Day 27: the day of the accidental shower

So I didn’t want to go out last night but ‘peer support’ from the staff persuaded me to. It started by myself thinking, I’m just going to get a body shower, because it’s been a long day, but I don’t want to wash my hair. I just automatically got in the shower and started washing my hair, like I was on autopilot. I didn’t even realise until I already had a head covered in shampoo. How annoying!

So I met shannon back at the room and I say ‘I’ve just had an accidental shower! And she went downstairs to get me a hairdryer and told everyone about my accidental shower. So I got a few strange looks when I came downstairs later on!

We had some pre drinks and played some drinking games with the others before heading to retox next door. One of the main reasons we wanted to go out was to see the jäger train. Guess what we missed. The jäger train! But it was still a good night nonetheless!

Shannon went to bed a little bit earlier than me. Me and a staff member, Damo, tried to wake her up and fed her McDonald’s chips (they weren’t even my chips, sorry whosever chips we stole!) but she didn’t, so me and Damo went back to retox, but it shut soon after so I ended up in bed too.

This morning we felt like crap. But we still wanted a productive day. We got up, and had scrambled eggs on toast. We first went to the bank to change some of Shannons money because she has old money. The bank was so warm I nearly threw up in there but luckily I didn’t! Then we booked tickets for the spa and for the boat party tonight. All you can drink! (I know I’m contradicting myself, but hopefully tonight we’ll be okay enough).

We then walked all the way to the zoo about 25 minutes away. The zoo was fab! They had everything! Lions, elephants, sloths, armadillos, meerkats, EVERYTHING! (Except alpacas which I was annoyed about). Half way through the day we went up some stairs and there was a slide that we decided to go down instead of the stairs. What a mistake. It was the fastest deadliest slide I’ve ever been on. I have a big bruise on my elbow, on the video you can hear the bang on the way down…

After the traumatising slide, we carried on with the zoo and saw lovely animals and a sea lion show and a gorgeous baby elephant!

We had a sandwich in the cafe before heading to our next stop. The Széchenyi baths. It was lovely! I thought it was weird though that we were in the baths about 200m away from an elephant and rhinos and stuff but it was such a good few hours! We just chilled and chatted and went around and around the whirlpool for ages. We also ended up doing an accidental water aerobics class, which was weird but fun!

When we got out we looked like prunes! We got dressed and walked back to the hostel, going to the pasta/pizza place again for food. We had lasagne and a slice of pizza. I was so full! We then broke our rule and had a coffee after 5pm. But we really needed it. As I mentioned earlier, we booked boat party, and right now, we felt dead. So we had an iced coffee and walked back to the hostel. Now we’re going to the boat party. I wouldn’t say we’re ready for it, but we’re ready as we will ever be!

We had to uncork a wine bottle and we actually had to both do it. One holding the bottle, one pulling the corkscrew. We’re too tired for this. But roll on tonight!


Day 26: if you wanna be my lover!

Last night we contemplated going to karaoke. We were drunk the night before so we didn’t know whether to go. We called Shannons mum and we ended up singing spice girls and Robbie Williams with her. We got so in the mood that we just had to go out! We did some vocal exercises (singing doe a deer) and we headed out with everyone else.

I think spice girls need to step aside and let me and shannon through!

It was such a good night! We made friends, we sang, we laughed! We did get very drunk though! We went to Morrisons, it was a bar called Morrisons, we wasn’t like dancing down a bread aisle, and then we ended in retox which is a bar next to our hostel. It was such a good night, but the morning after was a bit grim.

The plan for today was to go to house of terror and then to the Christmas markets. We set off and found the house of terror pretty quickly. The queue was like out the door so we didn’t go in, we might try again on Tuesday.

We walked towards hero square and attempted to find non existent Christmas market, it was only an ice rink, which was still really cool to be fair!

We had a wander round and I was starting to feel increasingly worse. We got the metro towards st Stephens basilica. First stop here was costa! I needed the coffee. We had our drinks and set off to the Christmas markets.

We then realised we didn’t have any cash out and needed an ATM, we literally spent the next 40 minutes trying to find one! It didn’t help that there was police everywhere and some roads were shut. (We had no idea why but we found out later on).

We got cash and went to the Budapest eye. We just had to go on it! It was so fun but so cold!

I didn’t even know the Budapest eye existed so it was cool to find!

We were on the way to another Christmas market when we got stopped crossing the road. Around 30 police cars and big black cars went past with sirens and 2 helicopters were flying so low above us that you could basically see in them. We were so confused. At the next souvenir shop I asked them what was going on. Turns out a VIP from China came to Budapest. That’s why roads were shut and helicopters were there, it was pretty cool to be fair!

