I’ve been, staring at the edge of the water….

Day three of our holiday was partly very chilled. We got up without an alarm and chilled together downstairs for half the day. We watched Moana and Walking on Sunshine while I did a 500 piece Harry Potter jigsaw, Shannon did her scrapbook and Jon cried at the choice of movies!

All morning it was raining and cloudy, until the afternoon when the sun finally came out! We took this chance and we ventured out to Seahouses and had a look around Jon’s favourite pound shop where they sell everything from spray paint to postcards to kites and surfboards. It is pretty cool!

After Seahouses we went to the beach and we had our wetsuits on and Jon blew up his 2 man canoe. Myself and Jon went out to sea in a blown up canoe while Shannon read her book on the beach. Ive never been to sea in a canoe so I was a bit dubious but it was so fun! When you get past the breakers it was so calm, I did want to go to the bigger waves but Jon didn’t fancy getting smashed against the harbour wall so we compromised and we surfed the waves near the shore instead. It was so fun!

After the canoe, we dragged Shannon into the sea and we all had a little swim. Only a short time though because it was absolutely freezing! We had numb feet and legs by the time we got out! We got changed and dried and went back home to have hot showers!

When we were dry and warm we went back out in the van to Seahouses and got fish and chips for tea. A treat because it’s our last night! Gutted.

While waiting for the fish and chips, Jon and Shannon went to co-op and got some mango and hot chocolate powder and they bought me some frozen chicken nuggets because id be craving them the day before! Yey!

We went back home, had our fish and chips, packed some stuff and cleaned some of the house and cracked open a bottle of wine. We then played Harry Potter Cluedo which I lost because of Jon! Here’s what happened…

Hayley – anyone have ministry of magic as the location?

Jon – no. Shannon – no.

*Hayley thinks she’s cracked it and goes to the Burrow*

Hayley – it was Draco Malfoy in the ministry of magic

*Hayley is wrong because it wasn’t in the ministry of magic*

Jon – oh wait, I have ministry of magic!

Proper screwed me over! We will let him off though because we did have a good laugh about it! By the time this had finished, myself and Shannon had drank quite a bit of wine, so we cooked some chicken nuggets and played charades and danced about while Jon contemplated why he came on holiday with two crazies.

It has been an amazing holiday and I’m gutted it’s nearly over!

Roll on next time!


Day 26: if you wanna be my lover!

Last night we contemplated going to karaoke. We were drunk the night before so we didn’t know whether to go. We called Shannons mum and we ended up singing spice girls and Robbie Williams with her. We got so in the mood that we just had to go out! We did some vocal exercises (singing doe a deer) and we headed out with everyone else.

I think spice girls need to step aside and let me and shannon through!

It was such a good night! We made friends, we sang, we laughed! We did get very drunk though! We went to Morrisons, it was a bar called Morrisons, we wasn’t like dancing down a bread aisle, and then we ended in retox which is a bar next to our hostel. It was such a good night, but the morning after was a bit grim.

The plan for today was to go to house of terror and then to the Christmas markets. We set off and found the house of terror pretty quickly. The queue was like out the door so we didn’t go in, we might try again on Tuesday.

We walked towards hero square and attempted to find non existent Christmas market, it was only an ice rink, which was still really cool to be fair!

We had a wander round and I was starting to feel increasingly worse. We got the metro towards st Stephens basilica. First stop here was costa! I needed the coffee. We had our drinks and set off to the Christmas markets.

We then realised we didn’t have any cash out and needed an ATM, we literally spent the next 40 minutes trying to find one! It didn’t help that there was police everywhere and some roads were shut. (We had no idea why but we found out later on).

We got cash and went to the Budapest eye. We just had to go on it! It was so fun but so cold!

I didn’t even know the Budapest eye existed so it was cool to find!

We were on the way to another Christmas market when we got stopped crossing the road. Around 30 police cars and big black cars went past with sirens and 2 helicopters were flying so low above us that you could basically see in them. We were so confused. At the next souvenir shop I asked them what was going on. Turns out a VIP from China came to Budapest. That’s why roads were shut and helicopters were there, it was pretty cool to be fair!

