Z – Alphabet Dating

For Z, we went to the Zoo Cafe which is situated in Budapest. It was literally the coolest place I have ever been too! You go in, and get a table and order your drinks. We got a coffee each. A waiter, then comes to your table and hands you your first animal. The first one he gave us was a cute little tortoise. You can hold him and let him wander around the table!

After about 15 minutes, the waiter came back, took the tortoise away and gave us a chameleon! You could only hold the chameleon, you couldn’t put him on the table, but he was so cute! Meanwhile, a bird was flying around the place and stole a woman’s sandwich from her plate, the cat was chasing the bird and a rabbit knocked over someone’s coffee! MAYHEM! Brilliant mayhem!

After 15 minutes with Pascal, the waiter brought us a bearded dragon, which looked so grumpy. You can hold this one and stroke it and let it chill on the table. Next was the snake. We had a snake brought to us and we had a right wriggler! It would not stay still! We took it in turns holding it and we put it around the back of our necks and he had such a cute little face! After the snake we had a cute ginger and white guinea pig which kept running across the table, we hid our coffees for this one!

Last but not least we were brought a little cute bunny rabbit. It was white and kept bouncing everywhere. It also kept scratting at the table like it was digging and biting my camera! It was so fluffy and soft and I wish I could have snook it home in my backpack!

We got little bits of carrot to feed the rabbit and the guinea pig, it was so cute and the whole place is such a good idea!

Around the room there was also animals everywhere, spiders, reptiles, cats, rabbits, all sorts!

All you do is pay for your coffee, and get food if you wish. Of course we left a donation for them too. But if anyone is visiting Budapest, this is a must! Such a fabulous and unusual experience!





T – Alphabet Dating

After not being able to go for my birthday we decided to go on Monday.. so Monday came around and it’s time to go…to Tropical World!

We got there and Hayley discovered she had to walk through a room filled with butterflies. First it was very funny to watch someone be scared of a butterfly… I know different people have different fears but that doesn’t mean you can’t laugh at your friend when she’s running through the tropical house with her hood up!

I was amazed she didn’t know who Ollie the octopus was he made my childhood visits to tropical world and she meant the new one who is not worthy of being named after he kicked Ollie out of his home. (Side note from Hayley – if you also don’t know who Ollie the Octopus is, then it’s this weird Octopus that you put money into and it talks to you……it’s weird).

When we got to the rooms with the birds in, I thought she was going to have a heart attack! But I knew she would soon be happy when we got to the meerkats! The dark part we explored were all the animals that come out at night (ie. bats) was a tad creepy but luckily Hayley didn’t have to have her hood up as the bats couldn’t fly around her!!

When we had finished walking round we went for lunch in the Café which was lovely, before it was time to go to work.


Day 29: home time

So the story starts at 9pm at sziget hostel were we are drinking, ready for the open mic night. We stayed in the reception because we had bought drinks, everyone else went to the bar downstairs. This was the start of the night shannon doesn’t remember. She basically went all out and drank nearly a full bottle of vodka! To be honest she didn’t do anything too embarrassing, just fell about a lot and threw water on the floor when we tried to give her it. We all do it at some point!

Open mic night was so fun though, all the acts were mostly the staff members of the party hostels and they were amazing! Such a fun night!

When we woke up this morning, we both felt bad but shannon really bad. Well, to be honest I think she was still drunk for a bit! We packed all of our things because we’re going home tonight (we’re so gutted!) and we had an omelette for breakfast.

Today we still had a productive day, despite the hangover. We went over to the other side of the bridge to Buda, and the first stop was the ‘mammut palace’ it was just a huge shopping centre but it was a mammut one! There was mammoths everywhere, it was so cool! But, correct me if I’m wrong, I swear there wasn’t even a mammut shop in the whole place…which was annoying. It was also really hot in there which is not good for a hangover!

We then made our way to Fishermans Bastion and the Buda Castle and St.Matthias Church. It was really nice but we had to climb a hill to get there. We survived though! It was beautiful. We didn’t stay long though because it was snowing. Luckily we had perry the umbrella! We got some food near here, we both had a hamburger and fries, our last meal away!

After some sightseeing we got slightly lost whilst trying to get back down the hill to the river, but we made it. We walked over chain bridge and headed to the zoo cafe. This is the best place I’ve ever been in my life! You buy coffee and then a guy comes to your table every like 10 minutes and brings you an animal. So we had a tortoise first, just wandering around on our table. Then a chameleon, a bearded dragon, a snake, a guinea pig and a rabbit! There is also a bird that flies around and cats everywhere. ITS AMAZING! There was chaos at one point though when the bird tried to steal someone’s food and the staff had to run after it to get the sandwich off the bird and a rabbit knocked a coffee over at exactly the same time. It was hilarious! Best hangover cure!

After the zoo cafe we went to a hostel to say bye to some people shannon knows, before going back to the hostel to get our bags and the taxi to the airport. We said bye to everyone who was there and we left them perry as a leaving gift because I couldn’t fit her in my bag unfortunately!

We got the half hour drive to the airport, and the taxi driver nearly killed us around 10 times. I would hate to drive in Budapest.

We checked in, went through security and headed to KFC for tea. Yum. The flight was slightly delayed but we eventually got on there. They had to de-ice the plane though because it was snowing. How cool is that? We didn’t even know they had to de-ice planes! Learn something new every day!

