Day 21: will we ever be warm again?

Last night was possibly one of the coldest nights of my life and I don’t think I’m even warm now because of it. Our bus from krakow arrived at 10:10pm and we got on, ready to go to Bratislava. However, we had a stop over in Brno, for 2.5 hours at 3am.

We should have looked really to see what facilities were at Brno bus station, because when we got there, we realised there was nothing. Nada. Zero. It looked like this..

So basically there was a roof, which was good because it was raining. But it was so cold, so freezingly cold that we basically froze on the bench we were on. Time went pretty slowly while sat in the bus station. It got to around 3:45am and I downloaded ‘the game of life’ on my phone. Me and my cousin, Lauren, used to play this game in theme park queues and on long car journeys because it’s a 2 player game and gets a bit addictive.

This game saved our life last night. Which is ironic because the game is called ‘game of life’. But anyway, we only had to play two games of that and it was about 4:30am.

(Pic- one of the marriages on game of life, controversially having a lesbian wedding, yet we still wonder why some people think we’re lesbians! (Were not))

Our bus was due to arrive in Brno to pick us up at 5:10am. For the last 40 minutes of waiting I marched round. Avoiding people rummaging through bins, just trying to keep warm, whilst shannon sat frozen to the bench. It was so unbelievably cold.

Then something happened, something that I don’t think I could ever forgive. It got to 5am and flixbuses are normally a little early, and the bright green life saving bus came around the corner. We soon realised it wasn’t our bus at all and this one was going back to krakow. I nearly cried. Bearing in mind we had hats, scarves, gloves (well a glove each), jumpers, puffa jackets…we thought we were well equipped but we were wrong!

The bus finally turned up at 5:20; 10 minutes late. I will never forgive flixbus for that act of cruelty. Our hopes came crashing down around us while we were basically icicles.

So by the time we were on the second bus, it was 5:30am and we had only slept a tiny amount before 2:50am. This bus was due to arrive in Bratislava at 6:50am. We tried to sleep, but no word of a lie, the bus driver put Mexican music on through the speakers really loud! Everyone was trying to turn it off upstairs on the bus but nope. He made us all listen to music between 5:30-6:50am on a bus.

We arrived in Bratislava and unfortunately for shannon I was in a foul mood. She handled this whole situation quite well but I’d had enough. It was freezing, I was tired, I was hungry, my heel hurts because I’ve somehow cut it and it hurts when I walk. All I wanted this morning at 6:50 was to sleep.

My prayers were answered.

We got to the hostel around 7:10am and some of the staff already knew shannon because she used to volunteer here last year. Straight away they gave us a room with no one else in it, bed already made and I could have kissed them both. It felt like the comfiest bed in the whole world. We slept until 10am and got up, feeling a tad better than we did beforehand.

We had a bit of a wander around Bratislava, shannon being the tour guide because she used to live here. We bought the usuals of postcards and magnets and what not and we went for food. We ended up at a crepe place and it was lovely! We both had a bolognaise crepe, which I had never had before, and it was lush! We finished with a crepe with Nutella YUM!

So good start to the day!

After this we were still both so tired so we went back to the hostel and we crashed out and wrote postcards and coloured and watched the IT crowd. I forgot how funny that programme was!

It had been a few hours and we went to the room to get Internet to FaceTime Jon at work. I also painted my nails red. Something did go wrong with this because, well, it’s me…but that may be a story for another day…

So it was a bit later on now and it was time to eat again. We went to a place that shannon had been before and she loved the burgers so we found it and she wasn’t wrong! It was lovely! It was Slovakia street food but we sat inside and we both had a chicken street burger with fries and shannon had tomato ketchup and I had the jalapeรฑo sauce. For the second time today – YUM. I need the recipe for the sauce, so if anyone knows a good jalapeรฑo sauce recipe, please share!

We might have to go back to this place because it was lush.

When we got back to the hostel we met our new room mate who is from Manchester. He seems okay but is only here for one night. After getting ready for bed and planning our day tomorrow we watched 2 episodes of stranger things, it’s getting even better! Millie Bobby Brown is my new favourite actress, honestly, if you haven’t watched it then you should, if not just to see how good of an actress this girl is!

So now we’re in bed, finally going to get a full nights sleep, we hope! Next plan tomorrow is Vienna, just for a day trip, then hopefully the pub crawl with the hostel when we get back, so ROLL ON TOMORROW!


G – Alphabet Datingย 

Our imaginative ‘G’ was ‘get drunk’ which I have done quite a lot of recently due to events. Well, the first one, on Monday was a spontaneous night out so I don’t have any excuse there, except that I wanted to be drunk. We went out to Pryzm and I honestly felt like the oldest person there! (I’m 21). It wasn’t too bad though. Drinks were dirt cheap the cheesey floor was open and we had some great company! It was such a classy night, so classy that we were playing spin the bottle with an empty plastic VK in the middle of the dance floor, nothing from us though, but it was an experience to say the least! I knew I was the oldest one there when I started popping rennies when I started getting heartburn, I did look quite odd! But rennies are a life saver! We stayed at Shannons that night, and we did feel rough the next day! 

The next night of getting drunk for ‘G’ was on Friday, and my excuse is that I graduated on Friday! (So I suppose that is another G too!) We had a meal at Gino D’Acampo’s restaurant, very posh, then we went out to call lane. Starting at Neon Cactus and ending at Call Lane Social. This was a fab night, my mum and dad and their partners were out, myself and Shannon and my fellow graduate Ash. We got very drunk but had an overall brilliant night! Great celebrations for graduation day! 

Finally our last night out was last night (Saturday night). It was meant to be a follow on graduation celebration from friday but went a tad wrong. Don’t get me wrong it was a good night but not perfect! We had great company, this time it was myself and shannon and the two guys I live with, a fellow graduate (Danny) and our lovely Canadian friend, Kristine. It was good but things didn’t go to plan. We started in headingley, all was good, there was quite a bit of drama throughout the night, but nothing we couldn’t handle! We ended up in popworld in Leeds and it was a beach themed night. It started great, we got our face painted and some free glasses, the music was brilliant and the floor wasn’t even that sticky which is unusual for popworld! It turned bad when they brought inflatable lilos and beach balls out. I don’t mind getting hit a few times with a beach ball but when a lilo comes at your drink at 100mph and makes you spill your whole drink down yourself, it’s always bad. I left after that to go outside in the rain. McDonald’s was our last stop before heading home from our drama filled night.
So I’m currently recovering and I swear I’m never drinking again (always the biggest lie right?). If anyone has any hungover tips, let me know!