Gothenburg Video!

Here is a video from our few days in Gothenburg, Sweden! Haga district, Fish Marker, Phantom of the Opera and more!

We had great fun and made so many memories!

and here is the link…



Day Seven: a long day

Today has been an extremely long day. I’m writing this at 10pm and that means we have been awake for 17 hours, after only 5 hours sleep last night. Today is one of our travel days because we are moving on, but we had a great idea to get an early train to malmo, spend the day there, then get a later train to Copenhagen. 

To everyone else’s in the dorms dismay, we had to set an alarm for 5am, we managed to catch the tram at 5:55 and the train to malmo at 6:40. We were on a super posh train. Wifi, loads of leg room, coat hooks, everything! Because we had wifi we had a lot of choice on Netflix. Out of ALL the things shannon could have chose, we ended up watching ‘SPF-18’ which is a surf movie/romance. It was possibly the worst film I’ve ever seen with the creepiest narrator in the world. It was a laugh watching it though because it was so bad! 

For breakfast we had some energy bars that we shared, half a bread roll and an orange, it’s like we’re on rations! When we got to Copenhagen, the first thing we bought was a croissant, a very big one, it was lush! We found luggage storage in malmo station, so thankfully we didn’t have to carry around our luggage all day. We found a swinging chair near malmo station so sat on that for a while. 

We then found a Swedish geocache, just in time, seeing as though this is our last day in Sweden. Then, this is the weird chunk of the day, we spent 5 hours – FIVE WHOLE HOURS – in a museum! But to be fair it was a pretty cool museum! It was Malmos City Museum, and it was fab. It was dirt cheap to get in and it had everything! 

We started in an aquarium and reptile house, with so many different animals, then we saw loads and loads of taxidermy, hundreds of animals, that looked so alive! After this there was the temporary expeditions were we ended up playing twister and hopscotch. Then we ended up in a world full of dinosaurs! We got absolutely lost in a castle and fortress grounds. We danced about a bit and got scared by the plague rooms and then it took us about half an hour to find the exit so that was fun! 

We stopped half way for a break. In a nice little cafe we got a mocha and some butternut squash soup with bread, which was so nice! Funniest moment of the day was shannon dropping bread in her soup and it splattered everywhere, I’m laughing while writing this! After this we were so tired we didn’t think we could walk anymore, but we got up and soldiered on. 

We went to the other half of the museum now and wow. It had a room full of cars, where you could sit on motorbikes and in fire engines and all sorts. They had an aeroplane room and a boat room, they had stars and EVERYTHING! We saw a submarine and got very excited, but got accidentally caught up in a private tour of the submarine by an old gentleman who used to work on that very submarine. It was very interesting but he did go on a long time. After an hour of him talking he asks ‘do you have any questions’ so being the dignified person I am, I ask ‘did your ears pop when you go in the sea?’ (!)

The last room we went in was the ‘idea room’ and it had so many things to try and press and play with and we were in our element. A tired element but still, it was great fun. After this, we had officially been in the museum for 5 hours. We left at 3:30, had a quick walk in the park and looked in a few shops and made our way back to the train station. We collected our big luggage bags and got the train at 5:13. 

Getting to Copenhagen at 5:50, we made our way by foot to the hostel, this took about 30 minutes and we were so tired! We seemed so grumpy when we got to the hostel but we were dying from exhaustion. We still needed to eat though, so after dropping off our bags, we went out for food. Our first proper meal out! 

We had already been warned that Copenhagen is quite expensive, so we went somewhere that the hostel suggested, called Spise, it served mainly tapas. We bought a deal we’re we got 8 tapas and we also bought two apple juices and had chocolate mousse for dessert, we were treating ourselves! So tonight was the night we accidentally spent Β£90 for food! It was nice though. 

To add to the list of why people think myself and shannon are weird; I was sat in this tapas place, watching one of the fridges, constantly on edge because a bottle of wine was leaning against the fridge door. As soon as someone opened it, it would of been bye bye to said bottle of wine. So next thing I know, shannon is politely saying ‘excuse me’ to the waiter and ‘I know this may sound really weird but can you please move that bottle of wine because it’s going to smash and it’s making hayley very nervous’ he was a bit taken aback I think but thought it was very amusing! But he still moved the wine bottle and the evening was saved! 

After this posh meal, we went to Nettos to buy water, talk about a contrast in places! 

Even though we had an exhausting day, it was still great! We had such a laugh everywhere we went! 

Roll on tomorrow! 

Day six- we made friends!Β 

Last night I could not sleep at all, I was so restless and I swear it’s because I was having nightmares due to phantom of the opera. So after only a few hours sleep, I was pretty sure this was going to be a bad day, but I was wrong, it was such a good day! 

