Day Eight: Copenhagen

I don’t feel like I have a lot to write about today so here goes…

Last night we had a terrible nights sleep.?The bed was awful, even if you move a toe it squeaks and shakes and it’s the worst thing in the world. I woke up so many times because I’m on the bottom bunk and whenever shannon moved on the top bunk it sounded like the whole thing was falling down. This morning I complained and now we’ve moved beds so hopefully tonight we will get a better nights sleep. To be fair the hostel was reaaaally good about it and really helpful. 

We had breakfast in the hostel which was nice, then we went on a walking tour that started at Copenhagen’s city hall. It was free but we give the guy a tip. It was a three hour tour and he showed us so much of copenhagen and told us so many interesting things, and he was also really funny! The weird thing about today was, one of the guys from the Sweden walking tour was also on this Copenhagen tour! But because there were so many of us, we were split in two groups so he didn’t notice us. 

He noticed us later thought when he biked past us and I shouted ‘HEY!’ which I think startled him but he seemed happy to see us. 

After the walking tour we went to the world famous Little Mermaid Statue, which was actually so disappointing but we had to see it, because it’s well known. We also saw a really cool statue of a man made out of different things made out of metal (see photo at the end). To us, this was better than the famous mermaid statue. We then did something so much more exciting, we visited… the Disney store! Which we were pretty excited about! We then found a small comedy club and we have booked tickets for an English improvisation comedy night tomorrow night so hopefully that funny! 

So far:



Denmark=comedy night

We then had a wander round and there are so many gorgeous streets, I fell in love with Copenhagen, despite it being so expensive! We had a crepe because we realised it was 3pm and we hadn’t had any dinner. That was really nice, then we walked around some shops and visited a Hans Christian Anderson store. 

A place called Stella was were we ate tonight which was a lot cheaper than last night, thank god! I had nachos and a ‘large coke’ which turned out to be a litre of coke(!) and shannon had a burger and fries and an iced coffee, it was so nice and we were so full after! 

We then realised we were a bit lost, but we eventually found our way and it was soooooo cold! We went in a few shops and found an indoor market/food place which was nice and had fairy lights everywhere! (I love fairy lights) We then did the trek back to the hostel. 

We have never been so happy to have a warm shower. We are now completely chilling at the hostel, it’s such a cool hostel. In the reception area there are fairy lights and a big platform with bean bags and pillows and blankets and me and shannon have stole the whole area for the whole night. It’s fab. I’m nearly falling asleep already though and it’s only 8! 

But roll on tomorrow for another chill day and the comedy night! 


Day six- we made friends! 

Last night I could not sleep at all, I was so restless and I swear it’s because I was having nightmares due to phantom of the opera. So after only a few hours sleep, I was pretty sure this was going to be a bad day, but I was wrong, it was such a good day! 

We started with breakfast at 9:30. We had it in the hostel again which was really nice. We really stocked up on bread. Our first stop today was Läppstiftet. We paid 40kr to go to the top of a tower for a viewing point, it was so cool! There were little windows you could open to see out of. When we came back down from the 22nd floor, we went to the fish market, and had about a 10 second walk through the market because it smelt really bad (surprisingly of fish). Also some of the fish still had eyes and it was the creepiest thing, walking through with fishes eyes ogling you. 

Next stop was Skansen Kronen, which we went to just because it was on one of our postcards. We can’t send postcards out with something on it where we haven’t been! It was a right trek to get there because it was really high up but we did it! Woo! It was like a castle looking thing. 

We then went back to the Haga District and had a mocha and a bit of cake which was lovely! On the way back to the hostel we stop off at an English shop which sold Yorkshire tea (!!!) and a lego shop. Where we stayed for a good ten minutes, sat on kids chairs playing with lego…

We made it back to the hostel at 2:30 and the free walking tour with the hostel was at 3. So we wrote some postcards before meeting people at the reception.


There was the tour guide (Francesco- or something like that) who happened to be very good looking. There was an Australian, a Canadian and a German. They were lovely people. The walking tour took us to everywhere we had already been (the fish market, Skansen Kronen, the Haga District) and places we hadnt been like the Cathedral and the Old City Hall. It was a brilliant tour and we learnt a lot about the city. After the tour, we went to a chocolate shop and tried liquorice with salt (apparently it’s popular) and it was the grossest thing we have all tried ever. We bought some nice chocolate which was gorgeous.

We then went to a pub which was meant to be an English pub and had a few drinks with the other guys on the tour. It was great having a chat with people from different countries and how things are different in different places. We were only meant to have one drink but the persuasion of the others made us have another one. They actually cheered when they knew we were having a second one, talk about peer pressure. 

