Norway Video!

I don’t know if any of you read the previous blogs about mine and Shannon’s time in Norway but here is a Youtube video showing just some of the things we got up too!

We had such a fabulous time in Oslo. Holding snakes, sight seeing and even seeing a ballet in the famous Opera House!


Here is the link if that’s easier..



Trip to Hull day 2

Today I got up at around 9 and had a lovely breakfast cooked by my wonderful mother. After getting ready, we went for a wander around the shops near where we live. We ended up staying in WHSmiths for around an hour though because they had a book clearance and you could get books for like £1 and £2! We were in our element.

We popped into Boots, then went to Costa in the new ridiculously big Next. We met my dad in there and I went with him after to see my Grandma in Withernsea.

In Withernsea we went for a walk along the beach,

And walked further up the promenade where there are some new statues and old photos, here are a few of my favourites…

We had a look around a few shops and in a small market before heading back to my Grandma’s house. Unfortunately, it was already 4pm and I had to be at my other Grandma’s house for 5pm for tea! (It was a get looked after by Grandma’s kind of day!).

My dad dropped me off at my other Grandma’s and we had a lush beef stew with dumplings for tea. YUM!

After tea we watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers because I’m currently watching the top 100 musicals from imdb, from 100 – 1. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is number 95! It was surprisingly good, if not a little sexist, but they could get away with it then! We watched some videos from when I was away in November, because I travelled Europe for a month with my friend. It was great to reminisce! We had such a laugh! (See previous blogs from November).

On the way home from Grandma’s at 10pm, we drove via the new Banksy mural in Hull. It has been there two days and has very recently been confirmed that it was THE Banksy who came to hull. This is what it is meant to look like…

This is what we found it like…

I’m fuming! Someone has already painted over the top! Typical Hull! The minority ruining it for the majority. A LOT of people are annoyed!

Apart from that, it has been a great 2 days seeing the family!

Trip to Hull Day 1

Four years ago I moved to Leeds for university and my family still live in Hull. It’s not that far but I haven’t been back in a while!

This morning I woke up in Leeds at 7am and got the train from Kirkstall Forge to Leeds at 8:15am. By the time I got on the Hull train at 8:38 I had listened to The Greatest Showman twice on Spotify!

On the train I read two chapters of the Stonewylde Series (book 4!) by Kit Berry. It’s a really good series, everyone should read it! I got to Hull at 9:30 and my mum met me at the train station.

The first thing I did when I arrived in Hull is marvel at the amount Hull had changed! It had such a bad name for itself throughout England, but I was amazed at the transformation! Since it was City of Culture 2017 it has made a brilliant recovery! Starting with the train station, there was new shop windows that were fully glass and modern and a large plane hanging from the ceiling. Completely different to what I’d seen before!

However, for myself and mum the first stop was Costa. We stayed in there for nearly two hours, just catching up with each other, chatting and people watching! After a few mochas and a sandwich we went to the Hull KR shop to pick up my tickets and then we went to the Maritime Museum because we haven’t been in ages! However, it’s hasn’t changed since about 1985!

When we had finished in the Maritime Museum, which didn’t take long, we went for a walk near the marina, which is so nice recently!

We found a bench with loads of Hull sayings…some of you won’t get this.

However, the storm got worse……and worse…..

(what a beautiful lady my mum is though!)

After our windy and rainy walk, we wandered through a new and very modern market in Hull, that we didn’t even know was there!

This led us on to the Hands on History museum. When I was younger I used to absolutely love this museum because there was an actual ride in the middle! There was an old fashioned kitchen you could pretend to wash and poo in the hole toilet and there is a school you can pretend to teach and a puppet show. Basically I have grown out of all this stuff (being 22) but it was still cool!

Upstairs, my mum loved it. There was a whole section about the era she grew up in. I was rather bored but it was slightly interesting I suppose. But if my mum is happy then I am!

After we had wandered around a few shops, we left the centre and went home in the car. We had a few plans to go to Hollywood Bowl and Nandos until we found out it was £41 for three people for two games! What a rip off!…so we improvised and made our own game of bowling!