So we made it to the next Christmas markets and we had a wander round there. It was about 3:30pm so the lights started to come on and I love lights. There was an umbrella light feature dangling above us that came on while we were there and I really feel like claire was with us (read previous blogs to know about claire the umbrella). We also found the Budapest sign by complete accident!

The markets were lovely but we realised we were now hungry. At the previous Christmas markets there was a stall selling salmon and potatoes and it looked so nice that we went back there! It was honestly to die for. It was so nice! Shannon also had an ice cream which was shaped like a flower. We saw a light show on the basilica that we didn’t know was going to happen too so that was cool!

We then had this great idea to go and see the Danube shoes. What a nightmare. Next to the river it was so cold that we ended up running away from the shoes. But we saw them, and saw the chain bridge all lit up! Beautiful!

So we shivered all the way back to the hostel, and on the way back I realised I couldn’t remember locking our door. So we speed walked all the way home, partly out of coldness and partly out of ‘I really hope all our stuff isn’t missing’. We made it back to the warmth of the hostel and our room was all locked up. Yey, well done hayley for adulting!

We watched an episode of stranger things and we had family dinner with everyone. It was chilli con carne and it was lush! Tonight was meant to be a night off from drinking but because of ‘peer support’ from the staff (apparently it’s peer support, not peer pressure) we might end up going out…all will be revealed!

Day 24: goodbye Bratislava, hello Budapest!

Today we got up at 9:30 and checked out of our hostel in Bratislava but we left our luggage there for a few hours while we went to explore.

Our first stop was a geocache, we found one in a park which was right next to a blue church, so cute!

So I got my Slovakia stamp on the geocaching app and we made our way to the nicest place for burgers. The street food cafe. Omg it was so nice again. The jalapeño sauce is to die for, everyone needs to try it!

Bellies full, we were going to leave the street food place because it was 12:20 and the bus to Budapest was at 1, when I got a message from flixbus saying our bus was 25 minutes late. At least they told us! So we chilled for a bit longer and we were chatting about life decisions and I started to panic that I haven’t got anything figured out. It got to the point we’re we were walking around Billa trying to find a notebook and pen to mind map my life. Turns out Billa don’t do notepads.

After panicking about my life we went to pick up our bags and made our way to the bus. The bus came 25 minutes late like flixbus said and we chilled on the bus. Me reading and shannon napping. It took us about 3 hours to get there, but we got there in the end!

We then got the underground to the hostel, and found it pretty quickly. Very nice hostel, but as I said on the previous blog, a party hostel! We had to go and get some money out and we went to Unicredit. The ATM was inside and the bank was shut… and you swiped your credit card to get in! How cool is that!! Everyone seemed lovely. We settled in, got our towels, had showers, got ready for the night ahead and went out for food. We went to a small place that does pizza and pasta. We got a small bowl of pasta each and a slice of pizza each, yum! (Such a healthy day!)

We went back to the hostel, ready for the ruin bar pub crawl! We had some wine in the hostel and went to the hostel bar to start. The people seemed really nice. Only problem was, we went out without a jacket. I thought the bars would be inside, but no, they were outside. It was FREEZING. Between the first and second bar me and shannon ran back for coats, and met everyone at the second place. Problem solved!

We were judging people in one of the bars because in one of the loos was a wall full of lipstick kisses, like who kisses a toilet wall? Then shannon goes ‘do you have lipstick?’ Which I did, so of course we joined in. Grim but why not?!

I had an argument with someone about Trump and a weird guy followed shannon around for a bit and somehow someone spilt a drink down Shannons back but all in all a successful night! We’re both still alive!

Feeling rough today though!

Day 19: Auschwitz

Today we got up really early to go to Auschwitz. We paid for a tour and they picked us up from the hostel at 8am. It took us about an hour to get there and they showed a short Auschwitz documentary on the bus.

We got to Auschwitz 1 and we had headphones and a battery pack so the tour guide could talk through the headphones and we could hear everything.

After Auschwitz 1 we went to Birkenau and had a tour around there too.

We wasn’t going to do a blog about this but we think it is so important that this is remembered as the place it was. It was so upsetting but so mind blowing that you can’t even imagine the conditions that the people were in.

We learnt some very educational and interesting things. Things you wouldn’t even dream of.

