X – Alphabet Dating

For X we went to Xscape in Castleford. There was myself, Shannon and Jon and we started off at the skiing/snowboarding part of the place. Shannon did a ski season last year so she sometimes goes snowboarding at Xscape. Myself and Jon sat and chatted with a glass of wine while Shannon went snowboarding. It was so cool! It’s all indoors and its quite high up! I would have had a go but it was way to expensive if you don’t have your own stuff.

After Shannon had been snowboarding, we made our way up to the 3D mini golf. NEVER DO THIS. It is the most trippy thing in the World! You have to wear these 3D glasses so it makes the pictures on the walls jump out at you and its so hard to walk with them on! It’s pretty dark in there too so we were nearly tripping up all the time! It was fun though, and different to normal mini golf!

After we had stumbled around the two courses and failed miserably at mini golf, we went to Nandos. YUM. Myself and Shannon had our normal order of chicken and chips with herb and lemon/medium spice whilst Jon had…a plate of chips. He’s an odd one when it comes to food…and other things in life, come to think of it, and he basically only eats chips, yorkshire puddings and chocolate. But he did enjoy his chips!

It was a great evening out!



Day 15: we’ve been awake for 35 hours…

The bus journey last night was a nightmare. Like, it had everything you needed, toilets, wifi, a screen in the back of the seats with hundreds of movies and music and audiobooks. It was fab for that, but the seats were so uncomfy! I literally didn’t sleep at all. And shannon had short naps throughout the night. I watched cars from 11-1 and then secret life of pets 2:30-4, with music in between and then listened to some audio books. I listened to Snow White and then listened to the boy in the paper boat which was meant to be for children but it reminded me of IT. Don’t get me wrong I really tried to sleep. I just couldn’t!

So it was 6am finally and we arrived in Warsaw. We were fine until the woman over the tannoy said ‘be careful of your belongings because there are a lot of pick pockets here.’ In our tired state everyone became predators. But we were fine! A very rude woman told us how to get tickets and where to get the bus from, even though her facial expression suggested she would rather do anything than help us.

We managed to get the bus, hooray! And we got off at the right stop and attempted to find the hostel. I had already warned the hostel we were getting an overnight bus so we’d be early and they kindly said we can chill out there when we get there in the common room. So we made our way there and we found a hostel which we thought was ours. We were gutted, it was horrible and the guy at the desk was so absolutely rude we couldn’t believe it! Eventually he was like ‘you’ve not booked here, you’ve booked at patchworks which is across the street’ hallelujah, he was right! We got to patchworks and it was colourful and welcoming and the sofas were so comfy!

We chilled from 7am-10am and finished series one of stranger things, it’s so good! We were trying not to sleep because we want to be able to sleep this evening. So at around half 10 we put our big bags into luggage storage and made our way out into Warsaw.

We went in a few shops and had a look around and we started to get hungry. We mentioned having a steak and then I was hooked on the idea. As if by magic, a steak house called the British Bulldog London Steak House was in front of us. I was so excited. I ordered the fillet steak, medium rare, with chips and coleslaw and shannon got the sirloin steak, well done with chips and vegetables and oh my…it was THE nicest steak I’ve ever had! I honestly think we will have to go back there before we leave Warsaw because I can’t part with Poland without having another steak from there…honestly it was that nice! (And so cheap too!).

After this we went on a hunt to find a theatre performance to book because that’s what we’ve been doing in every country. Unfortunately the only thing on is called Pilot and it’s in Polish without English subtitles so we’re going to have to give it a miss. Apparently there are some castle illuminations on this week though so we may go there one evening instead.

When we were wandering around we found the most amazing thing ever. We found a cafe based on friends the tv programme. It was amazing! They had pictures up and sayings everywhere and the sofa they sit on in the middle of the coffee shop and it was called ‘how u doin’. Initially someone was sat on the sofa but as soon as they moved I grabbed our bags and made shannon move over to the sofa. It was too good to resist!

After parting from the friends cafe we was going to go to the national museum but heard it was very arty which isn’t really our thing so we went to a park instead. It was so pretty! With weeping willows and ducks and squirrels and a lake and a bridge! Some of it was actually breathtaking.