So we made it to the next Christmas markets and we had a wander round there. It was about 3:30pm so the lights started to come on and I love lights. There was an umbrella light feature dangling above us that came on while we were there and I really feel like claire was with us (read previous blogs to know about claire the umbrella). We also found the Budapest sign by complete accident!

The markets were lovely but we realised we were now hungry. At the previous Christmas markets there was a stall selling salmon and potatoes and it looked so nice that we went back there! It was honestly to die for. It was so nice! Shannon also had an ice cream which was shaped like a flower. We saw a light show on the basilica that we didn’t know was going to happen too so that was cool!

We then had this great idea to go and see the Danube shoes. What a nightmare. Next to the river it was so cold that we ended up running away from the shoes. But we saw them, and saw the chain bridge all lit up! Beautiful!

So we shivered all the way back to the hostel, and on the way back I realised I couldn’t remember locking our door. So we speed walked all the way home, partly out of coldness and partly out of ‘I really hope all our stuff isn’t missing’. We made it back to the warmth of the hostel and our room was all locked up. Yey, well done hayley for adulting!

We watched an episode of stranger things and we had family dinner with everyone. It was chilli con carne and it was lush! Tonight was meant to be a night off from drinking but because of ‘peer support’ from the staff (apparently it’s peer support, not peer pressure) we might end up going out…all will be revealed!

Day 15: we’ve been awake for 35 hours…

The bus journey last night was a nightmare. Like, it had everything you needed, toilets, wifi, a screen in the back of the seats with hundreds of movies and music and audiobooks. It was fab for that, but the seats were so uncomfy! I literally didn’t sleep at all. And shannon had short naps throughout the night. I watched cars from 11-1 and then secret life of pets 2:30-4, with music in between and then listened to some audio books. I listened to Snow White and then listened to the boy in the paper boat which was meant to be for children but it reminded me of IT. Don’t get me wrong I really tried to sleep. I just couldn’t!

So it was 6am finally and we arrived in Warsaw. We were fine until the woman over the tannoy said ‘be careful of your belongings because there are a lot of pick pockets here.’ In our tired state everyone became predators. But we were fine! A very rude woman told us how to get tickets and where to get the bus from, even though her facial expression suggested she would rather do anything than help us.

We managed to get the bus, hooray! And we got off at the right stop and attempted to find the hostel. I had already warned the hostel we were getting an overnight bus so we’d be early and they kindly said we can chill out there when we get there in the common room. So we made our way there and we found a hostel which we thought was ours. We were gutted, it was horrible and the guy at the desk was so absolutely rude we couldn’t believe it! Eventually he was like ‘you’ve not booked here, you’ve booked at patchworks which is across the street’ hallelujah, he was right! We got to patchworks and it was colourful and welcoming and the sofas were so comfy!

We chilled from 7am-10am and finished series one of stranger things, it’s so good! We were trying not to sleep because we want to be able to sleep this evening. So at around half 10 we put our big bags into luggage storage and made our way out into Warsaw.

We went in a few shops and had a look around and we started to get hungry. We mentioned having a steak and then I was hooked on the idea. As if by magic, a steak house called the British Bulldog London Steak House was in front of us. I was so excited. I ordered the fillet steak, medium rare, with chips and coleslaw and shannon got the sirloin steak, well done with chips and vegetables and oh my…it was THE nicest steak I’ve ever had! I honestly think we will have to go back there before we leave Warsaw because I can’t part with Poland without having another steak from there…honestly it was that nice! (And so cheap too!).

After this we went on a hunt to find a theatre performance to book because that’s what we’ve been doing in every country. Unfortunately the only thing on is called Pilot and it’s in Polish without English subtitles so we’re going to have to give it a miss. Apparently there are some castle illuminations on this week though so we may go there one evening instead.

When we were wandering around we found the most amazing thing ever. We found a cafe based on friends the tv programme. It was amazing! They had pictures up and sayings everywhere and the sofa they sit on in the middle of the coffee shop and it was called ‘how u doin’. Initially someone was sat on the sofa but as soon as they moved I grabbed our bags and made shannon move over to the sofa. It was too good to resist!

After parting from the friends cafe we was going to go to the national museum but heard it was very arty which isn’t really our thing so we went to a park instead. It was so pretty! With weeping willows and ducks and squirrels and a lake and a bridge! Some of it was actually breathtaking.

We tried to find a geocache and failed miserably. We will find a polish one!

By this time we were starting to get tired and it was 3pm so we could now check in to our hostel. We realised we had walked 2 miles away so we walked back, ignoring our shutting eyelids. We made it back to the hostel and checked in and got our bags. Our room seems nice. The bed is squeaky, again. Why is our beds always squeaky?! We went to a supermarket and got some food for tonight so we had spaghetti (still the same pack we bought in Norway), some tomato sauce and sausages. It was nice! We then got some maps for krakow and budapest and planned some walks for there and looked at the free walking tour tomorrow.