We started with breakfast at 9:30. We had it in the hostel again which was really nice. We really stocked up on bread. Our first stop today was LΓ€ppstiftet. We paid 40kr to go to the top of a tower for a viewing point, it was so cool! There were little windows you could open to see out of. When we came back down from the 22nd floor, we went to the fish market, and had about a 10 second walk through the market because it smelt really bad (surprisingly of fish). Also some of the fish still had eyes and it was the creepiest thing, walking through with fishes eyes ogling you. 

Next stop was Skansen Kronen, which we went to just because it was on one of our postcards. We can’t send postcards out with something on it where we haven’t been! It was a right trek to get there because it was really high up but we did it! Woo! It was like a castle looking thing. 

We then went back to the Haga District and had a mocha and a bit of cake which was lovely! On the way back to the hostel we stop off at an English shop which sold Yorkshire tea (!!!) and a lego shop. Where we stayed for a good ten minutes, sat on kids chairs playing with lego…

We made it back to the hostel at 2:30 and the free walking tour with the hostel was at 3. So we wrote some postcards before meeting people at the reception.


There was the tour guide (Francesco- or something like that) who happened to be very good looking. There was an Australian, a Canadian and a German. They were lovely people. The walking tour took us to everywhere we had already been (the fish market, Skansen Kronen, the Haga District) and places we hadnt been like the Cathedral and the Old City Hall. It was a brilliant tour and we learnt a lot about the city. After the tour, we went to a chocolate shop and tried liquorice with salt (apparently it’s popular) and it was the grossest thing we have all tried ever. We bought some nice chocolate which was gorgeous.

We then went to a pub which was meant to be an English pub and had a few drinks with the other guys on the tour. It was great having a chat with people from different countries and how things are different in different places. We were only meant to have one drink but the persuasion of the others made us have another one. They actually cheered when they knew we were having a second one, talk about peer pressure. 

We left after two drinks and said goodbye to our new friends. One of them is going to Copenhagen tomorrow so we may see him again. 

We’re now back at the hostel, we have packed for tomorrow for a day in Malmo then the rest of the journey to Copenhagen, were showered, fed and sat with some others from our hostel. We are again socialising! 

We have to be up at 5am though for the train…so it’ll be goodnight from us very soon! 

Day five: Gothenburg and my first opera!Β 

Last night, luckily, we didn’t fall out of our beds. We, instead, found out that they are so comfy! It was hard to part from it this morning, but we were happy to know we have another two nights here. We got up at about 9:30 and had our breakfast here at the hostel. We literally ate everything and really got our money’s worth. 

We then made it out to explore Gothenburg.  

First stop was the Haga District, and on the way we saw Oscar Fredrik’s Church which was so pretty! 

The Haga District was cool when we actually found it, lots of little cafes and shops. We then made our way to the fish market. Unfortunately this was closed today so we might go back tomorrow but we did get some photo opportunities for myself and shannon and also jon, monty and Lennie (the teddies). 
We then walked along the riverbank towards the opera house. We saw many ships/boats along the way which were really nice. Now, you all know we have a thing about spontaneously buying tickets for things. Well we did it again. We bought tickets for phantom of the opera for tonight! I was super excited because I’ve never been to an opera before, but I was also a bit nervous because I really didn’t like the ballet. But we thought, why not! 

Before we went to the opera though, we had a few hours left. We went to a nice little park and had a hot chocolate with cream and we also went to gothenburgs city museum, which we found out was free for under 25s, bonus! We think we did do the whole museum backwards though but it was still interesting (especially the kids parts with the climbing wall and the dolls houses).

After this, we made our way back by tram to the hostel and stopped off at Lidl for some food. We got pizza, some mango and some biscuits. We ate this before getting a shower and getting ready for the opera and we set off at 5pm. We got to the opera house at 5:30 and it was already very busy. The show was due to start at 6pm so we made our way to the loos seeing as though this was a 3 hour performance. And didn’t I make a fool of myself. 

I somehow left my ticket for the opera on the toilet cubicle floor. I realised after about taking 5 steps out of the toilet but a long queue had formed outside the toilet. Now, a lot of old people were seeing the opera tonight and I found out that a lot of old people in Sweden don’t speak English. I tried to tell them my situation so I could get in the loos but they seemed very angry that I was trying to push in to the front of the queue. Luckily, one nice lady understood and let me through, and even asked if I had found my ticket when I came back out, which thank god, I did! 

We then made our way up the stairs which had spaces in the back of them, so basically just planks of wood to stand on with no back to them (that is hard to explain in writing), I nearly lost my shoe through one of the gaps! I had to go back down a few stairs to rescue my shoe but luckily it didn’t fall through the stairs and knock an OAP out.

