Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved

This one, for me, took a lot of thought. Maybe because I could have put my parents or my friends or my favourite teddy etc. but I wanted to put something a little different.

I suffer from serious self body image issues. I am not exactly the skinniest person but I am not huge either. I nearly always feel like people are judging me for what I look like when in reality, people do not really care.

The negative thoughts I think about myself stopped me climbing completely. I work at a climbing wall and I have worked there over 2 years. I get to climb for free, so I should be an expert now right? Wrong! Partly because I am there all the time for work and partly because of my self body image issues I rarely climb. The rare occasion someone gets me to climb, I stick to top rope climbing as much as possible and do not even attempt a lead climb because I know it petrifies me (no idea why, just a psychological thing I need to get used to!)

However, today I climbed with my colleague/friend Mike and he is so unjudgemental and really helps me through the negative thoughts, having suffered from mental health issues before. I achieved some hard top ropes and even a few lead climbs! I was over the moon with myself and I just love the picture Mike took of me after I completed the lead climb. It is ‘beloved’! THIS GIRL CAN!


I have already planned to go climbing again on Friday and hopefully I will be able to keep it up and will be able to fall in love with climbing all over again!



C – Alphabet Dating

For C in mine and Shannon’s alphabet dating we went climbing. But to make it a bit different, we went climbing outdoors at Almscliffe. We both work in a climbing wall so going inside would be cheating. Luckily my housemate is a climbing instructor so he knew what to do – unlike us.

It started with driving there, it’s only about a half an hour drive from Leeds so it wasn’t too bad but I was so angry when I had to bloody parallel park when we arrived. I CANT PARK. But we found a space and all was okay. It was only a 5 minute walk to the crag, which you can see from the car. 

What you should know is that recently I have started to HATE climbing. The social side is fab, but the amount of time I’m at the climbing wall and the amount of people that absolutely love it around me has put me off, unfortunately. So when I have a paddy up one of the easiest climbs there and demand steve brings me down, it causes quite a laugh from other people! 

It started well, me and shannon did a climb, and we reached the top yey! We then had a bit of a picnic, you know because one climb is so much work that we needed a break, but it is a nice place to sit and chat with a ham wrap and pringles. Steve then set up the next climb, I got about 3ft off the floor and it was so windy that steve couldn’t hear me when I said ‘where do I go now?’ and then these four people turned up and were climbing without ropes and being all pro and that’s when my paddy started. Didn’t want to do it…not doing it. I shouted to steve to slacken the rope because, you know, I could literally jump down the one rock I’d climbed on. But he couldn’t hear me and he was tightening the rope and going ‘WHAT?!’ So I had to lean back and let him bring me down the small step up I’d done. Embarrassing. If I hadn’t had a paddy and just got on with it I would have been fine, but moody Hayley decided to come out. When I was down I had a cuddle with Ollie the Mammoth (yes we took our Mammut teddys to the crag) and I was totally fine, didn’t regret not doing it at all…Shannon nailed it, even with these four guys shouting stuff like ‘go on shannon!’ she’s a little star! 

At this point it became reeeeeally windy and it was already about 3pm so we packed up our stuff and went geocaching! Something I love 100% more than climbing and something shannon tried for the first time and she liked it too! So much better than all this silly rock-climbing (don’t listen to me, I’m still regretting not just getting on with that bloody climb). 

We travelled back to horsforth, and did more geocaching there before getting chippy for tea! 

Overall a great day with lovely people. I did warn them before we went that I was 99% designated driver and 1% climber, so they expecting nothing more from me!