We eventually set off and we watched two episodes of stranger things, the last two! It was so good! There was one point that made us both jump at the same time, if anyone was watching us we must have looked so stupid!

We got a coffee on the plane because we were so tired. The lady gave us them and then walked away without us paying. So we told another guy (honest I know) who was really nice, and we paid. I paid with a £20 note and he accidentally short changed me by £10! He was very apologetic though and gave me the £10. It was quite funny really, everything went wrong!

After stranger things and the most expensive coffee in the world we were back in England. I’m gutted to be home. We have had such a brilliant time and it’s gone so fast! I want to be in Budapest right now playing alcohol olympics!

It’s been an absolute blast! Roll on the next adventure!

Day 27: the day of the accidental shower

So I didn’t want to go out last night but ‘peer support’ from the staff persuaded me to. It started by myself thinking, I’m just going to get a body shower, because it’s been a long day, but I don’t want to wash my hair. I just automatically got in the shower and started washing my hair, like I was on autopilot. I didn’t even realise until I already had a head covered in shampoo. How annoying!

So I met shannon back at the room and I say ‘I’ve just had an accidental shower! And she went downstairs to get me a hairdryer and told everyone about my accidental shower. So I got a few strange looks when I came downstairs later on!

We had some pre drinks and played some drinking games with the others before heading to retox next door. One of the main reasons we wanted to go out was to see the jäger train. Guess what we missed. The jäger train! But it was still a good night nonetheless!

Shannon went to bed a little bit earlier than me. Me and a staff member, Damo, tried to wake her up and fed her McDonald’s chips (they weren’t even my chips, sorry whosever chips we stole!) but she didn’t, so me and Damo went back to retox, but it shut soon after so I ended up in bed too.

This morning we felt like crap. But we still wanted a productive day. We got up, and had scrambled eggs on toast. We first went to the bank to change some of Shannons money because she has old money. The bank was so warm I nearly threw up in there but luckily I didn’t! Then we booked tickets for the spa and for the boat party tonight. All you can drink! (I know I’m contradicting myself, but hopefully tonight we’ll be okay enough).

We then walked all the way to the zoo about 25 minutes away. The zoo was fab! They had everything! Lions, elephants, sloths, armadillos, meerkats, EVERYTHING! (Except alpacas which I was annoyed about). Half way through the day we went up some stairs and there was a slide that we decided to go down instead of the stairs. What a mistake. It was the fastest deadliest slide I’ve ever been on. I have a big bruise on my elbow, on the video you can hear the bang on the way down…

After the traumatising slide, we carried on with the zoo and saw lovely animals and a sea lion show and a gorgeous baby elephant!

We had a sandwich in the cafe before heading to our next stop. The Széchenyi baths. It was lovely! I thought it was weird though that we were in the baths about 200m away from an elephant and rhinos and stuff but it was such a good few hours! We just chilled and chatted and went around and around the whirlpool for ages. We also ended up doing an accidental water aerobics class, which was weird but fun!

When we got out we looked like prunes! We got dressed and walked back to the hostel, going to the pasta/pizza place again for food. We had lasagne and a slice of pizza. I was so full! We then broke our rule and had a coffee after 5pm. But we really needed it. As I mentioned earlier, we booked boat party, and right now, we felt dead. So we had an iced coffee and walked back to the hostel. Now we’re going to the boat party. I wouldn’t say we’re ready for it, but we’re ready as we will ever be!

We had to uncork a wine bottle and we actually had to both do it. One holding the bottle, one pulling the corkscrew. We’re too tired for this. But roll on tonight!

F – Alphabet Dating

Farm time! I was so excited when I heard the farm we were going to (meanwood urban valley farm) has Alpacas! I once procrastinated so much at university that I adopted an alpaca from Loughborough instead of doing my essay, so when I knew I was going to be going up close to an alpaca I was so excited! 

We arrived and paid in the shop for entrance, it was only £2! And 50p for a bag of food to feed the animals obviously! We got a map of the farm and set off on our adventure to meet the animals. 

Sheep were first, they ran over as soon as we walked up and they were cute, bit smelly but cute! We found some chickens are that, and pigs and all the while we were learning the sign language that went with them! 

We then met the goats, they’re hilarious! On every video shannon took, you can hear me arguing with them in the background. They ran eachother for a little bit of food! Every time I wanted to give a baby goat some food it was rammed out the way by a bigger one! After arguing with the goats we found piglets, guinea pigs and chicks! So cute! We then washed our hands (following a tutorial) and had some lunch in the cafe. It was so nice! I had jacket potato with tuna and cheese and shannon had jacket potato with hummus and roasted vegetables, very nice and I would recommend people to eat there. 

It was finally time…the moment I had been waiting for…ALPACAS! Omg aren’t they just hilarious. They’re like sheep with long necks or fluffy giraffes. They’re my new favourite animal ever, they’re so underrated! We got a great selfie with an alpaca and a goat that I’ll post below! 

We then said hey to some donkeys and some huge pigs before having a wander around the shop and washing our hands again obviously! I like alpacas and goats but don’t want their spit on my hands. 

We left after giving a quick wave goodbye to the alpacas. 

It was another fab day, and a great day out for all the family!