Gothenburg Video!

Here is a video from our few days in Gothenburg, Sweden! Haga district, Fish Marker, Phantom of the Opera and more!

We had great fun and made so many memories!

and here is the link…



Norway Video!

I don’t know if any of you read the previous blogs about mine and Shannon’s time in Norway but here is a Youtube video showing just some of the things we got up too!

We had such a fabulous time in Oslo. Holding snakes, sight seeing and even seeing a ballet in the famous Opera House!


Here is the link if that’s easier..


Trip to Hull Day 1

Four years ago I moved to Leeds for university and my family still live in Hull. It’s not that far but I haven’t been back in a while!

This morning I woke up in Leeds at 7am and got the train from Kirkstall Forge to Leeds at 8:15am. By the time I got on the Hull train at 8:38 I had listened to The Greatest Showman twice on Spotify!

On the train I read two chapters of the Stonewylde Series (book 4!) by Kit Berry. It’s a really good series, everyone should read it! I got to Hull at 9:30 and my mum met me at the train station.

The first thing I did when I arrived in Hull is marvel at the amount Hull had changed! It had such a bad name for itself throughout England, but I was amazed at the transformation! Since it was City of Culture 2017 it has made a brilliant recovery! Starting with the train station, there was new shop windows that were fully glass and modern and a large plane hanging from the ceiling. Completely different to what I’d seen before!

However, for myself and mum the first stop was Costa. We stayed in there for nearly two hours, just catching up with each other, chatting and people watching! After a few mochas and a sandwich we went to the Hull KR shop to pick up my tickets and then we went to the Maritime Museum because we haven’t been in ages! However, it’s hasn’t changed since about 1985!

When we had finished in the Maritime Museum, which didn’t take long, we went for a walk near the marina, which is so nice recently!

We found a bench with loads of Hull sayings…some of you won’t get this.

However, the storm got worse……and worse…..

(what a beautiful lady my mum is though!)

After our windy and rainy walk, we wandered through a new and very modern market in Hull, that we didn’t even know was there!

This led us on to the Hands on History museum. When I was younger I used to absolutely love this museum because there was an actual ride in the middle! There was an old fashioned kitchen you could pretend to wash and poo in the hole toilet and there is a school you can pretend to teach and a puppet show. Basically I have grown out of all this stuff (being 22) but it was still cool!

Upstairs, my mum loved it. There was a whole section about the era she grew up in. I was rather bored but it was slightly interesting I suppose. But if my mum is happy then I am!

After we had wandered around a few shops, we left the centre and went home in the car. We had a few plans to go to Hollywood Bowl and Nandos until we found out it was £41 for three people for two games! What a rip off!…so we improvised and made our own game of bowling!

It actually worked quite well, surprisingly!

Since then we have drunk some wine, had a Chinese, listening to mcfly, watched IT, watched Undateables, watched funny YouTube videos, and now I’m basically already ready for bed, and I’m so tired! It’s only 9:50 here!

But roll on tomorrow, seeing the Grandma’s!

Day 29: home time

So the story starts at 9pm at sziget hostel were we are drinking, ready for the open mic night. We stayed in the reception because we had bought drinks, everyone else went to the bar downstairs. This was the start of the night shannon doesn’t remember. She basically went all out and drank nearly a full bottle of vodka! To be honest she didn’t do anything too embarrassing, just fell about a lot and threw water on the floor when we tried to give her it. We all do it at some point!

Open mic night was so fun though, all the acts were mostly the staff members of the party hostels and they were amazing! Such a fun night!

When we woke up this morning, we both felt bad but shannon really bad. Well, to be honest I think she was still drunk for a bit! We packed all of our things because we’re going home tonight (we’re so gutted!) and we had an omelette for breakfast.

Today we still had a productive day, despite the hangover. We went over to the other side of the bridge to Buda, and the first stop was the ‘mammut palace’ it was just a huge shopping centre but it was a mammut one! There was mammoths everywhere, it was so cool! But, correct me if I’m wrong, I swear there wasn’t even a mammut shop in the whole place…which was annoying. It was also really hot in there which is not good for a hangover!

