Day three of Norway: parks and snakes! 

Last night after the ballet we fell asleep quickly because we were so tired. Only to be woken up at 5am today by the girl who talks to herself in the dorm room. She was being loud so people eventually told her to be quiet, she got quite hysterical and got security! I think they were confused and also told her to be quiet…I don’t 100% remember this because I was so tired I nearly slept through it all, just remember a lot of shouting, but shannon got woken up.

We left the hostel by 10:30 today and we bought a banana for breakfast and some bread buns and chicken for dinner, before making our way to the tram. Today we went to Vigeland Park, which was about 20 minutes away on the tram and it was another beautiful day! Clear blue skies, but still very cold! 

There were a lot of weird sculptures in the park, and the famous one of the baby crying:

Again, I feel like the sculptures were telling a story, but myself and shannon were not cultured enough to understand, just like the ballet. We wandered around and found a bench to have some lunch on. 

We then made our way to Oslo City Museum, which we found out when we arrived was free yey! It was so cool, we gave in our locker key to get an Apple iPod with headphones that told you about things on the way around in English, they are very trusting here! We learnt a lot about Norway, about previous kings and the war etc. Very interesting! We watched a whole 20 minute video because a projector came down from the ceiling when we pressed a button so felt like we kinda had to watch it, it was interesting though! 

After the museum we attempted to buy a coffee in the museum cafe, but we were confused on how to order so we just wrote our postcards in there and then ran away without buying anything. (100% I promise we are adults). Instead we went to another cafe in Vigeland Park which was easier to order. In the cafe we got 2 mochas and we spontaneously bought two weird looking things because we want to try new things while we’re away in each country. So we thought this was a norweigen delicacy. It turned out to be pizza folded in half. At least we tried! 

We then spent a good 10 minutes trying to buy a new 24 hour tram ticket, we managed it in the end and then even helped a French lady with her ticket! We got the tram back to the centre and went on the hunt for the reptile house. We made our way through Norway streets and 15 minutes later we arrive at the reptile house. We follow the dinosaur footprints on the floor like little children, until we came to a halt around the back in a courtyard because there was just a man on his own sat there. He then points in a direction, which to us, looks like he’s pointing to where to just came. So we turn around, and try and find another entrance. We spend a good 30 minutes walking around the building, having to go all the way around the block, but no, no other entrance so we went back to where we was before. We creep around the back, praying the man has gone and he has. We wander further through, until we realise that just around the corner to our left is a door to the reptile house! The man was pointing to the door, not for us to turn around! I bet we looked like right plonkers! 

We pay into the reptile house and they have insects, snakes, crocodiles, frogs, marmosets and other animals…including SPIDERS. They were horrible, honestly! We went upstairs and there was a member of staff holding a big snake, so me and Shannon had a hold, so weird, but kinda cute. 

After I ran away from the spiders in the reptile house we walked around the centre and went in a few shops before finding out where the bus station is for tomorrow, as we’re moving on tomorrow. We got the tram back to the hostel and had a shower. We’re now completely chilling out because we’re both tired and we’ve had another busy but brilliant day! So we’re currently sat with the colouring books, a pack of cards and some Netflix series to watch before going to bed later on. 

Roll on tomorrow’s adventure! 

Things we’ve noticed about Norway:

-the people are really nice

-they have loads and loads of cranes (which we found out in the museum that they’re building a lot of residential areas)

-they love revolving doors


Day one of our month away- Norway! 

Today was a bit mad, like so much had happened, how it all happened in one day is beyond me! We got up at 7, in Leeds and got ready and had breakfast. Surprisingly for us, we actually made it out in time! So the time came for the journey to begin, the first half and hour was sat in Leeds lovely traffic. 

We got to the train station in time, thanks to Shannon’s dad, and we made our train from Leeds to Manchester Airport. We started getting a bit giddy because it’s all actually happening now! We arrived at Manchester Airport at 10:20, 2 hours before our flight, perfect! We went to check in, no queue, bonus! We were feeling on top of the world, until..we saw the baggage inspection queue. Anyone that has been there recently will know they have a machine down, and the queue was humongous. We ended up stood in that for 50 minutes, until when we were near the front, a member of staff seemed quite adamant that we needed to get our bags on the flight now. So we were really hoping that they ended up at the same place as us as she took them off us and ran away. 

