrong!

The bus finally turned up at 5:20; 10 minutes late. I will never forgive flixbus for that act of cruelty. Our hopes came crashing down around us while we were basically icicles.

So by the time we were on the second bus, it was 5:30am and we had only slept a tiny amount before 2:50am. This bus was due to arrive in Bratislava at 6:50am. We tried to sleep, but no word of a lie, the bus driver put Mexican music on through the speakers really loud! Everyone was trying to turn it off upstairs on the bus but nope. He made us all listen to music between 5:30-6:50am on a bus.

We arrived in Bratislava and unfortunately for shannon I was in a foul mood. She handled this whole situation quite well but I’d had enough. It was freezing, I was tired, I was hungry, my heel hurts because I’ve somehow cut it and it hurts when I walk. All I wanted this morning at 6:50 was to sleep.

My prayers were answered.

We got to the hostel around 7:10am and some of the staff already knew shannon because she used to volunteer here last year. Straight away they gave us a room with no one else in it, bed already made and I could have kissed them both. It felt like the comfiest bed in the whole world. We slept until 10am and got up, feeling a tad better than we did beforehand.

We had a bit of a wander around Bratislava, shannon being the tour guide because she used to live here. We bought the usuals of postcards and magnets and what not and we went for food. We ended up at a crepe place and it was lovely! We both had a bolognaise crepe, which I had never had before, and it was lush! We finished with a crepe with Nutella YUM!

So good start to the day!

After this we were still both so tired so we went back to the hostel and we crashed out and wrote postcards and coloured and watched the IT crowd. I forgot how funny that programme was!

It had been a few hours and we went to the room to get Internet to FaceTime Jon at work. I also painted my nails red. Something did go wrong with this because, well, it’s me…but that may be a story for another day…

So it was a bit later on now and it was time to eat again. We went to a place that shannon had been before and she loved the burgers so we found it and she wasn’t wrong! It was lovely! It was Slovakia street food but we sat inside and we both had a chicken street burger with fries and shannon had tomato ketchup and I had the jalapeño sauce. For the second time today – YUM. I need the recipe for the sauce, so if anyone knows a good jalapeño sauce recipe, please share!

We might have to go back to this place because it was lush.

When we got back to the hostel we met our new room mate who is from Manchester. He seems okay but is only here for one night. After getting ready for bed and planning our day tomorrow we watched 2 episodes of stranger things, it’s getting even better! Millie Bobby Brown is my new favourite actress, honestly, if you haven’t watched it then you should, if not just to see how good of an actress this girl is!

So now we’re in bed, finally going to get a full nights sleep, we hope! Next plan tomorrow is Vienna, just for a day trip, then hopefully the pub crawl with the hostel when we get back, so ROLL ON TOMORROW!


This morning we got up at 9:15 and had the free breakfast in the hostel which was cereal and toast and meat and salad. It was nice! Before we went out for a wander around krakow.

We went in a few souvenir shops and marvelled over the dragons in every shop. Every single shop had little music boxes that did different tunes when you turned the handle. So obviously I bought a Harry Potter one!

We went to the castle in krakow and had a wander round there. It’s so beautiful! And went to see the dragon in the daylight. It breathes fire and you can see where it’s burnt! We didn’t see the fire today unfortunately.

We had a coffee near the castle which was nice but very posh! We then went to another eating place and had some food. Shannon got a potato pancake with beef and I got chicken and cheese with potatoes and we shared the two dishes. It was so filling!

I also forgot to mention we brought claire (our adopted umbrella) on the journey with us today. So I was actually hoping for rain for once!

After our coffees we went towards the Jewish quarter to meet at 1:30 for the free walking tour. It was so cold! So cold that my eyes were streaming! I feel like I’m never going to get warm again! We were a little late for the tour but we tagged along and we spent the next 2.5 hours learning about the Jewish lives of Poland, now and in the past. We also saw schindlers factory from the film, even though we haven’t seen the film so we’re going to watch that at some point. It did start to rain at this point so I finally got to use claire!

After the Jewish tour we went to the nearest cafe because shannon was dying for a wee and we were going to get a hot chocolate because we had already had our daily coffee. That’s the rule – one coffee before 5pm every day. But she only had hot chocolate with ginger, so we had to break the rules and get another coffee!

We then braced the cold again as we walked to a stall that we had passed on the Jewish tour. We bought this thing that 2 different people had recommended to us, it was like a baguette with cheese and mushrooms on and then you can add any toppings. I had cheese, mushrooms, chicken, peppers and sweet chilli sauce and shannon had cheese, mushrooms, spinach and tomato. They were very much like pizzas but they were huge! So filling and so nice!

When we finished this we walked back to the old town in krakow and walked via our hostel to nip to the loo before going on the next tour. The macabre tour! It was about ghosts, serial killers and vampires. It was fab! So interesting! At the end of the tour there was a dressed up person helping to show how people were executed. It was pretty freaky!

So after this great tour we asked the tour guide if there was anywhere he’d recommend for us to eat. He told us about a place called Koko which is cheap and nice so we followed his advice and went there. It was huge! It looked like a small place but you went downstairs and it had three extra rooms in there. One bar and two places to order food. It was absolutely crazy cheap. I got the tomato soup and it had pasta in it too and shannon had chicken, mashed potato and vegetables and it was 15zl. Which is equivalent to £3.14! For both of us! It was actually pretty nice too, even though the workers were pretty moody.

So we were leaving the restaurant and I’d just closed the door behind me when I remembered claire! We didn’t have her! I ran back in and down the stairs and looked around our table. She’d gone.

I asked at the bar and the two places where you order food and no one had handed her in. Claire had officially been stolen. I was racked with guilt. I’d lost claire. I really hope she has gone to a good home.

When I asked one of the food bars she said ‘you can take one of those brollies from over there, they have been left’ so we took another brolly. Claire will never be properly replaced but now we have to look after Perri. Hopefully we won’t leave her in a restaurant!

So myself, shannon and Perri made our way back to the hostel to pick up our bags. We had a chat with the guy there, he was lovely. They’re now renovating for the next three days so the hostel is actually shut to customers but they still let us leave our bags there all day!

We walked to the bus station at a steady pace. We’re both so tired. We had to find our flixbus. It wasn’t on the board, there were no flixbuses to be seen. We were worried. However, it eventually came, yey! So now we’re on the bus to Bratislava. We have a bus now to Brno in Czech Republic and we get there at 2:50am and then have to get another bus from there at 5:10, to get to bratislava at 7:10. It’s going to be a long night. Wish us luck!