We then made our way to Fishermans Bastion and the Buda Castle and St.Matthias Church. It was really nice but we had to climb a hill to get there. We survived though! It was beautiful. We didn’t stay long though because it was snowing. Luckily we had perry the umbrella! We got some food near here, we both had a hamburger and fries, our last meal away!

After some sightseeing we got slightly lost whilst trying to get back down the hill to the river, but we made it. We walked over chain bridge and headed to the zoo cafe. This is the best place I’ve ever been in my life! You buy coffee and then a guy comes to your table every like 10 minutes and brings you an animal. So we had a tortoise first, just wandering around on our table. Then a chameleon, a bearded dragon, a snake, a guinea pig and a rabbit! There is also a bird that flies around and cats everywhere. ITS AMAZING! There was chaos at one point though when the bird tried to steal someone’s food and the staff had to run after it to get the sandwich off the bird and a rabbit knocked a coffee over at exactly the same time. It was hilarious! Best hangover cure!

After the zoo cafe we went to a hostel to say bye to some people shannon knows, before going back to the hostel to get our bags and the taxi to the airport. We said bye to everyone who was there and we left them perry as a leaving gift because I couldn’t fit her in my bag unfortunately!

We got the half hour drive to the airport, and the taxi driver nearly killed us around 10 times. I would hate to drive in Budapest.

We checked in, went through security and headed to KFC for tea. Yum. The flight was slightly delayed but we eventually got on there. They had to de-ice the plane though because it was snowing. How cool is that? We didn’t even know they had to de-ice planes! Learn something new every day!

We eventually set off and we watched two episodes of stranger things, the last two! It was so good! There was one point that made us both jump at the same time, if anyone was watching us we must have looked so stupid!

We got a coffee on the plane because we were so tired. The lady gave us them and then walked away without us paying. So we told another guy (honest I know) who was really nice, and we paid. I paid with a £20 note and he accidentally short changed me by £10! He was very apologetic though and gave me the £10. It was quite funny really, everything went wrong!

After stranger things and the most expensive coffee in the world we were back in England. I’m gutted to be home. We have had such a brilliant time and it’s gone so fast! I want to be in Budapest right now playing alcohol olympics!

It’s been an absolute blast! Roll on the next adventure!

Day 27: the day of the accidental shower

So I didn’t want to go out last night but ‘peer support’ from the staff persuaded me to. It started by myself thinking, I’m just going to get a body shower, because it’s been a long day, but I don’t want to wash my hair. I just automatically got in the shower and started washing my hair, like I was on autopilot. I didn’t even realise until I already had a head covered in shampoo. How annoying!

So I met shannon back at the room and I say ‘I’ve just had an accidental shower! And she went downstairs to get me a hairdryer and told everyone about my accidental shower. So I got a few strange looks when I came downstairs later on!

We had some pre drinks and played some drinking games with the others before heading to retox next door. One of the main reasons we wanted to go out was to see the jäger train. Guess what we missed. The jäger train! But it was still a good night nonetheless!

Shannon went to bed a little bit earlier than me. Me and a staff member, Damo, tried to wake her up and fed her McDonald’s chips (they weren’t even my chips, sorry whosever chips we stole!) but she didn’t, so me and Damo went back to retox, but it shut soon after so I ended up in bed too.

This morning we felt like crap. But we still wanted a productive day. We got up, and had scrambled eggs on toast. We first went to the bank to change some of Shannons money because she has old money. The bank was so warm I nearly threw up in there but luckily I didn’t! Then we booked tickets for the spa and for the boat party tonight. All you can drink! (I know I’m contradicting myself, but hopefully tonight we’ll be okay enough).

We then walked all the way to the zoo about 25 minutes away. The zoo was fab! They had everything! Lions, elephants, sloths, armadillos, meerkats, EVERYTHING! (Except alpacas which I was annoyed about). Half way through the day we went up some stairs and there was a slide that we decided to go down instead of the stairs. What a mistake. It was the fastest deadliest slide I’ve ever been on. I have a big bruise on my elbow, on the video you can hear the bang on the way down…

After the traumatising slide, we carried on with the zoo and saw lovely animals and a sea lion show and a gorgeous baby elephant!