We tried to find a geocache and failed miserably. We will find a polish one!

By this time we were starting to get tired and it was 3pm so we could now check in to our hostel. We realised we had walked 2 miles away so we walked back, ignoring our shutting eyelids. We made it back to the hostel and checked in and got our bags. Our room seems nice. The bed is squeaky, again. Why is our beds always squeaky?! We went to a supermarket and got some food for tonight so we had spaghetti (still the same pack we bought in Norway), some tomato sauce and sausages. It was nice! We then got some maps for krakow and budapest and planned some walks for there and looked at the free walking tour tomorrow.

We then had the best shower in the world. We had a full day in Berlin yesterday, got straight on a night bus to Warsaw and then spent the day in Warsaw today. So the shower was definitely needed. It did keep going cold for like 2 seconds every 15 seconds though which was weird and caused shannon to laugh at me yelping every 15 seconds from the next cubicle. But it was still very very needed.

Before bed we watched two more episodes of the Auschwitz programme because we’re going there this Sunday. We still have one episode to watch and I hope we will be able to watch it before Sunday.

But it’s bed time now, at 9:30, and a very needed bed time too, after being awake for 35 hours! I have already turned the lights off in our room, I don’t really care if the people in here don’t like it. I can’t function without sleep! I’ve also shut the windows because it is freezing in here! Tonight I am a woman on a mission for sleep!

So goodnight, and roll on tomorrow!

Day six- we made friends!Β 

Last night I could not sleep at all, I was so restless and I swear it’s because I was having nightmares due to phantom of the opera. So after only a few hours sleep, I was pretty sure this was going to be a bad day, but I was wrong, it was such a good day! 

We started with breakfast at 9:30. We had it in the hostel again which was really nice. We really stocked up on bread. Our first stop today was LΓ€ppstiftet. We paid 40kr to go to the top of a tower for a viewing point, it was so cool! There were little windows you could open to see out of. When we came back down from the 22nd floor, we went to the fish market, and had about a 10 second walk through the market because it smelt really bad (surprisingly of fish). Also some of the fish still had eyes and it was the creepiest thing, walking through with fishes eyes ogling you. 

Next stop was Skansen Kronen, which we went to just because it was on one of our postcards. We can’t send postcards out with something on it where we haven’t been! It was a right trek to get there because it was really high up but we did it! Woo! It was like a castle looking thing. 

We then went back to the Haga District and had a mocha and a bit of cake which was lovely! On the way back to the hostel we stop off at an English shop which sold Yorkshire tea (!!!) and a lego shop. Where we stayed for a good ten minutes, sat on kids chairs playing with lego…

We made it back to the hostel at 2:30 and the free walking tour with the hostel was at 3. So we wrote some postcards before meeting people at the reception.


There was the tour guide (Francesco- or something like that) who happened to be very good looking. There was an Australian, a Canadian and a German. They were lovely people. The walking tour took us to everywhere we had already been (the fish market, Skansen Kronen, the Haga District) and places we hadnt been like the Cathedral and the Old City Hall. It was a brilliant tour and we learnt a lot about the city. After the tour, we went to a chocolate shop and tried liquorice with salt (apparently it’s popular) and it was the grossest thing we have all tried ever. We bought some nice chocolate which was gorgeous.

We then went to a pub which was meant to be an English pub and had a few drinks with the other guys on the tour. It was great having a chat with people from different countries and how things are different in different places. We were only meant to have one drink but the persuasion of the others made us have another one. They actually cheered when they knew we were having a second one, talk about peer pressure. 

We left after two drinks and said goodbye to our new friends. One of them is going to Copenhagen tomorrow so we may see him again. 

We’re now back at the hostel, we have packed for tomorrow for a day in Malmo then the rest of the journey to Copenhagen, were showered, fed and sat with some others from our hostel. We are again socialising! 

We have to be up at 5am though for the train…so it’ll be goodnight from us very soon! 

M – Alphabet Dating

For this one we combined it with our favourite Canadians birthday celebrations at the wall, yes we all went to work on our evening off, yes we are crazy but we are all crazy so it’s all good!