We’d recommend everyone to go there to show respect for the thousands of people that died there and and to remember what happened so it will never happen again.

‘For ever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity, where the nazis murdered about one and a half million men, women and children, mainly Jews from various countries of Europe. Auschwitz – Birkenau 1940-1945.’

We got back to the hostel at around 3:30pm and we went for a wander to the cloth hall and bought postcards before going to costa for a hot chocolate and a mocha. It had been such a draining day, emotionally, that we were so tired and it was only 5pm! We went back to the hostel and wrote our postcards.

While shannon cooked tea I went to the spa next door to buy some wine and we had a glass, we’ll actually a mug, of wine with our tea. I then carried on drinking and shannon went to bed. I ended up watching a cosmos programme with a guy who I think was high and loved stars. I don’t know how I get into these situations but I watched 2 hours of stars. To be honest it was quite interesting.

I then realised shannon was still awake so I dived on her. And the guy on the opposite bed was awake and he started laughing uncontrollably. I think he was also drunk and he’d just left this girl he liked in a club because she was with another guy. He asked for our help and we called her and text her saying ‘where are you’ on his phone (she didn’t answer either) before realising that he had already called her and text her three times so he looked super desperate now. This had us all in stitches but we had to be really quiet because we were still in the dorm with other people at like 2:30am.

Eventually the drunk guy fell asleep and so did me and shannon. Now we’re ready for our last day in krakow!

Night 16: ducks have green heads

We’re going to do a single blog post purely about last nights antics because we were up all night. Drinking from 8pm until 7am! We haven’t drunk in a while and we went all out and got very very very drunk.

So it started at 8, happy hour. £1 beers! We don’t even like beer but we drank it because it was so cheap, until 9pm. Then for the rest of the night we were drinking cocktails and vodka with orange juice and grapefruit juice and basically everything. Polish vodka is lethal.

So we started quite well, and we were chatting with some French people near us but they went to another party, but we stayed for the music quiz which was starting at 10. By 10, we were merry. And we got a team together for the quiz. There was me, Shannon, an Australian called Jacob, an Brit called Tom, a polish person called Andy and a guy called Tiago (but I called him Diego all night- and kept saying ‘like the tiger from ice age!’)

For the music quiz, they played a song and the first team to clap twice got to say who sings it and what the song is called and you get a point for each. If you get it wrong then the other team can answer. It got VERY competitive! Surprisingly I was quite good at it but only when it was the cheesy songs like Kelly Clarkson and Beyoncé.

Proudest moment of my life so far, I’ll be definitely telling the grandkids about this when I’m old, I went to the loo and when I came out I was walking towards the table, and the start of Katy Perry, I kissed a girl started. I clapped twice, spun around and shouted the answer like my life depended on it. The song was literally on for 2 seconds. Sad or clever? I’m going to go for clever! So we were winning by quite a bit but unfortunately we ended up losing, because shannon said that the bar lady spoke Spanish because she was from Brazil, when she actually spoke Portuguese. She got offended and took 5 points from us! So we ended up losing, but I really don’t think we needed the extra free shots!

We had a dance after this and I rang my mum every time a good song came on that she liked and we got the whole place to sing happy birthday to Lee because it was 1am, so lees birthday! (Happy birthday lee!). So, sorry mum for waking you up a few times! Shannon then told me she fancied the bar man. So been the best and subtle wingman ever, I go over and I say ‘are you single’ and he said ‘yes why’ and I said ‘Shannon fancies you’ – straight to the point – and he looks a bit erm undecided and he says ‘I’m gay’. Ah well, I go and tell shannon thinking she would be gutted…her exact response was ‘ah okay brill, more of a challenge then!’ She followed him around all night like a lost puppy, but to be honest whatever she did kind of worked and he was being a complete flirt back. It was hilarious to watch but nothing came of it in the end. Probably, you know, because of the fact he likes boys!

The bar shut at around 2 but we were all not ready to finish partying. We found some more friends in reception and I was talking to a guy for a good few hours about how he looks like Draco Malloy. He was Polish and he was copying the Hull way of saying Draco. Like draaay-co. It was hilarious.