We had a sandwich in the cafe before heading to our next stop. The Széchenyi baths. It was lovely! I thought it was weird though that we were in the baths about 200m away from an elephant and rhinos and stuff but it was such a good few hours! We just chilled and chatted and went around and around the whirlpool for ages. We also ended up doing an accidental water aerobics class, which was weird but fun!

When we got out we looked like prunes! We got dressed and walked back to the hostel, going to the pasta/pizza place again for food. We had lasagne and a slice of pizza. I was so full! We then broke our rule and had a coffee after 5pm. But we really needed it. As I mentioned earlier, we booked boat party, and right now, we felt dead. So we had an iced coffee and walked back to the hostel. Now we’re going to the boat party. I wouldn’t say we’re ready for it, but we’re ready as we will ever be!

We had to uncork a wine bottle and we actually had to both do it. One holding the bottle, one pulling the corkscrew. We’re too tired for this. But roll on tonight!

Day 26: if you wanna be my lover!

Last night we contemplated going to karaoke. We were drunk the night before so we didn’t know whether to go. We called Shannons mum and we ended up singing spice girls and Robbie Williams with her. We got so in the mood that we just had to go out! We did some vocal exercises (singing doe a deer) and we headed out with everyone else.

I think spice girls need to step aside and let me and shannon through!

It was such a good night! We made friends, we sang, we laughed! We did get very drunk though! We went to Morrisons, it was a bar called Morrisons, we wasn’t like dancing down a bread aisle, and then we ended in retox which is a bar next to our hostel. It was such a good night, but the morning after was a bit grim.

The plan for today was to go to house of terror and then to the Christmas markets. We set off and found the house of terror pretty quickly. The queue was like out the door so we didn’t go in, we might try again on Tuesday.

We walked towards hero square and attempted to find non existent Christmas market, it was only an ice rink, which was still really cool to be fair!

We had a wander round and I was starting to feel increasingly worse. We got the metro towards st Stephens basilica. First stop here was costa! I needed the coffee. We had our drinks and set off to the Christmas markets.

We then realised we didn’t have any cash out and needed an ATM, we literally spent the next 40 minutes trying to find one! It didn’t help that there was police everywhere and some roads were shut. (We had no idea why but we found out later on).

We got cash and went to the Budapest eye. We just had to go on it! It was so fun but so cold!

I didn’t even know the Budapest eye existed so it was cool to find!

We were on the way to another Christmas market when we got stopped crossing the road. Around 30 police cars and big black cars went past with sirens and 2 helicopters were flying so low above us that you could basically see in them. We were so confused. At the next souvenir shop I asked them what was going on. Turns out a VIP from China came to Budapest. That’s why roads were shut and helicopters were there, it was pretty cool to be fair!

So we made it to the next Christmas markets and we had a wander round there. It was about 3:30pm so the lights started to come on and I love lights. There was an umbrella light feature dangling above us that came on while we were there and I really feel like claire was with us (read previous blogs to know about claire the umbrella). We also found the Budapest sign by complete accident!

The markets were lovely but we realised we were now hungry. At the previous Christmas markets there was a stall selling salmon and potatoes and it looked so nice that we went back there! It was honestly to die for. It was so nice! Shannon also had an ice cream which was shaped like a flower. We saw a light show on the basilica that we didn’t know was going to happen too so that was cool!

We then had this great idea to go and see the Danube shoes. What a nightmare. Next to the river it was so cold that we ended up running away from the shoes. But we saw them, and saw the chain bridge all lit up! Beautiful!

So we shivered all the way back to the hostel, and on the way back I realised I couldn’t remember locking our door. So we speed walked all the way home, partly out of coldness and partly out of ‘I really hope all our stuff isn’t missing’. We made it back to the warmth of the hostel and our room was all locked up. Yey, well done hayley for adulting!

We watched an episode of stranger things and we had family dinner with everyone. It was chilli con carne and it was lush! Tonight was meant to be a night off from drinking but because of ‘peer support’ from the staff (apparently it’s peer support, not peer pressure) we might end up going out…all will be revealed!