I got there from work (yep another work place) and the guys had already ordered the pizza, so it was finally time for kristine to open all her birthday presents from everyone (she had been waiting for me to get there). She loved them all! Me, Hayley, Jade and Mike had all clubbed together to get her a leeds rhinos top (she loves rugby and we live in leeds) and some dime bars (me and Hayley had been very good ninjas aquiring these when we were at ikea the other week, for the alphabet date for I) and Jon had got her some giant marshmallows, perfect for smorrs and other things.

We then got on to playing Disney (tooo cool) monopoly whilst still waiting for the pizza to arrive.
I have no idea who won in the end because it just goes on and on for ever. Customers were very jealous is us, while they were exercising and we were scoffing our faces with pizza! But we finally decided to finish playing when mike and Ruth who were working were closing the wall for the might and we all headed home.


I – Alphabet Dating

After Hayley’s driving lesson (she’s been driving for 6 months but is terrible at parking) we all met at the Leeds Climbing wall before embarking to IKEA! We had a magical mystery tour of the M62 because I kept missing the turn off for Ikea, but we eventually got there. 

The first thing we did was find the cafe and stand in the hour long queue to get the famous Swedish meatballs. Hayley and Kristine got the normal meatballs while I tried the vegetarian meatballs. They were lush! We then suddenly realised the devastating news that we didn’t have a small Swedish flag sticking out of our meatballs like the children did. Hayley marched up to the counter, and politely demanded our flags. We got a few strange looks but we’re going to Sweden soon so we needed them! 

We then showed each other our newly decorated rooms (not fake at all) we all had a cheeky nap in our new cinema studio and made videos for MTV Cribs. 

We did go for a mop, a tooth brush holder and tea, coffee and sugars holders, but left with an octopus and a photo frame! 

We had to then drive back to reality and go to work.


C – Alphabet Dating

For C in mine and Shannon’s alphabet dating we went climbing. But to make it a bit different, we went climbing outdoors at Almscliffe. We both work in a climbing wall so going inside would be cheating. Luckily my housemate is a climbing instructor so he knew what to do – unlike us.

It started with driving there, it’s only about a half an hour drive from Leeds so it wasn’t too bad but I was so angry when I had to bloody parallel park when we arrived. I CANT PARK. But we found a space and all was okay. It was only a 5 minute walk to the crag, which you can see from the car. 

What you should know is that recently I have started to HATE climbing. The social side is fab, but the amount of time I’m at the climbing wall and the amount of people that absolutely love it around me has put me off, unfortunately. So when I have a paddy up one of the easiest climbs there and demand steve brings me down, it causes quite a laugh from other people! 

It started well, me and shannon did a climb, and we reached the top yey! We then had a bit of a picnic, you know because one climb is so much work that we needed a break, but it is a nice place to sit and chat with a ham wrap and pringles. Steve then set up the next climb, I got about 3ft off the floor and it was so windy that steve couldn’t hear me when I said ‘where do I go now?’ and then these four people turned up and were climbing without ropes and being all pro and that’s when my paddy started. Didn’t want to do it…not doing it. I shouted to steve to slacken the rope because, you know, I could literally jump down the one rock I’d climbed on. But he couldn’t hear me and he was tightening the rope and going ‘WHAT?!’ So I had to lean back and let him bring me down the small step up I’d done. Embarrassing. If I hadn’t had a paddy and just got on with it I would have been fine, but moody Hayley decided to come out. When I was down I had a cuddle with Ollie the Mammoth (yes we took our Mammut teddys to the crag) and I was totally fine, didn’t regret not doing it at all…Shannon nailed it, even with these four guys shouting stuff like ‘go on shannon!’ she’s a little star! 

At this point it became reeeeeally windy and it was already about 3pm so we packed up our stuff and went geocaching! Something I love 100% more than climbing and something shannon tried for the first time and she liked it too! So much better than all this silly rock-climbing (don’t listen to me, I’m still regretting not just getting on with that bloody climb). 

We travelled back to horsforth, and did more geocaching there before getting chippy for tea! 

Overall a great day with lovely people. I did warn them before we went that I was 99% designated driver and 1% climber, so they expecting nothing more from me!