With this luck, I was not looking forward to this performance, it just wasn’t my night. 

We sat down and a guy sat next to us and started talking to us in Swedish, so we told him we were English, we had a nice conversation with him about how we’re culturing ourselves. Whenever there was a tanoy in Swedish, he told us what was said, so we basically had our own interpreter! My spirits had lifted a little.

Then the show started and hooray it was in English! And my god, it was amazing! The singing, the dancing, the acting, and by far the best part was the sets and the props they used, it was mind blowing! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was so much better than the ballet that we saw the other day! I actually understood the story and I actually feel slightly more cultured! 

After the opera, we went to McDonald’s, which may bring us back down a little bit on the culture scale. It was needed though, we were hungry! We got the tram back to the hostel, bought breakfast tickets for tomorrow and found out that there is a free walking tour at 3pm which we will be going on! 

So roll on tomorrow! πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ


Day four: a travel day

Today is probably going to be a short one because we didn’t do that much. Last night we watched 6 episodes of Jack Whitehall travels with my dad, which was really funny! It was meant to be an early night but we didn’t go to bed until about 12:30. When we went to sleep, 3 people were snoring so loud, all at different times, it was so annoying. But we eventually fell asleep. 

This morning we got up at 10, got ready and packed all of our things for later on, as we were moving on to Sweden! Our bus wasn’t until 2 though, so we got a banana and a croissant for breakfast, and some pringles for later and we sat in the communal bit of the hostel until 1;30. We watched two episodes of a programme about Auschwitz because we’re going there in a weeks time. 

At 1:30 we got all of our things and headed for the tram and said goodbye to Norway as we found the bus station. We waited about half an hour for the bus and got on, ready for the 3.5hour journey. We listened to music, coloured, learnt some Swedish and wrote some reviews for trip advisor. The bus journey felt a lot longer than it was because we set off in the light and got there when it was very dark. 

First thing we did in Sweden was buy a 72 hour tram ticket, which will come in handy. Then we made our way to the tram. After having a small domestic about if we were on the right tram or not, we made our way to the correct stop and got off, following the directions of the trusty google maps. We checked in, it seems like a really nice hostel. The rooms are quiet and the communal part was loud, which is a good combination! 

The one downside is that we’re in bunk beds and I’m used to a double bed and I’m in a single with no edge, at the top! I’ve got a feeling I might fall out! So hopefully I won’t break any bones. I can’t even swap wth shannon because she’s also in a top bunk opposite me! I’m also not used to a bunk bed at all and I climbed up and then had absolutely no idea to get down and I started to panic. Shannon had to get on her bed and demonstrate how to get down so I could safetly descend from the top, now that’s friendship goals.

We have gone for a wander to a shop and bought tea for tonight. We had spaghetti, tuna and cheese which was really nice! And we planned what we’re doing tomorrow. We have already paid in advance for breakfast so hopefully that’s nice, and there may also be a free walking tour.

So roll on tomorrow! 

I – Alphabet Dating

After Hayley’s driving lesson (she’s been driving for 6 months but is terrible at parking) we all met at the Leeds Climbing wall before embarking to IKEA! We had a magical mystery tour of the M62 because I kept missing the turn off for Ikea, but we eventually got there. 

The first thing we did was find the cafe and stand in the hour long queue to get the famous Swedish meatballs. Hayley and Kristine got the normal meatballs while I tried the vegetarian meatballs. They were lush! We then suddenly realised the devastating news that we didn’t have a small Swedish flag sticking out of our meatballs like the children did. Hayley marched up to the counter, and politely demanded our flags. We got a few strange looks but we’re going to Sweden soon so we needed them! 

We then showed each other our newly decorated rooms (not fake at all) we all had a cheeky nap in our new cinema studio and made videos for MTV Cribs. 

We did go for a mop, a tooth brush holder and tea, coffee and sugars holders, but left with an octopus and a photo frame! 

We had to then drive back to reality and go to work.


Bring on November!Β 

Myself (Hayley) and Shannon, are in the process of planning a travelling trip for the whole of November! We have booked some hostels and a flight already and we are super excited! We wanted to start this blog to let you guys know our crazy adventures on the trip and to give our reasons why we booked certain hostels/trips. 

We will also be able to look back at this blog to remember the amazing times we’ve had and all the f*** ups we make too, because knowing us two, nothing will go perfectly to plan! The plan so far is Oslo, Gothenburg, Malmo, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Warsaw and Krakow…and we still have more to book! 

We hope you enjoy reading our blog and we hope you join us on our adventure through the planning stages and the actual trip itself. 

Bring on November!