Day 25: productive hungover day!

We woke up today, me feeling worse for wear but shannon was okay. We showered and made our way out to have a productive day. The first stop today was the laundry. Well, we didn’t have hardly any clean clothes. We had to go to the laundry in matching Harry Potter t-shirts, trousers and flip flops because neither of us had socks…

We looked stupid.

When we got to the laundry place we realised it was one of those ones where you leave it with someone and they told us to come back at 4pm… we had to go to ‘dm’ and buy some socks! We looked super special walking into a place, buying socks in flip flops with beanies on and massive coats and scarves. Honestly, I don’t know how we’ve survived the month.

We put our socks on and got trainers from the hostel and made our way to the coffee shop across the street. We shared a panini and had a cappuccino each. It was needed after last night! We woke up a little bit and made our way to Margaret Island.

This island is between Buda and Pest and it was so much bigger than expected. It has so many things on it, cafes, a hotel, buses, a zoo etc.etc. It took us about an hour to walk from one side to the other. We were on the way back when we noticed the really cool tandem bikes that were like a car. We HAD to hire one!

We realise now that we kinda look like this…

It was brilliant, we hired it for a hour. It got to ten minutes left, loads of time to get back (we thought) we had to pedal like mad. We had like 2 minutes to spare because we couldn’t go through the Japanese garden that basically surrounded the place we hired it from. We ended up on a road for buses, going as fast as we can, luckily no buses came!

We then, being the mature people we are, paid for food to feed the ducks and we caused a duck fight, everyone was okay though.

We went to a little cafe, mainly for the toilet but turns out there wasn’t one, we still had a burger though and a drink. It was 3pm and we realised we had only had half a panini. So the burger went down successfully. Shannon then contemplated weeing in a bush, but we found toilets you had to pay for in the end!

We rushed back to the laundry place, we were ten minutes late and it’s a good job we were because she had only had time to fold my clothes, not shannons, but at least we now how clean clothes!

We got back to the hostel, showered and signed up for the family meal tonight. We then watched an episode of stranger things.

Family tea was cauliflower curry, it was lush! 19 of us ate in total so we made some new friends tonight.

Now we’re ready and drinking for the karaoke night! Just a few more wines and we will be singing our heads off!

‘If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends….’ all gossip will be revealed tomorrow!

Day 23: chill day!

This morning I got up at 11am, so I was happy with my lie in. Shannon not so much, she woke up at 9, mainly because the guy above her on the bunk had to get up and leave to go to the airport, so he was in and out a lot. I slept through luckily.

When I checked my phone I had an email from the budapest hostel that we’re staying in from tomorrow and all the events they have on there. This is when I realised we had booked a party hostel! When booking the hostels I was like ‘let’s not stay in a party hostel, if we want to party we can somewhere else’ and well done hayley, you book a party hostel! To be honest I think we will love it!

First thing we did today was buy stamps from the post office, before I had to run back to the hostel because I forgot my purse. Then we went to Slovak Pub. We wanted to try some food from Slovakia. It was lovely! I had potato dumplings in sheeps cheese with bacon, and shannon had dumplings with chicken and sour cream sauce. I didn’t take a photo because the appearance wasn’t nice but it did taste really nice!

We went back to the hostel and wrote our postcards and had a chat with some of the guys there. At 3:30 we went on the walking tour which started outside the hostel. It was very interesting and we learnt a lot about Bratislava and saw a Hans Christian Anderson statue which was cool, he seems to crop up everywhere! We had a break half way through the walking tour and we got some lovely Belgian chocolates. Omg like so nice! We shared a box and chose which ones went in the box and we had 4 each and I could have eaten 44 of them, they were lush. It was a really good walking tour but it did go on for just over three hours though and it was so cold!

Straight after the walking tour we went to a small place that sold pizza and we got 2 slices of pepperoni pizza (we tried to get one slice each but he misunderstood so we had two) I’m glad though because it was so nice.