We then got the staff to put on music and was making people dance to Macarena and other cheesy songs. Until 5am when someone complained about the noise, and then someone else did at 5:30, then someone called 5 times and complained and threatened to ring the police. I think this was our time to stop with the noise. We apologise everyone! I’d just like to clarify though, it was just us, there was around 20-30 people there! We have a hilarious video that Joe (the gay bar man Shannon fancied) took, I’ll try and add it on the end of here.

At around 6am we went out and looked for a kebab shop and we went with Diego. People were actually getting buses to go to work and we were smashed, wolfing down a chicken kebab, smearing it all over our faces. But it was well needed!

We ended up going to bed at 7am.

This morning we looked back on our phones and we realised we had some videos from the night before. A lovely one of shannon laid on the floor and our friend Jacob asking her if she’s okay before trying to do loads of different accents. Then there was another one were Draco was wearing a crown and he was saying he was going to execute me (don’t ask) and he said ‘if you give me a valid reason to not kill you, then I wont’ my response to this was: ‘don’t kill me because ducks have green heads’ DUCKS HAVE GREEN HEADS. You can see the confusion on his face! I’m trying to tell him that ducks from Yorkshire have green heads. WHAT?! At the end of the video he says ‘the only valid reason you have for me to not kill you is because ducks have green heads!’ In which Jacob replies ‘why do they have green heads’ and Draco says ‘because they’re from f***ing Yorkshire!’ Its brilliant honestly, weirdest but best night we have had in a while.

Also, when I woke up I realised I had lost my key. This key opens the corridors, our room and my locker. Damn. So I go to reception and tail between my legs I tell them I’ve misplaced my key. She tells me to wait a sec before going to the common room. She comes back and says ‘there is a guy through there that wants to speak to you. At this point I’m very confused and I go to the common room. It’s only Jacob from the night before with my key! He doesn’t know how he got it but when he tried to check out this morning, they replied with ‘you’re not hayley?’ HOW STRANGE! But luckily I didn’t lose my key so hooray!

So after 3 hours sleep we were ready for the day ahead, check out the next blog for the next chapter of the hayley and shannon tour!


G – Alphabet Dating 

Our imaginative ‘G’ was ‘get drunk’ which I have done quite a lot of recently due to events. Well, the first one, on Monday was a spontaneous night out so I don’t have any excuse there, except that I wanted to be drunk. We went out to Pryzm and I honestly felt like the oldest person there! (I’m 21). It wasn’t too bad though. Drinks were dirt cheap the cheesey floor was open and we had some great company! It was such a classy night, so classy that we were playing spin the bottle with an empty plastic VK in the middle of the dance floor, nothing from us though, but it was an experience to say the least! I knew I was the oldest one there when I started popping rennies when I started getting heartburn, I did look quite odd! But rennies are a life saver! We stayed at Shannons that night, and we did feel rough the next day! 

The next night of getting drunk for ‘G’ was on Friday, and my excuse is that I graduated on Friday! (So I suppose that is another G too!) We had a meal at Gino D’Acampo’s restaurant, very posh, then we went out to call lane. Starting at Neon Cactus and ending at Call Lane Social. This was a fab night, my mum and dad and their partners were out, myself and Shannon and my fellow graduate Ash. We got very drunk but had an overall brilliant night! Great celebrations for graduation day! 

Finally our last night out was last night (Saturday night). It was meant to be a follow on graduation celebration from friday but went a tad wrong. Don’t get me wrong it was a good night but not perfect! We had great company, this time it was myself and shannon and the two guys I live with, a fellow graduate (Danny) and our lovely Canadian friend, Kristine. It was good but things didn’t go to plan. We started in headingley, all was good, there was quite a bit of drama throughout the night, but nothing we couldn’t handle! We ended up in popworld in Leeds and it was a beach themed night. It started great, we got our face painted and some free glasses, the music was brilliant and the floor wasn’t even that sticky which is unusual for popworld! It turned bad when they brought inflatable lilos and beach balls out. I don’t mind getting hit a few times with a beach ball but when a lilo comes at your drink at 100mph and makes you spill your whole drink down yourself, it’s always bad. I left after that to go outside in the rain. McDonald’s was our last stop before heading home from our drama filled night.
So I’m currently recovering and I swear I’m never drinking again (always the biggest lie right?). If anyone has any hungover tips, let me know!