We then had the best shower in the world. We had a full day in Berlin yesterday, got straight on a night bus to Warsaw and then spent the day in Warsaw today. So the shower was definitely needed. It did keep going cold for like 2 seconds every 15 seconds though which was weird and caused shannon to laugh at me yelping every 15 seconds from the next cubicle. But it was still very very needed.

Before bed we watched two more episodes of the Auschwitz programme because we’re going there this Sunday. We still have one episode to watch and I hope we will be able to watch it before Sunday.

But it’s bed time now, at 9:30, and a very needed bed time too, after being awake for 35 hours! I have already turned the lights off in our room, I don’t really care if the people in here don’t like it. I can’t function without sleep! I’ve also shut the windows because it is freezing in here! Tonight I am a woman on a mission for sleep!

So goodnight, and roll on tomorrow!

Day three of Norway: parks and snakes! 

Last night after the ballet we fell asleep quickly because we were so tired. Only to be woken up at 5am today by the girl who talks to herself in the dorm room. She was being loud so people eventually told her to be quiet, she got quite hysterical and got security! I think they were confused and also told her to be quiet…I don’t 100% remember this because I was so tired I nearly slept through it all, just remember a lot of shouting, but shannon got woken up.

We left the hostel by 10:30 today and we bought a banana for breakfast and some bread buns and chicken for dinner, before making our way to the tram. Today we went to Vigeland Park, which was about 20 minutes away on the tram and it was another beautiful day! Clear blue skies, but still very cold! 

There were a lot of weird sculptures in the park, and the famous one of the baby crying:

Again, I feel like the sculptures were telling a story, but myself and shannon were not cultured enough to understand, just like the ballet. We wandered around and found a bench to have some lunch on. 

We then made our way to Oslo City Museum, which we found out when we arrived was free yey! It was so cool, we gave in our locker key to get an Apple iPod with headphones that told you about things on the way around in English, they are very trusting here! We learnt a lot about Norway, about previous kings and the war etc. Very interesting! We watched a whole 20 minute video because a projector came down from the ceiling when we pressed a button so felt like we kinda had to watch it, it was interesting though! 

After the museum we attempted to buy a coffee in the museum cafe, but we were confused on how to order so we just wrote our postcards in there and then ran away without buying anything. (100% I promise we are adults). Instead we went to another cafe in Vigeland Park which was easier to order. In the cafe we got 2 mochas and we spontaneously bought two weird looking things because we want to try new things while we’re away in each country. So we thought this was a norweigen delicacy. It turned out to be pizza folded in half. At least we tried! 

We then spent a good 10 minutes trying to buy a new 24 hour tram ticket, we managed it in the end and then even helped a French lady with her ticket! We got the tram back to the centre and went on the hunt for the reptile house. We made our way through Norway streets and 15 minutes later we arrive at the reptile house. We follow the dinosaur footprints on the floor like little children, until we came to a halt around the back in a courtyard because there was just a man on his own sat there. He then points in a direction, which to us, looks like he’s pointing to where to just came. So we turn around, and try and find another entrance. We spend a good 30 minutes walking around the building, having to go all the way around the block, but no, no other entrance so we went back to where we was before. We creep around the back, praying the man has gone and he has. We wander further through, until we realise that just around the corner to our left is a door to the reptile house! The man was pointing to the door, not for us to turn around! I bet we looked like right plonkers! 

We pay into the reptile house and they have insects, snakes, crocodiles, frogs, marmosets and other animals…including SPIDERS. They were horrible, honestly! We went upstairs and there was a member of staff holding a big snake, so me and Shannon had a hold, so weird, but kinda cute. 

After I ran away from the spiders in the reptile house we walked around the centre and went in a few shops before finding out where the bus station is for tomorrow, as we’re moving on tomorrow. We got the tram back to the hostel and had a shower. We’re now completely chilling out because we’re both tired and we’ve had another busy but brilliant day! So we’re currently sat with the colouring books, a pack of cards and some Netflix series to watch before going to bed later on. 

Roll on tomorrow’s adventure! 

Things we’ve noticed about Norway:

-the people are really nice

-they have loads and loads of cranes (which we found out in the museum that they’re building a lot of residential areas)

-they love revolving doors

P – Alphabet Dating

My time to drive this time as I knew where Roundhay park was and where we were going to park so Hayley met me at mine.

We made a quick stop at the co op before heading there for our picnic. We know we  should of fully made our own but we alway forget this, just like when we went to Eccup. And quite frankly, we didn’t have time!