We came back to the hostel and had showers and shannon braided my hair. We played with the puppy for a bit, he’s so cute! One of the girls here is American and she made everyone vegan shepherds pie for free because it’s thanksgiving today, so we had some of that, which was so nice! (Thanks Chelsea!)

Tonight we wrote postcards and chilled. I facetimed my mum to tell her I love her before we die at a party hostel from drinking too much alcohol. (I’m joking parents, we will be fine!). Nothing really funny happened today because it was kind of a chill day. I completely lost shannon though when she was crying with laughter, uncontrollably, but all I did was drop a mango on the floor after I was putting a beanie on it and pretending it was a baby…don’t ask.

Roll on tomorrow!

Night 16: ducks have green heads

We’re going to do a single blog post purely about last nights antics because we were up all night. Drinking from 8pm until 7am! We haven’t drunk in a while and we went all out and got very very very drunk.

So it started at 8, happy hour. £1 beers! We don’t even like beer but we drank it because it was so cheap, until 9pm. Then for the rest of the night we were drinking cocktails and vodka with orange juice and grapefruit juice and basically everything. Polish vodka is lethal.

So we started quite well, and we were chatting with some French people near us but they went to another party, but we stayed for the music quiz which was starting at 10. By 10, we were merry. And we got a team together for the quiz. There was me, Shannon, an Australian called Jacob, an Brit called Tom, a polish person called Andy and a guy called Tiago (but I called him Diego all night- and kept saying ‘like the tiger from ice age!’)

For the music quiz, they played a song and the first team to clap twice got to say who sings it and what the song is called and you get a point for each. If you get it wrong then the other team can answer. It got VERY competitive! Surprisingly I was quite good at it but only when it was the cheesy songs like Kelly Clarkson and Beyoncé.

Proudest moment of my life so far, I’ll be definitely telling the grandkids about this when I’m old, I went to the loo and when I came out I was walking towards the table, and the start of Katy Perry, I kissed a girl started. I clapped twice, spun around and shouted the answer like my life depended on it. The song was literally on for 2 seconds. Sad or clever? I’m going to go for clever! So we were winning by quite a bit but unfortunately we ended up losing, because shannon said that the bar lady spoke Spanish because she was from Brazil, when she actually spoke Portuguese. She got offended and took 5 points from us! So we ended up losing, but I really don’t think we needed the extra free shots!

We had a dance after this and I rang my mum every time a good song came on that she liked and we got the whole place to sing happy birthday to Lee because it was 1am, so lees birthday! (Happy birthday lee!). So, sorry mum for waking you up a few times! Shannon then told me she fancied the bar man. So been the best and subtle wingman ever, I go over and I say ‘are you single’ and he said ‘yes why’ and I said ‘Shannon fancies you’ – straight to the point – and he looks a bit erm undecided and he says ‘I’m gay’. Ah well, I go and tell shannon thinking she would be gutted…her exact response was ‘ah okay brill, more of a challenge then!’ She followed him around all night like a lost puppy, but to be honest whatever she did kind of worked and he was being a complete flirt back. It was hilarious to watch but nothing came of it in the end. Probably, you know, because of the fact he likes boys!

The bar shut at around 2 but we were all not ready to finish partying. We found some more friends in reception and I was talking to a guy for a good few hours about how he looks like Draco Malloy. He was Polish and he was copying the Hull way of saying Draco. Like draaay-co. It was hilarious.

We then got the staff to put on music and was making people dance to Macarena and other cheesy songs. Until 5am when someone complained about the noise, and then someone else did at 5:30, then someone called 5 times and complained and threatened to ring the police. I think this was our time to stop with the noise. We apologise everyone! I’d just like to clarify though, it was just us, there was around 20-30 people there! We have a hilarious video that Joe (the gay bar man Shannon fancied) took, I’ll try and add it on the end of here.

At around 6am we went out and looked for a kebab shop and we went with Diego. People were actually getting buses to go to work and we were smashed, wolfing down a chicken kebab, smearing it all over our faces. But it was well needed!

We ended up going to bed at 7am.

