London Day One

This weekend is the first holiday that my mum and Lee got me for Christmas. A National Holidays trip to London and Harry Potter Studios!

First thing you should know is that I’m a huge huge huge Harry Potter fan! I’ve been to the studios before but it was before the Forbidden Forest opened so I was super excited.

We all woke up at 6am and it was the easiest early get up ever because I wanted to be up and out! By 7am we were all ready and in the car ready to go to Hessle where the bus was picking us up. We left the car at my Grandmas and walked to the pick up point which was luckily near a Costa. We had a coffee to warm us up and it wasn’t long before the bus arrived!

On the bus we picked up a few more people and stopped at services where we had a Starbucks (just touring all the coffee shops today!) before we did the 2.5 hour drive to the Harry Potter Studios. It was a great journey. The driver played Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone on the TV, I had a Harry Potter colouring book and we played Harry Potter trivial pursuit. (which isn’t a game to me…more like revision!)

We eventually arrived at about 12:15 and our driver gave us our ticket. Our tour wasn’t until 2:30 and we had until 6pm before the bus was going to leave again.

Our first stop was the shop, I ended up getting two wands to add to my collection. Neville’s and Snape’s! I also bought some other bits and pieces too. We dropped our bags off in the luggage storage and got some food from the cafe.

When it got to 1:30 we couldn’t wait any longer and we made our way to the queue. Luckily they let us in early and we were soon in the first room, ready to go in!

If you’ve never been to Harry Potter studios then you need to go NOW. It’s honestly the best place ever! The place is amazing and the staff are super friendly! I asked a question down Diagon Alley and the guy took me on a personal tour of Diagon Alley! It was such a fab day and I want to go back there again already! Here are some photos…

The new parts were also definitely worth going back for, even though nobody needs an excuse to go back there, I’d go there everyday.

Unfortunately, it got to 6 so we had to go back to the bus and make our way to the hotel. It wasn’t far at all, we were in our room by 6:30!

I had a quick shower before going for food at 7:15. We have food included on the trip and it was very mediocre. Met some lovely people though!

We then tossed a coin…

Tails we go for a walk (bearing in mind it’s raining and windy)

Heads we go to the bar for a drink…


We headed out much to mum’s sadness. But it ended up being a great evening! We found 2 geocaches even though it was chucking it down. We found a shop and bought loads of sweets and nesquick! (blast from the past!) And we saw a car on fire that were being put out by fire brigades! I don’t think anyone was harmed though, luckily!

One of the geocaches was amazing too. It was just behind a fence, and it was in a massive spider container! Scared us, especially in the cold and dark but it was a great container!

Moral of tonight is, when things may not sound fun, you might be completely wrong! Now we are back in the hotel room, drinking nesquick and eating chocolate and bubblegum and sticking fake tattoos on ourselves that we got from the off license! Were just big kids!

It’s going to be an early night though, ready for half a day in London tomorrow!


R – Roundhay Park

For R we went to Roundhay park and took Dobbie. Dobbie is a trainee guide dog that Shannon was looking after at the time. So cute, but nearly the size of a horse! Roundhay was really nice and it was quite busy out. Lots of families and dog walkers and runners…and us.

The problem with Dobbie was, he would run after other puppies, as he was only a puppy himself, but he doesn’t look like a puppy, so a lot of other dog owners were intimidated, and rightly so. Another problem with Dobbie, was that I don’t think he knew he was called Dobbie…

The amount of times we shouted DOBBIE! and…nothing. He would carry on chasing other puppies in the park. It was actually hilarious and he always eventually came back to us. He was like a small child were you pretend to leave him and he got scared and found us!

We also found some geocaches and had to walk up a very steep hill which I definitely nearly fell down if I didn’t have Shannon’s help!

We finished off in a nice cafe were they had water for Dobbie and coffee for us. It was such a nice day that we could sit outside near the lake. It was busy so we were lucky to find a nice spot outside.