We got there and had a little walk around the lake and discovered there was lots of geocaches  around but as we hadn’t planned to do any we had forgotten a pen so we could of gone but wouldn’t of been able to sign the book after, unfortunately.
We found a bench perfect for a picnic and filled our stomachs to the brim, we love our food! We also had home made Moana cupcakes, that weren’t a packet from ASDA, promise! A big plus of being here is also the amount of dogs you see!

We walked the rest of the way around waterloo lake before heading back home to get some jobs done with the promise that we will come back better prepared for geocaching.


O – Alphabet Dating

So this time it was Hayleys time to drive but I think she regretted that as soon as we got off the city roads and on to the country ones…but we survived so that’s a gold star on her chart! For O, we went to Otley.

When we got there we went for a little walk and found a little Caffè called The Dales and had some food there before going and exploring more. Which means going in to a toy shop for me and a book store for Hayley, 100% big kids! In both we were looking at all the new toys and kids books before we found the sweet shop, where you could buy all the old sweet from the big jars and get them weighed out in to small bags.
With or pockets slightly less empty than others money then when we arrived, but more full with sweets, we headed back to the car to head to work…



K – Alphabet Dating

This has definitely been the best alphabet date so far, and we will definitely be back at this place again. 

For K, we went Kayaking! We found a place in north cave near hull with the East Yorkshire Canoe Club, were it is £6 on a Saturday morning for 2 hours. BARGAIN! 

We arrived a bit nervous because we didn’t know anyone, but straight away everyone was so friendly! All the coaches there are volunteers and more than happy to help. A lovely lady gave us our equipment and helped us into our boats and even gave us some string so we could tie my go pro onto my life jacket! We got in our boats and someone pushed us into the water and we were off! 

When they asked if we had ever kayaked before, we politely said ‘no we’re beginners’ because you know we haven’t been kayaking in a while and we’re not exactly pros but it all came back to us when we were on the water! We were in the beginners group and we did quite well! Going in straight lines and spinning around properly and learning how to stop. It was great fun. 

Our faces lit up though when one coach mentioned he was going to get the paddle boards out! HOW EXCITING! Me and Shannon jumped at the chance! We got them out and was soon standing up and paddling. My go pro had ran out of battery so they kindly filmed us for a bit to put it on Facebook. Unfortunately the filmed the part where Dan the coach pushed us both in the water! 

After this we were trying headstands and handstands, and between the three of us we completed the first ever three person pyramid on two paddle boards at north cave! WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! 

We will definitely be back at north cave soon. I haven’t had so much fun in a while! We then got in the car with soaking wet, lake water covered hair and drove home, behind some annoyingly slow cars going 30mph in a 60mph zone! 

Now it’s time to get ready to party tonight!


A-Alphabet Dating

Today we embarked on our first alphabet ‘date’, just to reiterate, we’re both straight, these are friend dates, even though people may question that! For A we went to aqua aerobics. What a laugh! It started off by the nice instructor asking us if we have any injuries which we replied no, even though shannon had to hobble in Armley Leisure Centre due to a gymnastics injury, good start. We took our place nearer the deep end which was also a mistake because you can’t squat in the deep end without partially drowning yourself in the process. But all was going well; exercising in a place where the sweat is disguised and no sports bra is needed, we were free. 

After about half an hour it started to get tedious, doing the same moves, until the best thing ever happened…THE WATER NOODLES. I’ve never seen so many grannies get excited over long snake like things in my life (careful!), but in all honesty it took me straight back to my childhood. Sitting on them, standing on them and pretending to surf, laying on them and relaxing, it was fab. It was such a good addition to the class because it made it less boring and it actually made it a lot harder! Pushing a water noodle around in water feels like a weight! 

The music started pumping out Rick Astley and Madonna, and we were floating around on water noodles…life couldn’t get much better. Time went by quickly after this and it was soon over, sadly. We got a shower, dried off and travelled back to shannons for pizza waffles (if you haven’t tried pizza waffles then you’re missing out!). 

We would recommend anyone to try water aerobics, it was so funny and we will definitely be going back another day. It didn’t feel that strenuous but I’m pretty sure my bum muscles hurt a little bit, so that’s a bonus! 

Time for more planning for November now!

Bring on November! 

Myself (Hayley) and Shannon, are in the process of planning a travelling trip for the whole of November! We have booked some hostels and a flight already and we are super excited! We wanted to start this blog to let you guys know our crazy adventures on the trip and to give our reasons why we booked certain hostels/trips. 

We will also be able to look back at this blog to remember the amazing times we’ve had and all the f*** ups we make too, because knowing us two, nothing will go perfectly to plan! The plan so far is Oslo, Gothenburg, Malmo, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Warsaw and Krakow…and we still have more to book! 

We hope you enjoy reading our blog and we hope you join us on our adventure through the planning stages and the actual trip itself. 

Bring on November!