This morning we looked back on our phones and we realised we had some videos from the night before. A lovely one of shannon laid on the floor and our friend Jacob asking her if she’s okay before trying to do loads of different accents. Then there was another one were Draco was wearing a crown and he was saying he was going to execute me (don’t ask) and he said ‘if you give me a valid reason to not kill you, then I wont’ my response to this was: ‘don’t kill me because ducks have green heads’ DUCKS HAVE GREEN HEADS. You can see the confusion on his face! I’m trying to tell him that ducks from Yorkshire have green heads. WHAT?! At the end of the video he says ‘the only valid reason you have for me to not kill you is because ducks have green heads!’ In which Jacob replies ‘why do they have green heads’ and Draco says ‘because they’re from f***ing Yorkshire!’ Its brilliant honestly, weirdest but best night we have had in a while.

Also, when I woke up I realised I had lost my key. This key opens the corridors, our room and my locker. Damn. So I go to reception and tail between my legs I tell them I’ve misplaced my key. She tells me to wait a sec before going to the common room. She comes back and says ‘there is a guy through there that wants to speak to you. At this point I’m very confused and I go to the common room. It’s only Jacob from the night before with my key! He doesn’t know how he got it but when he tried to check out this morning, they replied with ‘you’re not hayley?’ HOW STRANGE! But luckily I didn’t lose my key so hooray!

So after 3 hours sleep we were ready for the day ahead, check out the next blog for the next chapter of the hayley and shannon tour!


Day 16: I like ducks!

Last night I slept for literally 10 hours. I remember thinking ‘I can’t sleep’ and then was basically knocked out for the whole night. It was bliss. I even slept through the annoying squeakyness of the bed!

We wandered out of the hostel today at 10:30 and we walked towards the old town of Warsaw. On the way we walked through a really nice park and saw the tomb of the unknown soldier. We also saw a water fountain but it wasn’t on because the cold will crack the pipes.

We then made it to old town, kind of by an accident and kind of following the map. Old town is sooooo nice. Literally one of my new favourite places in the world. It’s so pretty. We bought postcards and had a wander around and I fell in love with Warsaw.

We found a nice bar to have food in and I had chicken fillets, chips and salad. Shannon ordered dumplings with ricotta and she had so little food. It was hilarious. I had so much food and shannon had six tiny dumplings and a sauce that we didn’t even know what it was. So being a nice friend, I gave her some of my chips.

We had a bit more of a wander and saw some famous stone steps and the famous statue of the little boy.

After this we went to a fountain park. Sounds cool, but as I mentioned earlier, no fountains have water in at this time of year so it was a bit pointless! But we did find a geocache yey! It was inside what looked like a bolt, on a bench, which was really cool. We also saw a statue of a dragon and it didn’t have teeth, so today we saw Toothless (from how to train your dragon) and this excited us more than everyone will realise.

We left the fountains-with-no-water park and saw a few more monuments on the way to the museum of the history of Jews. We got there and it looked so so busy full of school kids so we skipped going in and made our way to the hostel instead.

We went to a cafe Nero on the way to the hostel, which isn’t against our rules of not going to anywhere we have in England (minus McDonald’s) because it was a ‘green cafe Nero’. They’re everywhere and we wanted to know what the difference was. We both got a mocha and shannon got a piece of chocolate cake and I got a meringue thing. It was lovely! But we still didn’t know the difference between ‘green cafe nero’ and cafe Nero. We had a few conversations in here which may add to the point that we’re weird. We were talking about how old the kids are in stranger things. So we looked for ‘eleven’ and this happened…

Shannon: 14

Hayley: lower

Shannon: 12

Hayley: higher

Shannon: ……….

She didn’t know..what? THIRTEEN! We will blame the tiredness. Yes, the tiredness! We also talked about how I like ducks.

After green cafe Nero we went back to the hostel and wrote postcards and had a shower. We watched cuckoo while our clothes were being washed and we’ve just had tea. Spaghetti, sausages and cheese, it was surprisingly really nice!

Tonight were meant to be going to a music quiz at the hostel. If we’re still awake. It starts at 10pm!! Why so late?! But we will try and be sociable!

But more about that in tomorrow’s blog!

Roll on tomorrow!