We left after two drinks and said goodbye to our new friends. One of them is going to Copenhagen tomorrow so we may see him again. 

We’re now back at the hostel, we have packed for tomorrow for a day in Malmo then the rest of the journey to Copenhagen, were showered, fed and sat with some others from our hostel. We are again socialising! 

We have to be up at 5am though for the train…so it’ll be goodnight from us very soon! 

P – Alphabet Dating

My time to drive this time as I knew where Roundhay park was and where we were going to park so Hayley met me at mine.

We made a quick stop at the co op before heading there for our picnic. We know we  should of fully made our own but we alway forget this, just like when we went to Eccup. And quite frankly, we didn’t have time!

We got there and had a little walk around the lake and discovered there was lots of geocaches  around but as we hadn’t planned to do any we had forgotten a pen so we could of gone but wouldn’t of been able to sign the book after, unfortunately.
We found a bench perfect for a picnic and filled our stomachs to the brim, we love our food! We also had home made Moana cupcakes, that weren’t a packet from ASDA, promise! A big plus of being here is also the amount of dogs you see!

We walked the rest of the way around waterloo lake before heading back home to get some jobs done with the promise that we will come back better prepared for geocaching.


O – Alphabet Dating

So this time it was Hayleys time to drive but I think she regretted that as soon as we got off the city roads and on to the country ones…but we survived so that’s a gold star on her chart! For O, we went to Otley.

When we got there we went for a little walk and found a little Caffè called The Dales and had some food there before going and exploring more. Which means going in to a toy shop for me and a book store for Hayley, 100% big kids! In both we were looking at all the new toys and kids books before we found the sweet shop, where you could buy all the old sweet from the big jars and get them weighed out in to small bags.
With or pockets slightly less empty than others money then when we arrived, but more full with sweets, we headed back to the car to head to work…



H – Alphabet Dating

Harewood House! We had double H! Actually we had Hayley in Harewood House and we saw a Horse! So quadruple H! We tried to Hitchhike with a Hot ranger guy to add two more H’s but that didn’t work out, unfortunately. 

We set off at 9 and parked down wyke lane. I got attacked by trees while geocaching, literally brushing tree off me for a good half an hour after, I wouldn’t normally be bothered but I didn’t even find the geocache, just a small jar with a tiny bucket in it..

We did successfully find one geocache though so that was exciting. 

Why are the cows so friendly here?! A huge cow came up to us like it thought it was a dog or something and I’ve never been so scared. Cows are cute but in a fight I think a cow would beat me. 

Lovely walks around here though, especially if you park were we did because you have the views of the beautiful house but you don’t have to pay a penny. Lovely place! 

Time for work now! 


E – Alphabet Dating

Eccup reservoir was what we chose for the fifth date and for letter E. It started with a girly sleepover at shannons the night before-well I say ‘girly’, if you class girly as watching game of thrones and playing gran turismo and quidditch on the PS2. 

We went to sleep giggling away like proper girls though, bitching until our hearts content! We planned to get up, leave the house at 9 to go to the gym before embarking on our E adventure, but that didn’t happen. We slept through alarms and got up at 10, with sleepy heads and regret for not going to do a work out. 

We took our mind off this by doing art! We are in the process of making a REALLY COOL piece of art, that we can’t reveal just yet but we will soon! It will be amazing, we promise. 

So, after our random art session we set off to Eccup, going to Tesco on the way to buy a picnic for dinner. We were armed with apple juice, a pasta pot, doritos, fruit and popcorn and we set off on the hot summers day. We got there pretty quickly and found a parking space after driving down the same road 726373 times to find a suitable spot, but we eventually found one and left Timmy (the car) to start our adventure. 

We found the right path to the reservoir and when we got near we soon realised that it was surrounded by forest and a fence with a line of barbed wire on the top. It seemed impossible to actually get to the reservoir, but that didn’t stop us. We would like to thank Shannon’s friend, Lauren at this point for helping us out. She has been a lot before and helped us with a detailed diagrammed picture of where to go and responded well to my ‘how the hell do I get my fat arse over the barbed wire fence?!’ 

EVENTUALLY, we managed it, without any cuts or bruises or broken limbs, we strategically made it over the fence and found a path down to the reservoir. It was so pretty! We found a nice spot in the sun and ate our picnic, it was picture perfect. 

After our lovely picnic we decided to set up our camera and take a picture, we got a lovely one at first, then we decided to get one of us doing a handstand. Have you ever tried to get two people doing a perfect handstand with a timer on your phone? Absolute nightmare! It took several attempts, but the best ones are below! 

We gradually made our way back, through the forest, over the fence and up the hill back to the boiling hot car to drive back home. Overall it was a fab day, such nice weather for it and a beautiful reservoir! Now it’s time to go to work!