We got through customs okay, both randomly searched, but nearly everyone was, which I suppose is a good thing. First thing we did was go to WHSmiths, to buy a book. This was needed because just before we set off on our holidays my kindle completely stopped working. I got it for this trip as well! 

We shared a Burger King for dinner before going to our gate to board our flight, exciting! 

We eventually got sat down and the flight took off. Time flew by (literally!), we watched eastenders, then got our colouring books out and coloured like the mature adults that everyone knows we are. At around 3:20 the pilot announced we were going to be landing soon so we all got strapped in with our seat belts. I started to film the descent on my camera because we were going into a cloud. Myself and shannon were expecting us to come out of the bottom of the cloud, still high up, but we actually landed in the cloud! We abruptly hit the floor, still thick fog outside! That was an experience! 

We managed to buy a ticket to Oslo central station so got the 30 minute train there, very busy train, it was just about rush hour in Oslo. We then bought a 24 hour ticket for buses and trams and got on a tram that went near our hostel. Luckily the hostel sent me detailed directions on where to go. Very helpful! 

We made our way to Anker Apartments, and after buying bed linen and towels, going to the shop for food, coming back and cooking the food, going for an hours walk, coming back and having a shower, planning our day tomorrow and playing cards, we still don’t know what to think of this place now! It is so very very quiet. The dorm rooms are silent rooms, even during the day! The kitchen was very quiet earlier and one of the other guests in our room keeps taking or singing quietly to herself! 

But it is clean and I suppose quiet can be best sometimes. 

I still can’t believe we’re having this adventure and it’s only just the beginning!

O – Alphabet Dating

So this time it was Hayleys time to drive but I think she regretted that as soon as we got off the city roads and on to the country ones…but we survived so that’s a gold star on her chart! For O, we went to Otley.

When we got there we went for a little walk and found a little Caffè called The Dales and had some food there before going and exploring more. Which means going in to a toy shop for me and a book store for Hayley, 100% big kids! In both we were looking at all the new toys and kids books before we found the sweet shop, where you could buy all the old sweet from the big jars and get them weighed out in to small bags.
With or pockets slightly less empty than others money then when we arrived, but more full with sweets, we headed back to the car to head to work…



N – Alphabet Dating

So after I almost died at leeds fest from working all weekend and working at the climbing wall on bank holiday Monday with Hayls, we decide N needed to be a nice easy one so we went to Nandos which wasHayley’s  second nandos. She got the same as last time, as did I, and she was fasinated by the fact they gave you the little chicken thing and took it away after they had asked you if your food was okay. If you didn’t know this, you will now realise when you next to go Nando’s!
After nandos we went back to Hayleys and finally added our passport details to our flights. I mean they have only been booked for about two months! Then we watched the first of How to Train Your Dragon as I have lent Hayley the books and she is speeding through them like the book worm she is, though she was very disappointed (I had prewarned her) that the films are nothing like the books! I then promptly fell asleep on the sofa (told you I was dead) before we went to bed and Hayley packed for her trip to Wales to see her brother.



L – Alphabet Dating

Shannon drove to Ilkley lido and it was possibly one of the coldest days of our lives. We thought ‘it’ll be fine, it’s summer’ and wasn’t we wrong. I waltzed in wearing my beanie, and kept my beanie on throughout going in the pool. It was needed!

We had a nice chat with some of the lovely grannies in the changing room and soon decided we will be okay if these 70+ year olds can swim in the coldness of the water. Some of them chose to do it daily! After going outside and dipping only our toes in, we soon realised that these grannies have bigger balls than us and we couldn’t cope! After an hour we got in waist deep, and that was enough for us.

Then Shannon made me go in the indoor pool. That’s when I realised she may have suggested the lido to get me to do some exercise. She made me swim. 20 lengths! That may not be that much but spontaneous exercise shouldn’t be allowed.