It actually worked quite well, surprisingly!

Since then we have drunk some wine, had a Chinese, listening to mcfly, watched IT, watched Undateables, watched funny YouTube videos, and now I’m basically already ready for bed, and I’m so tired! It’s only 9:50 here!

But roll on tomorrow, seeing the Grandma’s!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme

So mine is a little different to others…


Yes, I am one of those fan girls that loves Harry Potter. I’ve had the best memories including Harry potter, like my surprise Harry Potter themed party my best friend threw me (for my 22nd birthday…according to some people that’s ‘childish’!) and going to Alnwick Castle were some of the film was filmed and doing Broomstick training in EXACTLY the same place Harry, Ron and Hermione did their first lesson! (it’s not sad I swear!)

But in the picture are people, growing up, variations of actors and actresses throughout a number of years. In the picture is the same wizarding World, but varying in darkness, atmosphere and story. The picture can give people a variety of emotions, happiness, sadness, anger, excitement.

So many variations!

Z – Alphabet Dating

For Z, we went to the Zoo Cafe which is situated in Budapest. It was literally the coolest place I have ever been too! You go in, and get a table and order your drinks. We got a coffee each. A waiter, then comes to your table and hands you your first animal. The first one he gave us was a cute little tortoise. You can hold him and let him wander around the table!

After about 15 minutes, the waiter came back, took the tortoise away and gave us a chameleon! You could only hold the chameleon, you couldn’t put him on the table, but he was so cute! Meanwhile, a bird was flying around the place and stole a woman’s sandwich from her plate, the cat was chasing the bird and a rabbit knocked over someone’s coffee! MAYHEM! Brilliant mayhem!

After 15 minutes with Pascal, the waiter brought us a bearded dragon, which looked so grumpy. You can hold this one and stroke it and let it chill on the table. Next was the snake. We had a snake brought to us and we had a right wriggler! It would not stay still! We took it in turns holding it and we put it around the back of our necks and he had such a cute little face! After the snake we had a cute ginger and white guinea pig which kept running across the table, we hid our coffees for this one!

Last but not least we were brought a little cute bunny rabbit. It was white and kept bouncing everywhere. It also kept scratting at the table like it was digging and biting my camera! It was so fluffy and soft and I wish I could have snook it home in my backpack!

We got little bits of carrot to feed the rabbit and the guinea pig, it was so cute and the whole place is such a good idea!

Around the room there was also animals everywhere, spiders, reptiles, cats, rabbits, all sorts!

All you do is pay for your coffee, and get food if you wish. Of course we left a donation for them too. But if anyone is visiting Budapest, this is a must! Such a fabulous and unusual experience!




Y – Alphabet Dating

So after the AMAZING surprise Harry Potter themed birthday party which Shannon threw me for my birthday at the climbing wall where we work, we woke up and packed the car (we were heading to Hull after York) and set off to York for the day. We found the park and ride and got the bus in to the centre and walked around for a bit just exploring but aiming to find the Harry Potter shop (of course!), called ‘The Shop That Must Not Be Named’. We did eventually and had a quick look around before going somewhere to find some food because we were both really hungry and it was about lunch time and neither of us had had any breakfast because it just hadn’t been our top priority when we were about to set off. So, we were getting increasingly hangry.

We found a lovely little café/ restaurant place but as soon as we went in we felt it was too posh for us, but we went with it any way, why not? The breakfast menu had stopped so it was on to the lunch menu so we both asked for meatballs only to be told they hadn’t made them yet, WHAT!? Your telling us its lunch time, so we can’t have the breakfast, which is what we both wanted, but we were to early for meatballs? Anyway, we quickly had another look at the menu and ordered something different. It was definitely a restaurant that was too fancy for us and the food wasn’t even that nice, like they had tried to be TOO posh, but we are both still alive and ate enough not to be too hungry.