Day 24: goodbye Bratislava, hello Budapest!

Today we got up at 9:30 and checked out of our hostel in Bratislava but we left our luggage there for a few hours while we went to explore.

Our first stop was a geocache, we found one in a park which was right next to a blue church, so cute!

So I got my Slovakia stamp on the geocaching app and we made our way to the nicest place for burgers. The street food cafe. Omg it was so nice again. The jalapeรฑo sauce is to die for, everyone needs to try it!

Bellies full, we were going to leave the street food place because it was 12:20 and the bus to Budapest was at 1, when I got a message from flixbus saying our bus was 25 minutes late. At least they told us! So we chilled for a bit longer and we were chatting about life decisions and I started to panic that I haven’t got anything figured out. It got to the point we’re we were walking around Billa trying to find a notebook and pen to mind map my life. Turns out Billa don’t do notepads.

After panicking about my life we went to pick up our bags and made our way to the bus. The bus came 25 minutes late like flixbus said and we chilled on the bus. Me reading and shannon napping. It took us about 3 hours to get there, but we got there in the end!

We then got the underground to the hostel, and found it pretty quickly. Very nice hostel, but as I said on the previous blog, a party hostel! We had to go and get some money out and we went to Unicredit. The ATM was inside and the bank was shut… and you swiped your credit card to get in! How cool is that!! Everyone seemed lovely. We settled in, got our towels, had showers, got ready for the night ahead and went out for food. We went to a small place that does pizza and pasta. We got a small bowl of pasta each and a slice of pizza each, yum! (Such a healthy day!)

We went back to the hostel, ready for the ruin bar pub crawl! We had some wine in the hostel and went to the hostel bar to start. The people seemed really nice. Only problem was, we went out without a jacket. I thought the bars would be inside, but no, they were outside. It was FREEZING. Between the first and second bar me and shannon ran back for coats, and met everyone at the second place. Problem solved!

We were judging people in one of the bars because in one of the loos was a wall full of lipstick kisses, like who kisses a toilet wall? Then shannon goes ‘do you have lipstick?’ Which I did, so of course we joined in. Grim but why not?!

I had an argument with someone about Trump and a weird guy followed shannon around for a bit and somehow someone spilt a drink down Shannons back but all in all a successful night! We’re both still alive!

Feeling rough today though!

P – Alphabet Dating

My time to drive this time as I knew where Roundhay park was and where we were going to park so Hayley met me at mine.

We made a quick stop at the co op before heading there for our picnic. We know we ย should of fully made our own but we alway forget this, just like when we went to Eccup. And quite frankly, we didn’t have time!

We got there and had a little walk around the lake and discovered there was lots of geocaches ย around but as we hadn’t planned to do any we had forgotten a pen so we could of gone but wouldn’t of been able to sign the book after, unfortunately.
We found a bench perfect for a picnic and filled our stomachs to the brim, we love our food! We also had home made Moana cupcakes, that weren’t a packet from ASDA, promise! A big plus of being here is also the amount of dogs you see!

We walked the rest of the way around waterloo lake before heading back home to get some jobs done with the promise that we will come back better prepared for geocaching.


H – Alphabet Dating

Harewood House! We had double H! Actually we had Hayley in Harewood House and we saw a Horse! So quadruple H! We tried to Hitchhike with a Hot ranger guy to add two more H’s but that didn’t work out, unfortunately. 

We set off at 9 and parked down wyke lane. I got attacked by trees while geocaching, literally brushing tree off me for a good half an hour after, I wouldn’t normally be bothered but I didn’t even find the geocache, just a small jar with a tiny bucket in it..

We did successfully find one geocache though so that was exciting. 

Why are the cows so friendly here?! A huge cow came up to us like it thought it was a dog or something and I’ve never been so scared. Cows are cute but in a fight I think a cow would beat me. 

Lovely walks around here though, especially if you park were we did because you have the views of the beautiful house but you don’t have to pay a penny. Lovely place! 

Time for work now!