After 20 lengths we showered and had a picnic near the outdoor pool. Wrapped up in multiple layers watching people in next to nothing freeze their arses off. I know where I’d prefer to be.

Well, it was definitely an experience!


Back to A! 

So today we decided to re-live a previous alphabet date and go to aqua aerobics again, as we had so much fun last time and we finally had a Tuesday off together, where we were both alive enough to do it.
We got their in convoy as we both were going to different places afterwards.
We got in and it was just our luck when the manager came to tell us that the aqua aerobics teacher hadnt shown up so the class was cancelled. Everyone was gutted. of the other customers said ‘get us some music’ and we did our own lesson with her leading the way! It was so much more fun with her and Hayley kept laughing at me when I was almost drowning when we had to balance on the noodles and use the arm floats to move (true friendship there). The lady taking the class noticed too, and she couldn’t help from laughing at poor shannon either! 

Whilst we were having a shower I bumped into to my grandma who still goes swimming every week but I had totally forgot that she was going today. What a small world!

We then went for lunch at a new place we had not been to before but is very close to work and I feel like we will be going there instead of Greggs, which is the usual place we run out to when we forget lunch or end up living at the wall for days and run out of food supply. It was really nice, I had a nicely portioned jacket potato with beans whilst Hayley ordered half a chicken and chips which looked liked a full chicken! In all fairness she did manage to finish most of it with a little bit of help from me.

Now it’s time for work! 


H – Alphabet Dating

Harewood House! We had double H! Actually we had Hayley in Harewood House and we saw a Horse! So quadruple H! We tried to Hitchhike with a Hot ranger guy to add two more H’s but that didn’t work out, unfortunately. 

We set off at 9 and parked down wyke lane. I got attacked by trees while geocaching, literally brushing tree off me for a good half an hour after, I wouldn’t normally be bothered but I didn’t even find the geocache, just a small jar with a tiny bucket in it..

We did successfully find one geocache though so that was exciting. 

Why are the cows so friendly here?! A huge cow came up to us like it thought it was a dog or something and I’ve never been so scared. Cows are cute but in a fight I think a cow would beat me. 

Lovely walks around here though, especially if you park were we did because you have the views of the beautiful house but you don’t have to pay a penny. Lovely place! 

Time for work now! 


G – Alphabet Dating 

Our imaginative ‘G’ was ‘get drunk’ which I have done quite a lot of recently due to events. Well, the first one, on Monday was a spontaneous night out so I don’t have any excuse there, except that I wanted to be drunk. We went out to Pryzm and I honestly felt like the oldest person there! (I’m 21). It wasn’t too bad though. Drinks were dirt cheap the cheesey floor was open and we had some great company! It was such a classy night, so classy that we were playing spin the bottle with an empty plastic VK in the middle of the dance floor, nothing from us though, but it was an experience to say the least! I knew I was the oldest one there when I started popping rennies when I started getting heartburn, I did look quite odd! But rennies are a life saver! We stayed at Shannons that night, and we did feel rough the next day! 

The next night of getting drunk for ‘G’ was on Friday, and my excuse is that I graduated on Friday! (So I suppose that is another G too!) We had a meal at Gino D’Acampo’s restaurant, very posh, then we went out to call lane. Starting at Neon Cactus and ending at Call Lane Social. This was a fab night, my mum and dad and their partners were out, myself and Shannon and my fellow graduate Ash. We got very drunk but had an overall brilliant night! Great celebrations for graduation day! 

Finally our last night out was last night (Saturday night). It was meant to be a follow on graduation celebration from friday but went a tad wrong. Don’t get me wrong it was a good night but not perfect! We had great company, this time it was myself and shannon and the two guys I live with, a fellow graduate (Danny) and our lovely Canadian friend, Kristine. It was good but things didn’t go to plan. We started in headingley, all was good, there was quite a bit of drama throughout the night, but nothing we couldn’t handle! We ended up in popworld in Leeds and it was a beach themed night. It started great, we got our face painted and some free glasses, the music was brilliant and the floor wasn’t even that sticky which is unusual for popworld! It turned bad when they brought inflatable lilos and beach balls out. I don’t mind getting hit a few times with a beach ball but when a lilo comes at your drink at 100mph and makes you spill your whole drink down yourself, it’s always bad. I left after that to go outside in the rain. McDonald’s was our last stop before heading home from our drama filled night.
So I’m currently recovering and I swear I’m never drinking again (always the biggest lie right?). If anyone has any hungover tips, let me know! 