We continued to walk around and we met up with Shannon’s friend from primary school, Gemma, who goes to University of York. It was nice to see her for a bit and also very good as she knew where all the shops where and considering we had been trying to find the Disney store for about an hour before meeting her, she literally took us around the corner and it was there! After doing a little bit more shopping and going back to The Shop That Must Not Be Named, where I, after much debate with myself, bought Harry Potter Cluedo, a Platform 9 and three quarters passport holder and some Harry Potter glasses! We then said goodbye to Gemma, after she very kindly pointed us in the right direction to get the bus back to the park and ride… we are adults I promise. We got the bus back to Timothy (Shannon’s car) and continued on our way to Hull.


X – Alphabet Dating

For X we went to Xscape in Castleford. There was myself, Shannon and Jon and we started off at the skiing/snowboarding part of the place. Shannon did a ski season last year so she sometimes goes snowboarding at Xscape. Myself and Jon sat and chatted with a glass of wine while Shannon went snowboarding. It was so cool! It’s all indoors and its quite high up! I would have had a go but it was way to expensive if you don’t have your own stuff.

After Shannon had been snowboarding, we made our way up to the 3D mini golf. NEVER DO THIS. It is the most trippy thing in the World! You have to wear these 3D glasses so it makes the pictures on the walls jump out at you and its so hard to walk with them on! It’s pretty dark in there too so we were nearly tripping up all the time! It was fun though, and different to normal mini golf!

After we had stumbled around the two courses and failed miserably at mini golf, we went to Nandos. YUM. Myself and Shannon had our normal order of chicken and chips with herb and lemon/medium spice whilst Jon had…a plate of chips. He’s an odd one when it comes to food…and other things in life, come to think of it, and he basically only eats chips, yorkshire puddings and chocolate. But he did enjoy his chips!

It was a great evening out!


W – Alphabet Dating

W is for all the walking and walking tours we did whilst we were away in November (see previous blogs). We went to Oslo, Gothenburg, Malmo, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow, Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest.

Everyday we had a goal that we needed to get to 10,000 steps and if we got to 15,000 we could have a treat. Such as a chocolate bar or a hot chocolate. We were being good by exploring and exercising! Back home we both barely reach 8000 steps so we thought this was going to be a big ask, how wrong we were. Most days turned out to be a treat day and we barely noticed it, we were constantly on the move, exploring; which meant we would get a cake with our one coffee we were allowed a day before 5pm. (We had weird rules)!

In total we managed to clock up a massive 576,402 steps!! Over half a million steps!


V – Alphabet Dating

So for V we went to Vue cinema to see Goodbye Christopher Robin as I had been wanting to see it since it came out, I loved it to bits and really understood all the references to Winnie the Pooh as I read the books a lot when I was little and love Winnie the Pooh. Hayley hadn’t read them as much as I had and after knowing how it ruined his childhood is not 100% sure she wants to read them now! She is an adult but is still contemplating reading Winnie the Pooh! We both enjoyed the film though! We also had some Nachos which was a big bonus!

Since then we have been to Vue again to see the Greatest Showman. This is THE BEST FILM EVER and everyone needs to see it! It’s top of the album charts because it’s just so amazing. You’d be a fool not to see it!


U – Alphabet Dating

In November we visited lots of different countries, all with their own delicacies and all with ‘unusual food’ . However we think the most unusual food we tried was when we was in Vienna for the day and we went to an Australia pub and we tried deep fried grasshoppers… As soon as we both saw it on the menu we thought we had to. You can’t miss an opportunity like that! Okay, its probably not the most unusual food that is known to Europe that we could have had, but still it is very unusual.

We had some normal food beforehand, Hayley was wiser then me and had saved some of her drink whereas I had none left.  We thought we were literally going to get two grasshoppers on a plate, but we were wrong. They were served in a little ramekin with mash potato, a tortilla chip, some cress leaves , tomato sauce and of course the grass hopper! They weren’t that bad to be honest but it was one of the strangest things I have ever eaten so far!

Whats the most unusual thing you’ve eaten? Would you eat a grasshopper?