F – Alphabet Dating

Farm time! I was so excited when I heard the farm we were going to (meanwood urban valley farm) has Alpacas! I once procrastinated so much at university that I adopted an alpaca from Loughborough instead of doing my essay, so when I knew I was going to be going up close to an alpaca I was so excited! 

We arrived and paid in the shop for entrance, it was only £2! And 50p for a bag of food to feed the animals obviously! We got a map of the farm and set off on our adventure to meet the animals. 

Sheep were first, they ran over as soon as we walked up and they were cute, bit smelly but cute! We found some chickens are that, and pigs and all the while we were learning the sign language that went with them! 

We then met the goats, they’re hilarious! On every video shannon took, you can hear me arguing with them in the background. They ran eachother for a little bit of food! Every time I wanted to give a baby goat some food it was rammed out the way by a bigger one! After arguing with the goats we found piglets, guinea pigs and chicks! So cute! We then washed our hands (following a tutorial) and had some lunch in the cafe. It was so nice! I had jacket potato with tuna and cheese and shannon had jacket potato with hummus and roasted vegetables, very nice and I would recommend people to eat there. 

It was finally time…the moment I had been waiting for…ALPACAS! Omg aren’t they just hilarious. They’re like sheep with long necks or fluffy giraffes. They’re my new favourite animal ever, they’re so underrated! We got a great selfie with an alpaca and a goat that I’ll post below! 

We then said hey to some donkeys and some huge pigs before having a wander around the shop and washing our hands again obviously! I like alpacas and goats but don’t want their spit on my hands. 

We left after giving a quick wave goodbye to the alpacas. 

It was another fab day, and a great day out for all the family! 


E – Alphabet Dating

Eccup reservoir was what we chose for the fifth date and for letter E. It started with a girly sleepover at shannons the night before-well I say ‘girly’, if you class girly as watching game of thrones and playing gran turismo and quidditch on the PS2. 

We went to sleep giggling away like proper girls though, bitching until our hearts content! We planned to get up, leave the house at 9 to go to the gym before embarking on our E adventure, but that didn’t happen. We slept through alarms and got up at 10, with sleepy heads and regret for not going to do a work out. 

We took our mind off this by doing art! We are in the process of making a REALLY COOL piece of art, that we can’t reveal just yet but we will soon! It will be amazing, we promise. 

So, after our random art session we set off to Eccup, going to Tesco on the way to buy a picnic for dinner. We were armed with apple juice, a pasta pot, doritos, fruit and popcorn and we set off on the hot summers day. We got there pretty quickly and found a parking space after driving down the same road 726373 times to find a suitable spot, but we eventually found one and left Timmy (the car) to start our adventure. 

We found the right path to the reservoir and when we got near we soon realised that it was surrounded by forest and a fence with a line of barbed wire on the top. It seemed impossible to actually get to the reservoir, but that didn’t stop us. We would like to thank Shannon’s friend, Lauren at this point for helping us out. She has been a lot before and helped us with a detailed diagrammed picture of where to go and responded well to my ‘how the hell do I get my fat arse over the barbed wire fence?!’ 

EVENTUALLY, we managed it, without any cuts or bruises or broken limbs, we strategically made it over the fence and found a path down to the reservoir. It was so pretty! We found a nice spot in the sun and ate our picnic, it was picture perfect. 

After our lovely picnic we decided to set up our camera and take a picture, we got a lovely one at first, then we decided to get one of us doing a handstand. Have you ever tried to get two people doing a perfect handstand with a timer on your phone? Absolute nightmare! It took several attempts, but the best ones are below! 

We gradually made our way back, through the forest, over the fence and up the hill back to the boiling hot car to drive back home. Overall it was a fab day, such nice weather for it and a beautiful reservoir! Now it’s time to go to work!